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The Love Doctor – Episode 3

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Seo pov


I sat down in park after my morning exercise ,thinking of how love have been unfair to me


When a paper flew across my face i caught it quickly and starred at it


“The love Doctor” with address and everything


So love doctors are in existence and i never heard of any ,i mean this is the first time but since my love life sucks maybe i should give this love doctor a try i guess


I folded the flier and put it in my pocket then jog back to my house


I entered the house took my bath and prepared for work carrying the flier along


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“Good day sir”my pA greeted while i nodded and entered into my office


I brought out my phone and starred at the picture me and lisa took last summer ,i dont really know what changed in her but if it requires me to go see this love doctor then i will




i rounded the things i was doing and head out ,i took the flier out and followed the address


soon i arrived at a building it wasnt that big but its okay at least


i walked in and saw some people waiting ,this person must be really good i thought


I waited till it was my turn and entered to see a funny looking lady


Sun hye pov


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“Hello am seo jun but they call me seo”the good looking man said


“Am sun hye”i replied with a smile and gestured him to seat



“So am here to see the love doctor”he said


“Well you are seeing me”i replied and his eyes widened


“what you mean you are the love doctor “he almost yelled


“Yes anything wrong with that” i asked


“No “he said


“So whats your own problem “i asked


“You see there is this lady i love so much and we have been together for long all of a sudden she started drawing away from me first by moving out of my house and now she totally avoids me”he said


“Did you guys ever had a fight” i asked


“No we were perfectly fine she just changed over night”he said sadly


“Did you ever sit her down and talk to her about it”i asked


“Yes i did and she kept giving me silly excuses saying shes busy and all that”he said


“Well no lady is too busy for her man”i said


“Yea i thought so “he replied


“So do you always make time for her give her attention and surprises” i asked


“Yes i do,i even skip work sometimes just to be with her”he said


“Have you ever caught her cheating”i asked


“Yes once but she promised not do it again “he said and i smiled


“What if shes seeing someone else”i asked


“no way she loves me am not sure shes seeing someone “he said


“How sure are you”i asked and he began scratching his head


“how many times have you gone to her place “i asked again


“Always but her gateman keeps telling me shes not arround “He said


“Omg you are a fool “i blurted out before i use my palm to cover my mouth


“sorry, i mean am not sorry “i said and he starred at me


“Are you ready to find out what is going on with your girlfriend “i asked and he nodded


“Meet me here by 6pm “i said and he nodded


6 PM


I wore my black and black outfit and waited for seo


“Wow are we going for an assassins mission or what”seo asked as he stepped out of the car


“Can you keep quiet and put these on “i said handing him some clothes , he wore the clothes and came out looking like a dummy while i laughed my ass out


“Hell no ,are you sure you are a love doctor there is no way am wearing this ridiculous outfit to my girlfriends house “he blurted out while i kept laughing and he starred at me angrily


“We are going as a spy “i said and he starred at me unbelievable


Soon we arrived and seo kept acting questions none stop


We parked few meters aways from the gate


“Whats the plan “he asked


“We are going to jump that fence”i said and he started laughing


“Are you kidding me how do you expect us to jump that “he asked


“Watch and see”i said


I tied a rope to the pole out side made some holes in the fence and bega climbing and soon i was in the compound


“Seo”i called and someone landed on his butt and it was seo i held myself not to laugh


“Lets go”i said and he held his butt and limped behind me ,we kept walked in hiding and sneaking in and soon we were at her sitting room


“You see i told you ,i trust lisa she is faithful she will never cheat “seo kept blabing


“Shuuuuu”i said


“Dont shuuu me “he said and i rolled my eyes


“listen “i said and we was quiet and we started hearing noise we followed the noises and it was coming from the bedroom


actually it was a moan




“Gosh i cant believe it, lisa is cheating”he said angrily


“wait seo”before i could complete my statement he banged the door open and we were seeing real life prn

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