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The DNA Test – Episode 7

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The DNA Test (episode 7)


One minute of pleasure can lead to a lifetime of problems. If only Ace knew that his ‘One Night Stand’ with Rita would result to an unwanted pregnancy that will in-turn cause a lifetime damage to his union with Belinda, then I guess he would have



zipped up his trouser and commanded the Devil to Flee. Majority would say the ‘Baby Switch’ was fate, but do you think such an incident would have happened in the first place if Rita didn’t give birth at that same moment Belinda did? A little twist could have prevented that switch but it’s quite unfortunate that everything turned out the way it did.


It’s so funny how people with the worst secrets and skeletons in their cupboard are usually the first to suspect or point accusing fingers on an innocent person. Out of the abundance of the content in a person’s heart, their actions and words align.


Hurting people hurt others and it’s safe to say that Ace was the less loyal and unfaithful person in their union.


Immediately Ace muttered the name “Rita”, Belinda was quick to pick the name and began probing him further. “Who’s Rita? Ace who’s Rita? You better start talking before I lose it. What is happening for crying out loud, I am just scared and don’t know who or what to believe anymore. What in God’s name is going on?” she furiously inquired as tears cascaded from her eyes.

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On seeing that Belinda wasn’t in the mood for any more lies and confusion, Ace had to come clean with the truth. “Babe I’m not sure if what I am about to say have any relation with what is currently happening but I have this feeling in my guts that it could be the genesis of what is going on. Please don’t yell at me for what I am about to tell you now; it happened a long time ago but the guilt from that day still hunts me till today. There’s this lady I met at the club during Mark’s birthday bash. I was drunk at that moment and couldn’t remember how we got talking till the extent that we went physical with each other. I remember being intimate with her that night in a hotel not far from the club. Everything happened so fast that I couldn’t stop myself nor the lady from doing what we did that night. Immediately we were done, I got a call from Mark, informing me that he was about to leave with the crew. I hurriedly wore my clothes, gave the lady some money and zoomed out. That was the first and last time I ever saw her. I only got to know her name from the conversation we had in the club before heading to the hotel. Ever since that incident, I have always carried a heavy burden of guilt within. I actually got words from a friend of mine that works at the club saying the Rita came looking for me a couple of times at the club but was never opportune to see me. It’s just now that the dots have began to connect and I feel she got pregnant as a result of what happened at the hotel that night. I touched her without protections and feel



she might have taken in after that. Baby please forgive me, I beg you. I know you hate me now more than anything and to be honest, I also hate myself but that isn’t the issue on ground now. We both know for fact that you were pregnant 6 years ago with our son, so the only explanation to the DNA faulty result could be that our baby was switched knowingly or unknowingly at the hospital after you gave birth. Remember, neither your mum nor myself wasn’t present at the time you gave birth that very day, so there are chances that our baby was switched when no one was watching. I really don’t know why all this is happening to us but I believe we will get to the root of all this” he nervously said.


Oh My! You need to see how completely devastated Belinda was after her husband of 6 years plus confessed to her face that he had an extra marital affair with another woman while they were very much married. The effrontery and nerve he had to break such news to her and expected her to accept it wholeheartedly and not react, was next to non. At this junction, it is safe to say that more pepper had just been added to the injury.


The infidelity revelation brought tears to belinda’s eyes and left her dumbfounded. At that moment, she couldn’t react nor say anything because a scene would be inevitable if she did so. The only thing the devastated lady could do was stare at her husband with pain in her eyes. Ace didn’t need a seer to tell him that his marriage was heading towards a serious disaster. It would take only the grace of God for their marriage to ever go back to the way it used to be before. Quite sad!


After about an hour of talking and trying to figure things out, the doctor returned back to the office to see how far they had gone and to also help them figure out the next course of action.


