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Three Empty Words – Episode 12

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It was a week after my successful termination of the pregnancy, I was scared at first but I didn’t feel an ounce of guilty afterwards. I was not only doing this to save myself from the shame of being unmarried and pregnant but also from being told that I was following my mother’s footsteps.


I brushed through my hair before carrying my purse, dad had invited us all for lunch. He was guilty over the last dinner and so he had pleaded with mum that she goes. I walked to the living room and waited for mum to come out of her room, Xenia was nowhere to be seen too and I didn’t careless. I took a few photos and posted them on instagram and minutes later I was already receiving a lot of feedback. I had taken particular attention to the way I was looking with hopes that Nthando was going to be present.


You see for him it was just sex, but I on the other hand it was different. Nthando was good looking and I knew he was capable of being bad for me; something which I needed in my life. I went through his recent photos on Facebook, he was picture perfect and I couldn’t help but smile at myself. ‘And who is making my little girl blush?’ I heard mum ask


I quickly locked my phone and stared in her direction, she looked amazing in her mauve dress. At her age one could have mistaken her for being a few years younger.


‘Mum I wasn’t blushing.’ I said


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She smiled mischievously


I wasn’t going to let her in on my business least she finds out the man I wanted was already committed.


‘Can we start off already?’ I asked knowing fully well that Xenia was not yet out from her room.


‘Sure.’ She responded much to my surprise


We left in her vehicle for Salama Park and even though I wanted to ask why Xenia had not come with us, I decided to use this time to just bond with her. Throughout



the way we kept talking about random stuff and I realized just how much I loved her and missed her presence in my life.


We got to dad’s place an hour later and they were a few cars parked in the car park. ‘I am nervous.’ I told mum honestly


She looked at me with a questioning look

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‘Well after what happened last time, I haven’t really gotten over it.’ I lied She came to my side and embraced me.


‘You are my strongest child and I know you will be just fine, but if you need an extra leg; you know I am here.’ She told me before kissing my forehead


In that moment I just wanted us to be like that forever, it was beautiful and fulfilling knowing that she loved me.


We walked to the garden which had been laid out hand in hand. I spotted Vanessa first and I couldn’t help but frown, the woman hated me and she wasn’t even trying to hide it.


Immediately Zaria saw us, I noticed the change in her attitude. I couldn’t blame her, my mother was a hot shot.


‘What do we have here?’ she said coming towards us She embraced me.


‘I missed you baby.’ She said ignoring mum ‘I missed you too.’


‘When are you coming home, this place is boring without you.’ She said dragging me by the hand


I turned to look at mum who signaled me to go ahead. After talking to Zaria for a while, I went and greeted Vanessa who didn’t seem pleased to see me.


‘Where is Nthando?’ I asked her when I couldn’t see him anywhere ‘He is showing Nandi around.’ She said before sipping on her wine


Just then Nthando emerged with the lady I had seen in the photos, they were walking hand in hand and the smile he had on his face was priceless. I had never seen him like that and honestly I wanted to tear the lady apart.


Dad came and called all of us to the garden and some wine was served. He said we would get started in a few minutes because two other guests had to arrive first.




Immediately I saw Xeno, I felt my heart skip a beat because I knew then that Xenia was somewhere around. Nandi had arrived in the country a day before and I was



thrilled to have her but I just couldn’t get my mind off Xenia. I looked around the place for a bit but she was nowhere to be seen.


‘Is there someone you are expecting?’ Nandi asked me when I lost focus I turned to look at her, smiled then kissed her palm.


‘No my lady, I am not expecting anyone.’ I lied


She had travelled a long way just for me to disrespect her and I wasn’t going to do it.


I saw Xeno come our way and in that moment I knew she spelt trouble. ‘Nthando.’ She said after getting to where we were ‘Xenosah.’ I said between gritted teeth


She turned to look at Nandi, looking at her from head to toe.


‘You must be the fiancé.’ She said making a disgusted face


‘And I wish I knew you.’ Nandi responded and I saw the anger on Xeno’s face.


Nandi was a calm soul but she could also be sarcastic when she chose to.


All of us focused our attention to the gate when a grey Hilux drove in, it went straight to the car park and stopped.


The driver’s door first opened and a man dressed in a brown blazer and crispy white shirt came out, he went to the passenger’s seat and opened the door.


The first thing I noticed were red stilettos that looked too good to trail the earth, when she came out I couldn’t help but gasp. She looked totally different from everything she always wore, she had on a black dress that hugged her curves and showed off her cleavage. Her hair had been straightened and fell freely on her shoulders. Her lips were painted red and when the two walked, the man had his hand on her waist.




Were the words that slipped out of my mouth faster than I could hold them. Both Nandi and Xeno turned to look at me and I looked away pretending I didn’t see them.

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