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The Unknown Enemy – Episode 9

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Episode 9.


As the day goes Betty kept on watching Tony, Tony’s behaviour kept on changing, then a day came when she couldn’t hold it in anymore she have to ask him


“I don’t understand what is going on Tony…what is happening to us… you have change so badly and I’m beginning to wonder if you are the same man I fell in love with and got married to, if you are the same man that I thank God everyday for giving him to me, are you still the same man that I speak greatly off, even my friends got tired of hearing me speak constantly about him… what exactly is going on… why the sudden change of behaviour… did I do anything wrong… did I offend you in anyway… please tell me because I don ‘t know what to think anymore… you told me you couldn’t get me the car you promised which was unlike you, breaking your promise to me…. but I wasn’t bothered despite I was


surprise of the change but you explained to me the reasons why you can’t get me the car and I totally understand and never disturbed you with the request… I have never compared you to any man before… never Tony… even when Viva’s husband got her a car, a very expensive car, I have never for once use it as a case of study, I have always understand you Tony… what are you not telling me… what is happening… I have watched you and I can’t hold it in any more…”


“Darling… you worry too much… I told you it was all just work… I needed to foresee things in my office, the managers there are beginning to slack in their duties, so… so I have to sit up and do most of the work so that we won’t loss our reliable customers and also the car I wanted to get for you… like I told you business was not good this period and if I get the car it will affect us greatly, so



that is why I want to put extra effort to make sure I fulfil my promise to you… stop worrying… there is nothing…”


“Tony, I told you the car was not important, forget about it I will be using my old car… I miss you… I miss the man I got married to, the kids miss their father, we want you back just as we use to be… if the managers are not working to your taste then employ more able hands, stop the excuse of work this work that, even when my Dad was in the company before he handed it to you, he has never formed a habit of staying out so late, my Dad cherished my mother and has never given her a cause to worry, and when I got married to you I thank God for giving me a man like my father, who loves me so dearly, my Dad handed the business over to you and you have done a great job with it by opening different branches, everyone is impress by the efforts you put into the job, my Dad has retired and yet he is at peace knowing well you are doing a great job with the business, you are overall in there now and you have able hands who has being there for long, so what is the problem… the company is moving on fine to my knowledge, I met the accountant the other day and I asked him how things are over there and he assured me there’s no problem, that the business is flowing just like before and profit is coming in… he said the company has not encountered any serious loss and everything is fine, so I just wondered what you are telling me about lost and needing to be on top of things… coming back late all the time, avoiding me and you hardly look at me like before… you leave so early and comes back late and hardly eat dinner with the excuse you ate out… this is unlike you Tony… something is definitely wrong and I’m beginning to feel it… or… or is there another woman… is there a woman out there keeping you busy and making you to forget your family because I don’t know what to think anymore…”

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“Darling… how can you think I will stoop so low for another woman… I thought you trust me… I told you is work… the accountant probably didn’t want you to feel bad, he just told you everything is fine… but everything is not really fine that is why I want to normalize things… I will try and create more time and will not allow my work or anything to get in the way for us, I’m sorry for making you to worry, I love you Betty and I have promised you severally that I will never cheat on you, I will never defy our marriage vow or be unfaithful to you… I will never do that… I have not seen any woman that will ever be like you, you are very beautiful, so understanding, my chief planner, the mother of my kids, my wife my everything… I love you darling and I can never trade you for anything… I will make it up to you please stop worrying… I hate to see you sad, please smile for me…”



Betty sighed before smiling, Tony definitely has a way of making her feel better, she knew he can never cheat on her with another woman, he can never be unfaithful to her, he promised her before and he has promised it again and she totally believed him, she felt relieved after hearing Tony reassured her of his love and promises again, she felt so blessed to have him, she waved of the idea Rebecca put in her head which is “what if he is probably spending time with another woman” now she knows he is not having an affair, is just work.


Tony needed to do and say anything to make Betty feel better, he doesn’t want her


suspecting him, although he has being feeling bad for the past months now, since


he got entangled with Viva, him and Viva has a hotel they do meet sometime


because they can’t risk being seen, anytime he plan to stop or promise never to


have anything to do with Viva he will end up wanting her, he has tried to pull off


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but he can’t, Viva has a craft man finger, added with some magic which she uses to


rough him up and he likes her style, at first it was too raw but later he started


enjoying it, and now he is so deep and he doesn’t know how to pull off, he needed


to assure Betty so that she can feel better, he knew that Betty doesn’t deserve to be


treated the way he is treating her but he can’t help it at the moment, and Richard


too doesn’t deserve what Viva is doing to him but she is so taken with him, and


Viva do say to him that nothing matter to her again like he does, she say that


Richard doesn’t even matter like the way he matters to her, sometimes he wish he


can go back to the day they first started their secret affair and stay back no matter


how Betty pressurize him to go with her, he will stand strong and say no to his


wife, it would have saved them from their present trouble now, he is still looking


forward to the day he will stand strong and walk away from Viva without looking




Betty called Viva who later came she started talking to her forgetting what Rebecca told her, she began to tell Viva everything that has being going on with her Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias


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“So I noticed his change of behaviour… it was unlike my husband to be staying late or not having time for me and the kids and also not coming to me in bed like he use to, he always felt filled before coming home everyday, he hardly touch me, before there is a way Tony will look at me and I will quickly melt inside even after we got married, he never breaks his promise to me, so when he couldn’t get me the car he promised me and also gave me a reason why he couldn’t all I did was to understand and never tries to make fuss out of it, Tony hardly look at me and when



he did I feel nothing, no butterfly in my stomach, no doubled heartbeat… just nothing… I wasn’t feeling the man I married… it was a big reason to worry…” “And you probably thought that he is seeing another woman…?”