The revealed secret was communicate to the doctor by Ace and it finally gave a lead in the investigation that was about to begin. “Do you know this lady or where she lives?” the doctor inquired, “No I don’t, I haven’t met her again since after the affair” Ace revealed. The doctor took a deep breath and continued; “We have to visit the hospital Belinda gave birth in and trace their records to the day your child was born. We will go through their records to see if any patient with the name ‘Rita’ gave birth on the same day your wife did. If yes, then we have a strong case to pursue but if not, then things might not look too good for our investigation”.

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It sounded like a good step in the right direction and the sad couple thanked the doctor for being far too kind and for also helping them get to the root of the matter they had found themselves in. After about 20 minutes later, the couple took their leave.

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The walk from the doctor’s office to the parking lot was one of the toughest walk of Belinda’s life. Her legs were extremely heavy due to the shock she was feeling from the whole saga in her marriage. As they walked to the car, she avoided eye contacts with Ace because she wasn’t sure of what she would do if she stared at him for any time longer than a second. The rage in her heart was intense but she tried her very best to curtail and manage the anger she was feeling within.


All through the ride home, Belinda kept shedding bitter tears. It killed her within whenever it dawned on her that the lovely boy she had lived with for over 6 years wasn’t truly her son. Do you have an idea of how scary and devastating it is for you to nurture, love and care for a child from infancy till 6 years of age, only to be told that the child doesn’t belong to you? To add to the injury, you also found out at the same time that your husband cheated on you and there is a high probability that he also has a child with the person he cheated on you with; and to finally top it up, you have been rising and living with that child for over 6 years without knowing. Now tell me, which lady wouldn’t completely lose her mind? It was a whole lot to digest at one time. Poor Belinda!


When they arrived home, Belinda was about to open the car door but Ace locked it from the control lock that was at his own door end. “Babe please let’s talk before we go in. There’s so much happening now and I guarantee it is out to destroy our marriage” Ace soberly said and before he could talk further, Belinda hushed him. “Don’t ever pretend like we are OK because we are not; I repeat, we are not OK! How can you do this to me? What did I do to deserve such back-to-back betrayal from you? My own child is somewhere out there and all the comfort I can get from you is the news that you cheated on me? What kind of husband are you? See, till I find my child and get to the root of this matter, just leave me the hell alone” she said and banged the door behind her.


On thing was clear that evening and it was the fact that peace was far from the once peaceful and admirable union. Ace was at the lowest state in his life at that



moment due to the shame he was feeling. He managed to carry himself inside the house after sitting in the car for sometime.


That night was the most traumatic and emotional night of Belinda’s life. She went to Junior’s room and just couldn’t stop staring at him. The reality that the little boy wasn’t truly her child, made her shed bitter tears. Imagine how she felt when she thought of Junior belonging to someone else other than her; a child she had lived the past 6 years with. A child she loved with all her heart and could do absolutely anything just to put a smile on his face.


As Belinda stood beside her son in tears, he suddenly looked up and saw her crying. “Mummy why are you crying?” Junior asked but Belinda smiled faintly; “Mummy is fine baby, she just misses you that’s all” she calmly said and they gave each other a warm hug. It was such an emotionally draining day for the devastated woman.


From that day henceforth, the investigation began. At a time, the police were also involved in the investigation and after intense probing and deep dive, they found leads to the answer the couple sought for. From the investigation, Rita’s whereabouts was tracked and her address was now revealed to Ace and Belinda.


It took the couple a lot of time before finally deciding to pay Rita a visit. The struggling single mum lived in a slump area of town and was fortunately at home when they came visiting one fateful day.

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There was a knock on the door that very day and a little boy opened the door to see who was knocking. Immediate Belinda saw the little boy, her heart dropped and for some strange reason, her spirit connected with him and she honestly didn’t know why. “Hello little man” she warmly greeted and before she could utter another word to the little boy, Rita walked out from the house and almost dropped dead when she saw Ace standing right in front of her. She was highly flabbergasted and confused at the same time.


“What’s going on here?” Rita curiously inquired and before Ace could begin to explain, Belinda immediately squat down, gave David a warm hug and gently said; “I am so sorry my son, I am very sorry my baby”.

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