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Three Empty Words – Episode 23

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In my own honest opinion, I think there is always someone for each of us. I mean yes we might get hurt, relationships will get to a point where you feel you can’t take it anymore but at the back of our heads we always know that; that person we are with is our ride or die. And yes some people will have it easy after a series of heart breaks, this one person tailored for them will love them right, it will stay right and will be evidence of the greater being. I mean he is a good God right? And he knows what’s best for us huh?


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He went back into the kitchen to make sure that everything was in order, he had invited Francie over. The first time he was inviting a lady over and the first time he was allowing one into his life after his late fiancé. He didn’t know what she liked but had opted for Spaghetti bolognaise with coleslaw and non-alcoholic wine, he wasn’t a great a cook and he wished to God that the food wasn’t as bad as he imagined it to be. He actually had to throw the burnt mince twice before getting it right


He almost skipped a beat when he heard a car drive in, he had sent her directions to his place and hoped that she didn’t get lost.


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He put everything in order and walked to the front door with his phone in hand, he opened it and the first thing he did was to take a photo of her.


‘You are so childish.’ She said laughing hysterically



He laughed with her before kissing her full on the lips then pulling her into a tight embrace.


‘I missed you.’ He said


She removed her phone and took a photo showing them embracing, her face visible and his back showing.


‘Now this is sexy.’ She told him in a flirting way He squeezed her behind


‘You are full of surprises my lady.’ He said kissing her neck


‘Can we stay in this position? A little longer?’ she asked in a childish tone ‘Sure.’ He responded after what seemed like forever he kissed her forehead then led her into the house.

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‘Welcome home baby.’


‘Thank you.’ She said smiling


She liked his place, yes she was an interior designer and had spotted many wrong things with the place but she didn’t want to say it. ‘Brown?’ she asked looking around


I have a thing for brown.’ He responded


His blinds were white, the couches were brown, the carpet just beneath the glass table and the couch pillows too. Everything else was white.


‘Cozy.’ She said


‘Make yourself at home.’ He told her leading her to a twin couch


He took her bag to his room leaving behind her phone and passed her the remote. She smiled at his gentleness, she had never imagined dating at thirty six, it felt all new to her and at forty he wasn’t so bad himself.


She picked a channel and started to watch the show that was showing, she didn’t even realize that he was back and standing behind her.


‘You are a beautiful woman Francie.’ He complimented She blushed and faced down.


‘And you are quite shy for someone who has raised such incredible girls.’ ‘Stop flattering me.’


He moved to where she was and sat next to her.


‘I don’t do flattery, I don’t have time for flattery.’ He said kissing her hand ‘Sometimes the only motivation I need are your fingers between the spaces of mine.’ She told him locking her fingers with his


In this moment he was surer of what he wanted, she was the woman he wanted to wake up to each and every other day. He almost laughed at God’s amazing humor,



how he had kept him single all this while only to fall for such an incredible woman.


‘Lord I am starving.’ She announced getting on her feet and he did as well He scratched his head


‘What? You didn’t cook?’


‘I did but be warned that I am not the kind of man that will make your tummy giggle, I am pathetic in that area.’


‘Which area are you good in?’ she teased moving just close enough


‘Are you sure you want to know?’ he asked wrapping his hands around her tiny waist.


She nodded her head, afraid her voice might betray her


He rubbed his lips against hers and she gasped. He smiled and went to the kitchen, leaving her hanging and begging for more.


When he didn’t return, she followed him.


‘I thought you went back to your show.’ He said pretending like nothing had happened


‘Now, I am hungry.’


He placed her nicely set plate on the table and poured two glasses of orange juice for them.


‘Dig in.’ he said quite skeptical


She said grace and ate a portion.


‘It isn’t as bad as you think, except it could have been better with little spice. Spice doesn’t make the food nice, it just compliments it.’ She said honestly


He smiled and dug into his food since she was impressed. They ate whilst making jokes here and there, it was beautiful what they had; they could actually make conversation about anything. They were both intelligent and could tackle any issue they picked.


Once done, they washed the dishes together and wiped them before putting them where they were supposed to be.


‘Thank you for the food.’ She told him


‘I should be thanking you for eating, my self-esteem just went above the meter.’ He jokingly said


‘Oh please.’


‘I have wine.’ He told her


She smiled mischievously and moved to where he stood.


‘Who said I want wine?’






He swallowed hard, taking in her scent.


Swallowing hard again when she placed her hands on his chest.


She used her index finger to tease him


‘Francie.’ He whispered this time holding her hands and looking her deep into the eyes


She didn’t look at him, she knew what she wanted but she wasn’t sure if she had the courage to say it.


He bent over and placed his lips on hers, her breathing telling him everything he needed to know.


He lifted her and put her on the kitchen counter before helping her out of her shirt. ‘I have wanted to worship this body from the day I set my eyes on you.’ He said in his deep voice


‘I want you.’ She whispered in a voice she couldn’t recognize

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