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Three Empty Words – Episode 19

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#19 (Unedited)






Francie had insisted that Xenia goes home to get some rest but she refused saying she wanted to be there once Xeno woke up, it had to take Kangwa and Kelvin convincing her to go and get some rest.


‘Promise me you will call once she is awake.’ She told her mother


‘I promise I will.’ Francie responded smiling, the smile though now reaching her eyes.


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Kelvin led Xenia out of the hospital, they would spend the night at his place because she was too wrecked to be alone in Chilanga.


Both Kangwa and Francie as the two disappeared, Kangwa was grown up and even though the kids didn’t see it; he was able to see what was happening with Francie. ‘Let us go and seat at the cafeteria.’ He suggested


She knew it was going to be a long night so protesting was out of the question.


He found them a spot in the corner which was near the air con, he ordered some tea and sat with her in silence.


‘You know I was young, wild, crazy.’ She said that with a chuckle


For a moment she looked like a totally different person talking about her past, not the same Francie that was always uptight giving her kids the motherly treatment. ‘Tell me about your childhood.’ He said putting the tea that he wasn’t even enjoying down


She smiled with wondering eyes


‘Growing up I had what you can say, the best of both worlds. I didn’t come from a well to do family but my father knew just the right way to spoil rotten his only female child. Took me to the best schools and mother made sure I had the best clothes in the compounds plus I was a beauty.’ She said and bite her lower lip, then paused to smile again with wondering eyes.


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All thyis while, Kangwa tried not to stare too hard as she looked beautiful. When Scott came to my school, it was wild. Not love at first sight but for some reason I really wanted to have a taste of the white skin, the only time I ever gave myself to a man.’


Kangwa looked at her, his eyes almost coming out of their sockets.


She choked on her laughter.


‘You don’t say.’ He said surprised


‘Well I didn’t have time, me getting pregnant for Scott had me growing up faster than my age. My father dishowned, my mother had to keep her marrioage and so followed suit, imagine what sthe world had said had she decided to protect me.’ She said touching the tip of her cup


‘Did you try to reach out for Scott, I mean you had an idea of where he was right?’ She kept quiet for a while as if trying to remember something.


‘I have level of pride is beyond me, when I slept with Scott it was just sex. He left and there was no tie between us, so after discovering I was pregnant it was just I and the girls. I made them my life, I promised I would give them the life I never had, provide them with everything I deprived of myself by getting pregnant.’ ‘Uhm, but didn’t you try to date? Forgive my French Francie but you are a beautiful woman.’ He said making hand gestures as he looked at him She smiled


‘Thank you for the compliment, but I have priorities. And those priorities spell out taking care of the girls no matter what. Some days it gets scary, like how I see



them growing older and I keep thinking of what will happen once they leave.’ She said sadly


‘You will be fine, you have a passion. You could get dogs too.’ He said causing her to laugh


He smiled seeing how her lips curved with laughter.


‘So what’s your story? Why are you this grown and not married, not divorced and with no kids?’ she asked leaning in her chair


‘I was engaged, she was a beautiful woman. Both inside and out. She was the air


that I breathed, literally.’ He said sadly


‘What happened to her?’


‘Died, a day before our wedding.’


‘Oh my word.’


‘It wasn’t always easy, I quit my job, moved to a different city and told myself I just wanted to mourn her. She didn’t deserve the death she got, I know we are all going to die someday but not the way she did. It was evil and some days I wished for nothing but death upon her perpetrators but looking at Kelvin every other day has taught me to be a better man. I know he misses her more than I do.’


She looked at him with wondering eyes


‘She was his elder sister.’


Francie held his hand


‘It is well.’


He smiled at her


Just then a nurse came rushing towards them and told her that Xeno was awake and was asking for her mother.


The two rushed to the ward and found her there, she had a bandage on her head and looked really pale.


‘My baby.’ Francie said getting close


‘Mummy.’ A pale Xeno said


‘I am so glad to see you alive, you scared me.’ She said honestly Xeno smiled weakly


‘I need you to call someone for me.’ She said Francie got her phone out


‘Call the Police.’


‘What? Why?’ she asked


‘Xenia tried to kill me, I want her behind bars.’


Francie’s blood drained from her face, how could her daughter honestly ask her that?


‘You say you love us the same right? She tried to kill me, now do the right thing.’


Xeno commanded in a low tone


Francie swallowed hard.


‘Ma’am this is a case of assault, if you don’t call the cops I am afraid I will.’ The doctor said leaving Francie more conflicted

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