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The Dreams Of My Mother – Episode 27

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Episode 27


Damilola dropped the call and went to the room, he began to pack his clothes into the suitcase. Tania was in the shower, when she came out and saw him packing, she was stunned.


Tania: “Where are you rushing off to?” she asked.


Damilola: “I just got a serious information, and I need to get back to Lagos immediately, but we still have money on our card, so you can stay back. God knows you need it” he said. It annoyed her that he was ready to let her stay here all alone, but when she thought of Skyby, she was ready to stay here alone.


Tania: “Fine, do what suits you. I need to rest, so that the sperm can connect with the egg” she said and began to cream herself. When Damilola was done packing, he kissed her on the lips, she tasted like Brandy, and he did not have any brandy and he was sure she had not had any, because Brandy was her least favourite drink. Damilola: “Did you have any brandy?” he quizzed. Tania was caught off guard by the question, she looked at him with arched brows, wondering what he was on about.


Tania: “You know that I don’t like brandy” she replied and remembered too late that when she was kissing Skyby, he had tasted like Brandy. But before she could do damage control, Damilola waved and left the suite with his suitcase in hand. “Free of Mr. Grouchy” she thought as she dressed up in a bum short that barely covered her butt cheeks, she wore this on a one-piece swimsuit, and went out to the bar, where surprisingly Skyby was waiting. He looked surprised, even though Tania could swear that he was faking the surprise.


Skyby: “I saw your husband leaving a few minutes ago, thought you had gone” Tania: “Are you happy I stayed back?” she teased, twirling a red painted finger nail around his lips.

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Skyby: “I am overjoyed, it means my night is made” he replied licking his lips, “I see you are dressed for a swim, maami” he twirled her round and pinched a butt cheek. It sent shivers coursing through Tania’s body. For a long time, only



Damilola had aroused her, but now this man was pressing buttons she didn’t know she had.


Tania: “Come one” she pulled him to the pool side where she unbuttoned and removed the bum short she was wearing to reveal a gold toned swim suit. Her n—-


-s were hard and threatening to burst through the fabric of the swimsuit. She slowly went into the water and beckoned on Skyby to join her. He quickly undressed down to a pair of briefs, and dived into the water. He navigated to Tania and the first thing he did was to kiss her, and before long he pulled the swimsuit to one side and was thrusting in and out of her. For the first time in Tania’s life, she had multiple orgasms.


When the sun rose the next day, casting a golden glow on the face of the earth, giving the ranch a beautiful leafy scenery, it met Tania in bed, tangled with Skyby. She was na.ked and her body looked and smelled like that of a satiated woman. Skyby woke her up with his lips on her n—–s, she moaned and began to say things she ought not to say.


Tania: “You are the man for me, I never thought I could meet a man that knows how to string my cords. I wish I met you earlier, I would never have bothered about certain things that I have done” she said drowsily as he suckled on her b—-t.


Skyby: “What things are you talking about, like cheating on your husband? You are a bad, bad, girl” he said, dipping his finger into her moist depths. The more he pleasured her, the more she talked.


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Tania: “After what Damilola did to me, I thought I would never care about a goddamned man in this world. But you, I care about you, Skyby” she said.


Skyby: “What did your husband do?” he asked, before taking his mouth back to the pit of her stomach, he felt Tania shiver.


Tania: “That useless man impregnated a woman outside our marriage and brought the child to his friend. He has been keeping this away from me for years. The boy is 11 years old, for eleven years, the man I called my husband, whom I helped when we were all in America, lied to me. We have been trying for a kid but he doesn’t care, we came to this resort to have lots of s-x so I can conceive, but he acts like I am forcing him, do you even see him here?” she said with a tone of regret in her voice. Skyby could tell that no matter what she said, she still cared very much for her husband.


Skyby: “So your husband has a child, but how did you come about this?” he asked. Instinct told her that Skyby was becoming too interested, but she didn’t mind, she just needed someone to talk to.



Tania: “I found out from my friend, Bella. She knew about the deal from the onset. Although I am not sure she told me because she cared about me. She probably wanted the boy gone from her house” she said. Skyby: “What did she expect you would do?”


Tania: “I have never tried to hurt anyone before, but I didn’t want Damilola to push me away when he didn’t need me anymore. After all, he has a son already” she broke down in sobs that raked her body the same way pleasure tremors had done.

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