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The Unknown Enemy – Episode 7

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Unknown Enemy- Chapter 7


Viva watched from her window as Betty and her kids came out, and went straight to her car, Tony came out with a bag and handed it over to Betty, Betty said something to him and he smiled and kissed her fully on the lip before Betty went into her car and zoomed off with the kids, Viva stomach tightened when Tony kissed his wife, she swore under her breath, Tony is going to be hers soon not Betty’s, is just a matter of time, Viva watched from her upstairs window as Tony waved them before going back inside.


Rebecca, the kid’s nanny was not with them as usual, she has probably gone ahead of Betty, or maybe Betty or Tony sent her on an errand Viva thought to herself, because she needed to make sure that Tony is alone in the house before going over,



Viva quickly dressed up and sprayed her fine cologne before going down to Betty’s apartment, as she rang the door bell the second time, Tony answered from inside and came to open the door, before Tony could quickly dismiss her she pushed her way into the house and stood at the living room, Tony sighed before going to her with a straight face.




“What are you doing here Viva…Betty has gone out and you don’t suppose to be here…


“what do you mean what am I doing here, i live in the next door, upstairs remember… and am Betty’s friend…I come here all the time… and have you forgotten that we made love few days ago…are you mixing something up… “goshhh…whaaaatttt… must you remind me of that…it was all a mistake…and I’m sorry such thing even happened…it wasn’t even suppose to happen… Viva, you are married and I’m also married…I love my wife so dear much…whatever that happened was an expensive mistake please…don’t make it look honourable because it’s not…is a very disguising whenever I think of it…please leave…Betty is not home now…

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“I’m not here to see Betty…but you Tony… you mean the beautiful moment you shared with me was disgusting… you are insulting me do you know that…?…and you know you took advantage of me because you saw my weakness…you saw that I was obviously missing my husband and you decided to jump on that opportunity…you took advantage of my loneliness and slept with me on my matrimonial bed…can’t you see I suppose to be hurting more than you are doing…I feel guilty for doing such to Richard…he is a good man and you took advantage of his wife…just because she asked you for a little favour… even when you were on the act I was mentioning my husband’s name just to show you that I thought you were Richard…you heard me saying Richard’s name and yet you didn’t stop you were all over me and was enjoying yourself, you deliberately took advantage of your neighbour’s wife, your wife’s best friend…you are pathetic Tony…I thought you are a good man and yet you claim to love your wife….after sleeping with her friend…


“ okay…okay…I accept anything you say or call me…i…I’m sorry Viva…I’m truly sorry…i took advantage of you and I’m very sorry about that…I could have pushed you off and leave…I wasn’t force to do it…I fell like a weak man…it all started from my mind…it was reprogrammed when I saw you making advances at me…then I saw you changing right in front of me in your room…i…I was not



thinking anymore when you began to touch me seductively…is only Betty that has ever touched me in that manner, I have never fallen for any woman before, and has never cheated on my wife, I tried to resist but…hmmm I failed myself and Betty who has always trusted me…I ‘m still feeling worst from that time and still have not being able to look Betty fully on her face because she is so innocent…her innocence is killing me mostly because she deserve everything better…I’m sorry Viva… let’s count that as one of our mistake which will never happen again… “don’t say it won’t happen again Tony…that is the main reason I came over, I knew you will be alone in the house… do you know since that day…I can’t stop thinking about you Tony…no man has ever make love to me like you did…not even Richard, I felt like a real woman when I was in your arm…please Tony… just one more and we can stop…please..


“are you insane… I’m trying to let go of guilt and make amend with my wife…you are here again with this…you have probably wanted to get me to bed with you… for you to be saying this that means you have always wanted what happened few days ago to happen,…you are crazy Viva…please leave…leave right now, stop coming when Betty is out…because I will not open that door again if I find out is yo…u…..uuu….viiiii…..


Viva suddenly locked her lips with him as he was still speaking…after struggling with her he felt relaxed as they kissed passionately… they quickly loosened as Rebecca who was inside came out, Tony has totally forgotten that Rebecca did not go with Betty because she has a flu, she was having catarrh and Betty asked her to stay and rest so that she can feel better, Betty said she will handle the kids that Rebecca needed rest,


so Rebecca was in her room resting, and came out when she was hearing a low voice talk, she knew the female voice was that of Viva, she wondered what Viva and Tony where arguing about, at first she didn’t want to stand up because Viva was Betty’s friend and a neighbour, so there was nothing so special if she and Tony discuss in Betty’s absence, but she decided to stroll down to the sitting room to check what was going on,


She almost fainted as she saw them, she had to blink twice to be sure of what she was seeing, Tony and Viva were passionately kissing, Tony made a terrible low noise as Viva’s hand travelled up and down his body, he made another noise again and clunk onto Viva’s body as if his life depends on it, they didn’t even notice her presence as she stood with her wide opened eyes and watch, she was frozen at that spot and didn’t know if she should quietly go back to her room or to scream at the


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two cheaters, she will never believe Tony will ever cheat on his lovely wife Betty, because of the way he expresses love for her, and Betty loved him so much,


she has silently prayed for a husband like Tony, a good man who posses Tony’s good qualities whenever she is ready to marry, she was still very young and Betty has taking her as a kid sister not like a maid or nanny, Betty treats her well unlike Viva who beat and punishes her maid at any given opportunity, anyhow and anywhere she likes, Rebecca doesn’t like Viva because of the ill way she treats her maid


