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Three Empty Words – Episode 14

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“You bring a feeling to me I never show Nobody has made me feel this way before I’mma good girl


But I wanna be bad for you.”


Meek Mill ft Nicky Minaj




‘What do you want from me?’ I asked Nthando who was just seated there staring at me


He laughed lightly


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‘Is it wrong for me to want to stare at you?’ he asked causing me to shift in my seat uncomfortably


I had questions for him, why he had directed all those things back at home to me but I didn’t want to look like I cared enough so I just stood up; knowing fully well that someone would start looking for me.


‘I need to get out there.’ I said


He stood up and moved closer to me.


‘I meant every word I told you back there, you need to let yourself go.’ He said


I could feel his breath, he was so close and I knew looking up would land my lips on his.


He touched my cheek, causing the hair on my back to stand.


‘I am sure people out there are waiting.’ He said his other hand on my waist


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I stood there not sure what he was asking me, it was like he wanted me to go and another part wanted me to stay. For a moment I wanted to just stay there with him, I wanted to be bad for him. I wanted to go crazy for him but then the door opened and Kelvin’s cologne hit me.


‘Babe are you okay?’ he asked probably still standing at the door.


I cleared my throat


‘Yes baby I am.’


I moved away from Nthando and walked over to where Kelvin was, he looked at him but said no word.


‘Are you okay?’ he asked once we were outside ‘I am okay.’ I lied


The rest of the afternoon I tried to avoid Nthando as much as possible, I didn’t want to cause a scene and from the way Xeno was quiet I knew anything I did would lead me in a lot of trouble.


We left the place at 6pm, Kelvin drove me to Chisamba and this time I was silent the whole way.


‘We are home.’ He said when he had parked in the car park


I smiled afraid of looking at him, it was like he was seeing through me. ‘When am I seeing you?’ he asked when I was still quiet


‘You are the one with a job, so when you are free.’ I said He sighed


‘Are you sure you are okay?’ he asked again


‘Kelvin I am fine.’ I told him a little stronger than intended


He got out of the vehicle and came to my side, opened the door for me then walked me to the front yard.


‘Have yourself a good night.’ He said kissing my forehead I smiled then got into the house without a word.


I knew he would sense the difference, Kelvin knew me. He was able to see through me the short while we were together and my only fear was that he would tell that now I was having a thing for Nthando.



I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed myself some cereal, I had not eaten enough and so I was hungry.


I grabbed my phone when I heard it ring, it was a strange number.


‘Hello.’ I said with food in my mouth


‘Hey beautiful.’


I almost choked on my food, I had gotten to know the voice.


‘I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.’ He said


I swallowed fast and hard


‘No, actually its perfect timing.’


The words slipped out of my mouth. I hit myself on the forehead ‘Are you home already?’ he asked ‘Yes actually I am.’


‘Too bad you are not in Lusaka, I would have loved to see you.’ He said


I smiled like a child, got the food I was eating and dumped it in the trash can then walked to my room and locked myself inside.


‘What are you doing?’ he asked


‘Nothing, just laying on the bed.’ I told him as I got some pillows and pushed them just where I wanted to lay


‘Okay I know after this call you will be wondering where I got your number so before you ask, mum got it from your mother.’ He confessed


I laughed


‘But why would you do that? I mean asking your mother to go through all that trouble just so she can get my line when you could have asked?’


He chuckled


‘With the way your boyfriend had his eyes on you, I couldn’t get close.’ I laughed, Kelvin wasn’t such a tough person.


‘Oh well, since you have it; how does it feel?’ He laughed


‘Getting your number isn’t enough, how about I show you something that will


blow your brains?’


‘Uhm, enlighten me.’


‘Come to Livingstone with me, just the two of us. No parents or boyfriends or


girlfriends. Just us two.’ He said




‘Say that again.’




‘My name, I love how you say it.’


‘Nthando.’ I said


He kept quiet.


‘You are beautiful Xenia.’


I held my phone tightly to my ear.


‘Thank you so much.’


The banging sound on my door had me saying bye to him but that I would call back.


‘Hold on.’ I said


‘What are you doing here leaving Kelvin outside alone?’ mum furiously asked I looked at her in shock, Kelvin had left so I didn’t know what she was talking about.


‘Mum Kelvin is gone.’


‘Did you see him leaving?’ she asked


I shook my head, grabbed some flip flops and went outside and there he was; still parked in the car park.


‘You are still here?’ I asked, more of a statement than a question ‘I was about to leave.’ He responded


I got in the vehicle then locked the door.


‘Kelvin why are you still here?’


‘I have never left this place with you in the house, you always wait for me to drive


out and that is when you go inside. So now I want to know what wrong I did for


you not to see me off.’


‘Oh.’ I said


‘Xenia are we okay?’ he asked


I was about to respond but the sound of my ringing phone had me looking at him ‘Aren’t you going to pick that up?’ he asked


I stared at him, my look probably giving me away until the phone stopped ringing ‘I guess my presence here is not welcome anymore.’ He said


I felt really bad but I didn’t know what to say to him ‘I will see you tomorrow.’ He said unlocking the door

I got out and waited for him to drive off before heading back inside.

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