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The Unknown Enemy – Episode 14

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Episode 14 (Final episode)


It was so hard for Betty to believe all she heard about Tony, her loving and caring husband, what have I done to deserve this, oh my God Kate said it but i do not believe her now look. Betty you are a fool she cursed herself. Rebecca walked close to Betty and tap her on her shoulder and said: aunty it’s OK but come to think of it its all your fault. Tony is a good man but you sold him out to the enemy, you went too far even more than far when you revealed his weak point in the other room, aunty if your marriage is destroyed today just know that you were the one who failed your husband Tony and not him. He tried his best but you were too open and couldn’t guard your lip until you finally hand him over to the enemy. Meanwhile Betty had already put a Call across to Kate trying to explain to her what happened as she was crying Kate told her to hold on she’s coming. When Kate arrived she was surprised at the sight she saw and she went asking. Betty couldn’t say anything, she apologized to Kate amidst tears but Rebecca calmed her down and narrate everything to Kate who was shot of words. Kate shouted haba Betty i told you, i warned you but you wouldn’t listen now look at what you have done to your self. God gave you a nice and perfect marriage on a silver platter but out of your foolishness you threw it to the dogs. I warned you severally but you


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wouldn’t listen, you have gone too far revealing too much about your home, husband and the secret to your happiness to people, tell me why they wouldn’t use it against you or you think everybody is like you? We have desperate women out there who are not satisfied with what they have,agents of destruction looking for happy homes to destroy but do you know the most interesting part about this angels of destruction, they can never get to you or know your source if you guard your tongue,keep your mouth shut,protect your man. Now you’ve broken the hedge of your home, the serpent has struck using your precious jewel and you’re here crying your eyes out. Tony is a good man but you have made him look like a bad man anyways where is Tony? Rebecca quickly answer he’s in the room. Oya get up lets check on him and get this thing fixed. As they step into the room Tony was with a knife about to end his life, he was weeping profusely: oh my God i have betrayed my wife, how will she ever forgive me, how, how God let me end it here and now, I’ve disappointed her,she trusted me so much, I’ve broken the covenant I made with her before you. What’s the essence of living, I’m the biggest fool ever please Lord forgive me because I don’t deserve her! Betty, Kate and Rebecca step in.


Immediately they entered Tony was at the verge of stabbing himself. Betty cried,run and hug him, oh my God honey please don’t do it please am sorry its all my fault please forgive me yes i messed up I never knew I wa dinning with the enemy. I was too loose with my speech please forgive me. Tony asked Betty for forgiveness they both cried bitterly while Kate and Rebecca watched.


Richard was so angry that he packed all Viva’s property out side Viva was now begging, her strength and knowledge failed her, the car is gone, the cheque too is gone, as sleeping with tony was not enough there was a big secret waiting to be revealed. There was a call from the hospital about their son so they both rush to the hospital. They got to the hospital and were directed to the doctor’s office. The doctor was seen all worked up when Viva and her husband barged in.Chat or Please, kindly download our mobile app to enjoy more stories IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO…just search for ‘TOPSTER STORIES APP’ on google and then, click on the first link????With tears Viva was asking: doctor where’s my son, what happened to my son?? The doctor became more furious and asked: oooo so he’s your son and you were not aware that your son has hepatitis B which have developed to Cirrhosis of the liver, why are you both careless about your child,you couldn’t even bring him to the hospital if not for his nanny maybe he would have died. And you woman what kind of a mother are you? Anyways, he’s in a critical condition right now and before anything he needs blood. Richard was so confused because he has never heard about his son having any



ailment not to talk of cancer, when did it start,how come,where did it come from?? OK the questions and blame can wait let’s save my son first, doctor I’m sorry please I’m the father do take my blood please be fast. They conducted a blood test on Richard to know his compatibility with the son own Richard bursted Doctor you people are wasting my time i am the father take the blood and save my son. Viva was not bothered at all not until the test result came and unfortunately it didn’t MATCH! WHAT!! That was when Viva knew that there’s nowhere to hide again. They conducted several other test (RNA & DNA) and it was confirmed that Richard was not the father. WHAT!!! Immediately Richard loses balance and fall, Viva quickly put call across and it happened that she had one nightstand with the bus conductor in their former house which resulted to pregnancy whom she have been keeping in touch with claiming that he knows how to press the right button and HIT the ‘G’ so hard that always makes her want some more. Fortunately when the guy came the blood transfusion was successful.


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Richard couldn’t believe his eyes and ears and so he divorced Viva outrightly.Viva who didn’t have where to go resort to meeting his bus conductor boyfriend who chased her away that he doesn’t want a lady like her and as for the child he’s now in the village with his parents. Viva cried, no where to go,no one to run to,not even a family member. The only person that accepted her with all her flaws she still couldn’t keep him haaaaaaaa I’m finished had I know I wouldn’t have indulge myself in this oooooooooo as she was crying and thinking walking on the road a truck that failed brake hit her from behind unfortunately she didn’t survive it.


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