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Three Empty Words – Episode 22

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I looked over my shoulder and smiled at myself, this felt perfect. The fact that I was getting along with my boyfriend and my sister was just so unbelievable. We had decided to go out just the three of us. I saw them come back to where I was and put my diary down, I had not stopped writing down whatever little detail seemed to move me.


‘Hey you.’ Kelvin said settling just behind me so that I was between his legs.


I smiled, if he only knew the effect he had on me. Xeno sat next to us.


‘You two make love seem so easy.’ She teased ‘Of course it is.’ Kelvin responded


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I rolled my eyes, our relationship wasn’t all rosy, we had our bad days but that


didn’t stop us from making up.


‘Relationships are work Xeno.’


‘And love is easy.’ She cut in


I couldn’t help but laugh


‘I think that guy likes you, he has been staring at you.’ Kelvin told her pointing at someone


‘Nah, I don’t think so.’ She responded removing her sun glasses so that she could look at him


I noticed he shyly looked away


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‘I really think he likes you Xeno.’ I told her


She got up and cleaned her behind, she was only wearing a black bum short on top of her bikini whilst there was nothing on top of mine.


‘Let me speak to him, love comes in different forms.’ She said taking a sip from her wine glass then walking away


I couldn’t help but laugh, my sister was different in many ways.


I felt Kelvin’s hands wrap my waist, goosebumps instantly appearing on my skin. ‘I love you so much.’ He whispered in my ears ‘And I love you a whole lot.’ I told him


I could feel him smile behind me, of late staying just so close to him was becoming hard as a lot of other wild things kept running through my mind.


‘You are quiet?’ he asked


‘It’s so hard to stay so close to you and not feel anything.’ I heard myself say He held me close, pushing me against him and I could feel his hard on; on my back.


‘Babe.’ I said in the smallest voice


‘It is hard to stay so close to you and not feel anything.’ He responded in my ears with his manly voice


He pushed my hair to the other side of my neck, then brushed his lips slowly on it. ‘We are in public.’ I tried to say but he didn’t stop


I felt conflicted, my heart racing and in many different places. ‘Babe stop it.’ I begged when he moved closer to me again ‘Are you sure?’ he teasingly asked?


I nodded and shook my head at the same time because I really didn’t know what I wanted.


‘For today I will spare you, but when you are ready to have me; just say the word.’ He said and got up


I sat there dumb struck, not sure of what had just happened.


‘And what happened to you?’ Xeno asked standing akimbo


‘I think I want to give myself to Kelvin, right now, right here.’


She laughed, so hard my emotions came back to place.


‘What’s funny?’


She laughed some more


‘You should see your horny face, dude you look funny.’ She said still laughing I felt embarrassed, I had never gone through anything like this.


‘Okay yes I am not an upright person but I have learnt some skills and I will be here to teach you everything you need to know.’ She said pulling me by the hand We started to walk along the pool holding hands.


‘So what skills do you want to teach me?’ I asked


I was shy yes but I didn’t want to disappoint Kelvin if anything was to happen. ‘You know I lost my virginity at a young age right?’ she asked


I nodded my head


‘I would be lying to say that I don’t love getting laid, but I don’t wish for that for


you. I know some people will argue that I should leave you to make those


decisions alone.’


‘But?’ I asked


‘Se.x at the wrong time just takes away from you, it is beautiful and wild but trust me it takes more than it gives if done at the wrong time.’ ‘I don’t get you.’ I said


She stopped and stood in front of me, then held both of my shoulders with her hands.


‘I don’t live with regrets but if I had a way; I would get my virginity back. Love making is beautiful with the right person but just imagine how many people you will have to sleep with before finding the right person. Imagine how many people I have slept with and still alone.’ She said in form of a question but stopped when Kelvin came to join us


‘My beautiful women.’ He said wrapping his hands around our shoulders ‘You have a good man.’ Xeno said in a sad tone


‘And she has an amazing sister.’ He said looking at her


I pushed the both of them in the pool then jumped in as well as we all laughed.




I tried her line for the millionth time and it was taking me straight to voice mail, my wedding with Nandi was in a few days and I was skeptical about it. There was no way that Xenia could just turn me down like that, what I felt for her was a raw and mad passion. I wanted her before any other man did and seeing how happy she



was on the photos Xeno posted on Instagram I vowed to break them apart. I wanted her and not even the little bond she was having with her boyfriend and sister could stop that.


‘Baby ae you okay?’ I heard Nandi ask


I looked at her and smiled, she was innocent. As innocent as Xenia but I wasn’t the man that she had lost her virginity to and that is why I wanted Xenia.


‘Yes baby I am fine.’ I lied with a smile

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