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The Black Angels – Episode 33

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Episode 33








Marcia’s Pov:


“Nooo” I screamed as she brought the knife closer to his chest.



“No, please don’t hurt him. You can’t do whatever you want with me. Just leave him out of it, please!” I pleaded and she smirked.

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“Too late, baby” she said and aimed the knife at him again.



I was about screaming again when suddenly, someone came in through the door – his hand stretched towards the lady.


“Arghhh” she screamed instead and fell on her knees,her hands holding her head.



What’s going on?



“No!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice in agony



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I looked at the person at the door and my jaws dropped in shock.



“Dad?” I called in ultimate surprise.








“No! Please…stop it” the lady cried on the floor, blood already gushing from her eyes.



“You rat!” Dad snarled as he got to where she was.



“You never should’ve left your cell”.



And with one snap of his fingers, she dropped dead on the floor.



I was stunned, at first. What was he doing here?



“D…Dad?” I called with a little quiver in my voice.



“Princess!” He called and ran to me.



He touched the ropes that bounded me and immediately, they became loosed.



I whimpered and got lost into his arms, hugging him tight.



“I’m so sorry” I winced.



‘Hey, sshh…its okay. Its okay” he patted me on the back.


I hugged him tight for a long time, scared of letting him go.



But, what’s he doing here? It’s impossible.



“Are you okay? Were you hurt?” He asked, taking his eyes and hands around my body.



“No, no. I’m fine” I shook my head.



Then, I turned to look at Javan who was looking blenched.



“Javan!” I called and ran to him, freeing him from the ropes.



And as soon as he was loosed, I hugged him tight.



“Marcia…” He whispered my name as he wrapped his hands around my back.



Then, we unlocked from the hug and I stared into his face.



“We don’t have much time, Marcia” dad said and I took my eyes back to him.



“Where can I find Mishael?”






Mishael’s Pov:


I scoffed and turned to face them.



“You mean you lied to me?” I asked gruffly as Phin and Gera stood quietly in front of me.



Mum was standing behind me.



“You think this is funny? You think its a joke??”



“It was necessary, Mishael! We had to. It was the only option we could think of” Phin replied and I huffed.



Then, Gera came close and whispered.




“You love her, Mishael. You think you’re punishing her, but the truth is, you’re only punishing yourself”



Then, he turned to Phin and they left garden together, leaving me alone with my mum.



Hold on; have I been calling her mom the whole time?



“Mishael” she called from behind but I didn’t turn to look at her.



I still felt a bit angry.



A while ago, I had been crying my lungs out, thinking she was dead. And now, she’s here, I’m happy but still feel a little angry.



“My son” she called softly and held me from behind.



“What do I have to do to earn your forgiveness? Do I really have to be dead before you can love me again?



“I know I made a grave mistake; leaving you behind was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. But I’m sorry, Mishael. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. Even if you don’t wanna forgive me, at least, remember the fact that I’m your mother and I did come back for you”.



She left where she stood and came to stand in front of me.



“I love you son” she held my cheeks and said, a tear dropping from her eye.



She pulled me in a hug and this time around, I couldn’t resist.


I sniffed and held her close, feeling her warmth.



A tear dropped from my eye to her shirt, giving it a little stain.



Oh! I’ve missed this; the warmth of her hold; her embrace.



She deprived me of it for years…but maybe its time I get to enjoy it again. *


“Tabitha?” I heard someone call from behind and quickly disentangled from the hold to have a look.



I flinched at the sight I saw.



What?? The King??






Olivia’s Pov:


“So…the bond is broken, right?” Gera asked as I stood in front of him in the room.



“Yeah…” I replied with a nod, feeling a little nervous.



I mean, I’ve always prayed for the bond to be broken. But now, I can’t help but panic.



Mishael and I are meant to part ways, but what about the baby? How do I cope? I don’t even have a mother to guide me. What do I do?



“Um…will you be leaving now so I can transfer the money to you?” Gera asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.




Oh! The money…




That was actually the deal we made. He had told me they planned on killing me when the bond is broken. But if I’d agree to satisfy Mishael as he pleases, then he’d make sure I leave alive and not just that, but I’ll never be poor as well. He promised to make me a multimillionaire after the bond is broken and I had to agree.



But now…thinking about leaving and going to live alone with my baby, it got me really scared. Why does this have to happen?



“Olivia?” He snapped me out of my thoughts again.



I was about saying something when the door opened and Mishael walked in.



Oh, crap! More goosebumps.



“Hey” Gera called while I took my eyes to the floor.



“I’m cool. Can you…spare us a few minutes?” I heard Mishael ask and Gera left the room afterwards.



Then, he came closer to me.



“Hi” he cooed but I didn’t say a word.



“Are you…glad the bond is broken?” He asked.



“Yeah – of course” I nodded.



Then, he sighed and sat on the bed.


“Sit” he said and I sat next to him.



For a while, we were both silent and I was beginning to think he didn’t have anything to say.



“So, what happens now?” He asked, his eyes fixed into space.



I was puzzled at his question.



“Um…where exactly?” I asked, turning to look at him.



“You know what I mean, Olivia. Are you really gonna leave? How….will you


cope with the baby?” He asked and I bit my lips and stared downwards.



“I’ll need to cope. Although, I can’t go back home because I don’t have a family to return to. So, I’ll just need to survive on my own. Phin will be giving me some money and I’m sure I’ll be okay with that. I’ll cope” I replied bashfully.



He kept quiet for a while, then placed his hand on mine.



“Why don’t you survive with me?” He asked and I froze at the spot.



“You don’t have to be alone, Olivia. Although, neither of us planned for any of these, but it’s also my child; my first blood. And I won’t be at peace, knowing you’re somewhere else with him. I want to be around you, Olivia. Give me a chance to be a father”.



Sudden, it seemed the stars were shining right in front of my very eyes as I stared at him in shock.




Did Mishael just say that to me?




“I know this might sound crazy but, I care about you, Olivia. So,give me a chance to be around you. I grew up alone – without my parents – and trust me, it hurts like hell and now, I wouldn’t want my own child to pass through the same fate. So please, give me a chance.



“Come with me, to Krypton. My father’s taking me there so we could all be together – with my mother and so I could learn about the kingdom since I’m the crowned prince. Please Olivia, don’t turn me down. We’ll all be fine there. We won’t have a thing to worry about. Please don’t turn me down.” (Please Share With friends And Medias) More @ TOPSTER STORIES.


I was speechless as the whole thing seemed like a dream to me. Was Mishael really asking me to be with him? Was this for real?



He positioned himself on the bed and turned to face me.



“I’m sorry for all the times I hurt you. It wasn’t my fault – I grew up that way.


But, I need a chance to change; to do something good. So please, give me


that chance”. He spoke tenderly and slowly, he reached for my lips and


kissed me.














Olivia followed to Mishael to Krypton where they got married and lived in harmony.



Javan and Marcia ended up together – although it took him a long time before he was able to reconcile with Mishael.


Mishael’s mum ended up as the King’s Queen


ever after.























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