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Three Empty Words – Episode 24

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Once done, they washed the dishes together and wiped them before putting them where they were supposed to be.


‘Thank you for the food.’ She told him


‘I should be thanking you for eating, my self-esteem just went above the meter.’ He jokingly said


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‘Oh please.’


‘I have wine.’ He told her


She smiled mischievously and moved to where he stood.


‘Who said I want wine?’






He swallowed hard, taking in her scent.


Swallowing hard again when she placed her hands on his chest.


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She used her index finger to tease him


‘Francie.’ He whispered this time holding her hands and looking her deep into the eyes


She didn’t look at him, she knew what she wanted but she wasn’t sure if she had the courage to say it.


He bent over and placed his lips on hers, her breathing telling him everything he needed to know.


He lifted her and put her on the kitchen counter before helping her out of her shirt. ‘I have wanted to worship this body from the day I set my eyes on you.’ He said in his deep voice


‘I want you.’ She whispered in a voice she couldn’t recognize




He smiled mischievously and carried her to the bedroom by the bottom with easy, he wouldn’t have minded having her right there and then but he wanted to mark his territory. He wanted her to know that he was in charge and that she wasn’t wrong by choosing him out of everyone else. He pushed the door hard with his leg and it opened, he knew his way around and so it was easy for him to get to where the bed was.


He smiled when he put her on the bed, she could see the desire in his eyes and that was causing her to burn a little more with passion. She stood up and wrapped her hands around his neck and waited for him to tilt his head before they began to make love with their tongues. It was sensational and ecstatic at the same time, they both wanted to remain in that position for a while but the more they kissed the more they both burned with desire.


He slowly started to help her out of her clothes until she was completely na.ked, a chill running down her spin. Scott was the last man that had seen her like that, it wasn’t even something she still remembered but this was just uncomfortable for her.


He moved away a little from where they both stood and just stared at her body, she could feel his eyes making love to every part of her skin. She just wanted him to get into her and fulfill all of her wildest desires but it was like he was enjoying punishing her.


‘You have a body to die for.’ He said biting his lower lip



She stared down at his zipper and smiled at the image she saw, taking him by surprise she got on him and now he was lifting her by the bottom again but this time na.ked. He moved them to the wall and pinned her there as he began to kiss her skin roughly whilst trying to get out of his pants.


By the time he was thrusting into her, she was ready for him.




She squeezed the beddings tightly as he continued to thrust deeper into her, they had lost track of time. This was the fourth time he was going into her, they were both tired. Her walls were ripped and sore but she still wanted more, she just couldn’t remember how it felt like to be made love to like this. He took his time with her, he didn’t come to his senses after cuming; it was like each time he stared at her, he had this great urge to just make her his once more. As promised he worshiped her body, making sure to learn every little thing that turned her on. And when they both climaxed, he kissed her lips lightly and got on the other side of the bed; making sure to envelop her in his arms and dozed off.


When he opened his eyes she was not on his side, he got worried thinking that maybe she had left but when he went to the kitchen; he found her in his shirt busy cooking.


‘Hey.’ She smiled shyly when she turned to face him ‘Hai.’ He responded with a smile


She turned around to face the cooker again and he couldn’t help but stare at her behind, the woman was beautiful.


‘I thought I should prepare us dinner before I leave, I am starving.’ She said ‘I am too, but do you really need to leave?’ he asked almost complaining


‘I didn’t tell the girls that I would sleep out and besides, isn’t it too early to start spending the night here?’ she asked avoiding his eyes


‘I want you to say that whilst looking into my eyes.’ He told her moving closer Francie dared not look at him, she didn’t trust herself as much.


He kissed her forehead and went back to the bedroom to take a quick shower.


By the time he was back, the table had already been set and it smelled divine.


‘This is amazing.’ He said as he dug into his food; Savory rice, stir fry vegetables


and grilled chicken.


She smiled.


‘Thank you.’



They made small talk as they ate and he offered to do the dishes whilst she went to take a bath, when she was done; she settled for the shirt he was wearing earlier and her slacks.


‘Those look better on you.’ He complimented


Truth is she didn’t want to go, she wanted to spend the night but she had to act tough; he couldn’t see that she was really into him.


He walked her to the car and opened the door for her.


‘Thank you for today.’


‘You are welcome.’ He said taking in both of her hands into his and kissing them lightly


‘Thank you for being you.’ He said


They said their good nights and he stood there as she drove off. By the time she was getting to Chisamba it was already after midnight and the girls were sleeping. She was just about to lock up when she heard a car drive in. she looked at the time then out of the window and saw Kangwa’s car. ‘What are you doing here?’ she asked surprised


‘This might sound crazy Francie but I don’t want to wait any longer, the last time I was in love bad things happened and this time of being alone I have learnt that love comes with its many obstacles. All this while I haven’t given myself a chance to get to know anyone because I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to be selfish, but you.’ He paused


‘You make it easy, I don’t have to try with you because you just make it happen.’ ‘Francie, I want you. And the girls, not just for a while but to spend forever with me.’


He got on his knees and removed a ring from the pocket of his shirt


‘This is not much, it belonged to my mother. Will you be my wife?’ he asked

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