Yes… there’s nothing I didn’t think Viva, I thought of different reasons why his change of attitude, even Rebecca my kids nanny gave me such idea, but I waved it off, and when I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to confront him and he assured me that there is nothing just work load, and as always I totally understand, and he promise to make it up to me, and I believe him”


“So what did that your wide mouth maid say to you… you shouldn’t be talking to people like that, they don’t have anything good to offer you, they will only put bad ideas to your head, and she is too young what does she even know, somebody of your calibre shouldn’t be talking to those kind of rift raft… or whatever… sorry but I don’t like her… can’t you see she is here to break your home by putting negative idea to your head… asking you what if Tony is cheating… I hate it when people mess around with my friends, and she was actually messing with your head Betty, anytime you want to talk about anything always call me, and I will come running, what are friends for but stop talking to people like your maid… they know nothing…”


“You mean Rebecca, ah ah Viva, she is not my maid, and don’t call her those names, she is my kid’s nanny and we see her as family, I like her anyway, and she was not putting idea just trying to make me feel better, I needed to talk to somebody and your phone line was off, Rebecca was there and I told her all my worries and she tries in making me to feel better, and Kate my good friend, Kate has being avoiding coming to the house… probably because of you, I only see her whenever I go to the super market… I even asked her why she is not coming again like before, I asked her if I offended her and she said no she hate seeing you around and I assured her that Viva is never a bad person, she may say that she hates you and act like it but she doesn’t really mean it, but Kate said she will still not come not matter how I convince her, and she got somethings keeping her busy which I don’t know yet, oh oh… I think I know… I think she is into a new relationship which she doesn’t want to disclose to me but I hear the person always calling to check up on her and she is trying to hide it from me… I didn’t bother asking her until she is ready to tell me about it…”

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“Betty… do you know why I like you and cherish my friendship with you because you tells me everything, you don’t hide anything from me and I really appreciate, I’m so glad we live next to each other and I will tell you the truth, don’t ever listen to Rebecca again, so that she won’t put negative idea to your head, and if Tony



will ever cheat then it will be probably Kate, maybe that is why she is hiding so that you won’t find out, keep a close watch at her, Kate is never a good friend, don’t call her your good friend, I am your good friend Betty because I will never allow anything bad to happen to you and when I see it coming I will always alert you, that is what friend’s do, I saw the way Tony use to look at Kate back then, and the way he treats her daughter like she is his, is a real reason to worry, you better be careful before all this single mother who you call your friend and you think they mean well for you, you better be careful before they takes your husband from you without you knowing…”


“yea, probably you are right… I will think about that later, so I have being wanting to ask you why you are always shouting and exchanging words with Richard, I have heard you and him severally and I knew there must be a problem, what is going on between both you?”


“Hmmmm, don’t mind that stupid man… just because I remind him about the supermarket he was suppose to open for me… that is why he fled up, he will start shouting and me there’s a limit I can take I have to shout back at him…” “Viva,,,Viva… that man is trying for crying out loud… he pays all the rent and takes care of his family, he gets you everything you need no matter how expenses it is, he got you a car few months ago, a brand new car, a very expensive car, he also got you a expensive necklace just like mine, and that was quiet expensive you know that, just at your request he does your bidding, so what else do you want… and you are still asking for a supermarket… give him a break and be appreciative… he is really trying… all he need is for you to appreciate and he will do more, stop being ungrateful because that is how you sound whenever you argue with him…”


After their gist, they hugged each other, while they hug Viva was rolling her eyes behind Betty’s back and sticking out her tongue to her while Betty held her like a true friend without knowing what Viva was doing behind her, Viva was still doing it and didn’t notice Rebecca who stood watching her, when she finally noticed Rebecca standing and watching her, Viva made a fist for Rebecca, meaning “I will deal with you”, Rebecca wasn’t moved or scared she just stood watching her unbothered until Betty loosened from the embraced and waved Viva good bye as she stepped out and droves off.Chat or Please, kindly download our mobile app to enjoy more stories IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO…just search for ‘TOPSTER STORIES APP’ on google and then, click on the first link????


She was so glad to have a true friend in Viva, she will start watching Kate closely like Viva suggested, Viva maybe right, but deep down she trust Tony, she knew


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Tony can never cheat on her, not even with her so called friend, he can’t stoop so low to have an affair with Kate, knowing she is her friend, but she still want to confirm her doubt as she planned to listened and watch Kate and her new lover. Rebecca listened to Betty and Viva’s conversation and new Betty will never learn, she just shake her head sadly and walked away, she planned to confront Viva anytime she happened to see her outside the compound, this rubbish needs to stop, she was feed up and tired of watching Tony and Viva use Betty’s head because they know that they can easily manipulate her, she can’t tell Betty the truth, if she tells her that Tony and Viva are having affair she may collapse and may never believe her, Kate was innocent and just needed to keep away from Viva, and Viva is filling Betty’s head with negative idea about Kate and Tony so that she will not focus on her, Rebecca also planned to do anything to expose the enemy within, she will keep giving Betty clue until she finds out the truth by herself.


To Be Continued………

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