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The Unknown Enemy – Epilogue

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EPILOGUE (after 3years)


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Tony where are you nahhhhhhh and you know I don’t have strength for these children’s problem. OK you’re wondering, the make-up sex between Betty and Tony yielded fruit and after nine months she gave birth to two bouncing baby girls. Betty was seen dressing the kids up for school when Rebecca entered with her protruding belly. Although Betty was happy to see her but she doesn’t want her to be stressing herself because Rebecca is a nice girl, she’s now happily married to Richard. During those tough years Betty sent Rebecca to Richard’s house to help him out in households chores along the line they developed feelings for each other and when Rebecca told Betty she was happy and approved



of the relationship. Betty told Tony about it and they decided to let Rebecca go so that she can have a family and be independent. She was given a cheque of


3.5million to start up a business and Betty implored the husband to employ Richard as the Manager in one of their companies because of Betty. Kate is happily married wit twins, Betty opened 3 more shops and gave one to Kate with 1million to start up life and compensate them for their efforts and for being her friend. The three ladies are happy with there man beside them. **THE END**


There is a saying that says “he who laugh last laughs longer”


What do you learn from the story as married woman,man or as a single lady??? How can you advice someone out there who is going through something similar to this?

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Don’t just read to catch fun,kill boredom,try and ruminate over it, check your life,amend your ways,implement, remove the attitudes that is not worthwhile, be the best,impact lives positively,when you’re no more nobody will remember you for who you are but for what you were. Live right because good name is better than riches. As a married woman, single mother, single lady, your dignity is your pride so guide it well. If you’re a mother-mother well, if you’re a sister-sister well, and if you’re a friend-friend well. Whatsoever you’re opportune to do, do it well as if it would be your last. and I pray God to restore broken relationships,homes and marriages & deliver us from unfriendly friends (Amen).



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