Rebecca watched and wondered what she was suppose to do now, what if Tony and Viva decided to deal with her for catching them in the act, and not minding her business, what if they lie to Betty and she decided to believe them and send her out, how is she suppose to start her life again, because is Tony and Viva’s word against hers, her word will not be taking serious if she decide to talk because she is Betty’s maid and kid’s nanny, although Betty has never treated her like a maid but rather a little sister,


Betty doesn’t deserve this from her loving husband and her trusted friend, Rebecca let go of her fear and coughed out very loud, startling them from their passion, shock was written on Tony’s face as he saw Rebecca standing and looking at them, Viva’s face was normal, no remorse or regrets, she was still holding Tony’s hand as Tony gently remove her hand from him, Viva spoke first “Housemaid…come right here…


As Viva commanded her to come, Rebecca gently went over to where she and Tony were standing…Viva first of all gave her a slap before speaking as Rebecca held her cheek in fear and pain,


“why were you standing there and watching us…aren’t you suppose to be scrubbing the floor or washing something, toilets, cloths, plates or even arranging something…why were you standing and watching us and even have the nave to cough as if you worth anything…look at me very well…I’m not Betty who pampers and sees you as something…I will so deal with you if you crosses my path…so tell me did you see anything…


Rebecca who was still holding her cheek did not reply…as Viva raised hand to slap her again Tony held her hand and gently pushed Viva away…


“this is not your maid Viva, don’t treat her as such…she is our kids nanny and we see her as family…and she really worth something here…I don’t tolerate such and Betty will not take it lightly with you slapping her, hitting her is not a way to resolve this… don’t touch her again please… uuuh! hmmm…Rebecca… I’m sorry,


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so sorry, I beg you not to disclose whatever you saw to Betty or anyone at all…it was a mistake it was not meant to happen…i


“Tony, you surprised me sometime…why are you begging her…what for…I dare her to go and talk and watch what will happen to her, is our word against hers…nobody will take her serious…she is only a maid…I will personally make sure Betty kicks her out, she dares not even say a thing…hey come here…whatever your name is I don’t care to know…I asked you for the last time again…did you see anything…?


“n….noooo….ma’m, no ma…I didn’t see anything….


“Very good…because if I hear pim from you…hahahaha…heyyy… I just pity your poor wretched life Rebecca…if I dare hear pimm from you Rebecca…you will hear whieee… if I hear anything at all from you about me or Tony…anything at all…I will so deal with you personally…


Rebecca quietly went back to her room, if she had known what awaits her she would have stayed back or quietly go back after seeing them without alerting them of her presence…now Viva is threatening her life and with what she saw in Viva eyes as she spoke to her she knows viva meant every word, with the hot slap that Viva gave her was enough sign to shut her up, Rebecca sat hard on her bed, and for the first time she felt unsafe in the house,


Richard later came back from his travel the next day and Viva acted happy to see him, after that whenever Richard tries to touch her she will not allow him, and gave a flimsy excuse why she can’t allow him to touch her at that time, but after Richard is off to work she will call Tony over, and he will go to her, Viva later allowed Richard so that he won’t start suspecting her,


One day as everybody was out of the house as usual, Viva called Tony to come over and he did and they continued their act, Viva told Tony that she wants a car while lying down on his chest that day, Tony said he can’t get her a car that he planned getting a new car for Betty and which will cost him a lot, that he can’t buy her a car, and what if he happens to buy a car and Richard ask her where she get the car from or the money what will she say, Viva told Tony not to worry about Richard, she can handle her husband, but Tony still insist that he can’t get her a car is beyond his budget and he has to get a car for Betty, Viva got angry and started threatening Tony, that he will expose him and she will tell Betty he took advantage of her when Richard traveled, Viva says she will do it and even more if he dares says no to her again, Tony eventually agreed to her tricks to get her a car, and told her he was discontinuing their dirty act, he has had enough to chew from her and



enough guilt that will serve him a life time, Tony wondered why he kept doing the exact thing he hate so much, he kept going deeper in the act, anytime he promises never to do it again he will find himself falling whenever Viva coils her claws around him like a lion and a prey, he hate himself already, Betty deserve better, she is a good loving soul, he was grateful that Rebecca never mentioned anything to her or anyone, although he noticed that Rebecca act cold towards him, he even bought her gifts just for her to act normal and to stop seeing him as unfaithful husband to Betty, but she still look at him like a bad person and he is not he just can’t tell what has gotten into him that he can’t stand on his word, he wondered why he feels weak when it comes to Viva,


Tony said that none of their spouse deserve to be treated the way they are treating them by being unfaithful. and once he buys the car for Viva, he will wash his hand off from this their dirty secret, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Viva again, he is tired of cheating on his wife, his conscience is not at peace since they started having affair,


As Tony was talking Viva wasn’t listening, she didn’t give a care of what he was saying all that she was concerned about was that she was going to get a new ride from Tony, she felt so proud of herself and can’t wait to drive the whole estate with her car.


A day came that Kate came to visit Betty, as she stepped into their gate, she almost bump into Viva who was going out, she was well dressed, Viva greeted Kate with a smile, Kate who was surprise at her cheerful greeting replied her cheerfully too, as Viva tried to quickly walk past her, Betty saw something that draw her attention, the fine necklace on Viva’s neck look familiar, she has seen that necklace somewhere before, as she gently walk to Betty’s apartment still thinking of why the fine necklace rings a bell in her head, as she stepped into Betty’s house she quickly remembered, the fine necklace with a diamond pedant was Betty’s missing necklace that Tony bought for her and it went missing and was never found.

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To be continued


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