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Three Empty Words – Episode 15

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If you want to extremely fail at something, try understanding women.


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Men are quite predictable, with a man you can easily tell when he no longer wants to be with you. A man will go quiet on you and if you know him too well, you will be able to read between the lines. A man will stop addressing you like he does, and you will know he is probably calling another girl those names he once called you.


And if he no longer pressurizes you over his sexual appetite; there is a huge possibility he is getting it from somewhere else.


Women on the other hand, are complicated pieces of art. A woman will not tell you that she is not satisfied in bed because she doesn’t want to offend your ego but will find it okay to talk about it with her squad. A woman will not tell you how angry she is that you forgot her birthday right there and then but the silent treatment she will give you, will have you calling upon your ancestors. Oh, and women can be somewhat inconsiderate. A woman will want the best of both worlds forgetting that two hearts are involved and in most cases, when asked what she really wants; 90% of the answer will be, ‘I don’t know.’ And in rare cases, they just want space; space to do their nails, their hair, space to unwind, space to feel alive again, to breath, to inhale the earth and exhale the negativity that relationships come with.


I knew Xenia, the few months we had been together I could honestly tell when she was in a good mood and when she was not. I had allowed myself to fall in love with her without holding back, and just when I thought she felt the same; I had started noticing the changes. I could clearly tell that she was craving for something with the Nthando guy but what I wasn’t sure of is how much of him she wanted. I mean yes once in a while our emotions can betray us and we fall for something or someone else but at the end of the day, it comes down to the principal of love with no emotions attached. At the end of the day it comes down to priorities. To what is important in our lives, it comes down to choosing what we want and who we want to be with every single morning.


It was a bright Saturday morning and all I wanted was to be home, lately I had been spending my weekends with Xenia and so I decided maybe I was choking her. Maybe what she needed was some space and some time to discover who she was and what she really wanted in life.


My maid who only came in the morning to clean and wash had just left, I was in the kitchen preparing myself a sandwich when my phone rang. I got it and sighed at the caller ID, it was a girl from work that I was avoiding. She was on my case for months and I kept turning her down.



I placed the hot sandwich on a plate and poured myself a hot cup of coffee, I went to the living room and started watching the final season of the originals. A repeat was showing and because I had missed some episodes, I decided to catch up. My phone rang again and this time it was Xenia.


‘Good morning.’ I said wiping my mouth with the back of my hand ‘Hey.’ She said

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‘How are you?’ I asked noticing she sounded anxious ‘I am fine.’ She said


I kept quiet, I could tell that she wanted to say something.


‘Uh so, I wanted to tell you something.’


She paused


I reduced the volume on the television.




‘So some friends invited me to go to Livingstone with them and I was considering it.’


‘And these friends don’t have names?’ I asked She kept quiet.


‘Well they do and you don’t know them.’ She said defensively


I laughed, remembering my last relationship. Strike one, Women have a way of creating nonexistent friends and cousins once they start or plan on cheating. ‘Are you still there?’ she asked


I scratched my head, I could feel the hole in my heart; my whole being torn apart. ‘I heard you, when do you have to leave?’


‘Tomorrow, I will be back on Wednesday since I don’t have any classes next week.’


‘And these friends don’t have classes too?’


‘What are you insinuating?’ she asked defensively


Strike two, once women start getting defensive; something is up their sleeve. ‘You have fun. I will see you once you get back.’ I responded


I waited for her to drop the line, I wasn’t going to hang up on her and give her a reason to stay away from me. After that I got my food and threw it in the trash can, I had lost my appetite and now all I wanted was some destruction.


I locked the house and got my car keys, I was going to drive to Kangwa’s place. I needed someone to talk to.


The drive to his place was long, there was mad congestion and Kafue was hours away from Salama Park.


‘If it isn’t my younger version.’ Kangwa said when I joined him at the stream



His house was amazing, it was more of a paint house and just behind; it had a stream which fell into the Kafue River. I smiled.


‘What do you have here?’ I asked getting some meat from the braai stand that was ready to be eaten


Coming here was such a good idea, he was braaing some meat and having cold beer as he watched the stream. Something he always did on weekends; well it made him sane after the passing of my sister.


‘How is Xenia?’ he asked


I sighed, the sigh telling him everything he needed to know


‘Don’t give up on her if she is worth it, ladies are complicated.’ He said drinking from his bottle of miller


‘Tell me something I don’t already know.’ I responded taking a sip from my bottle as Nthando’s face clouded my mind.






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