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The Black Angels – Episode 32

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Episode 32






“Your mum…she’s dead”.






I flinched and sprang on my feet in fear. What did he just say?

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Mishael was still on the bed, but the look in his eyes…



“What happened to her?” I asked anxiously.



“She…she tried to kill herself. She’s gone” Gera replied in a pained voice and that was when Mishael stood up.



“Where’s she?” He asked, the sound of his voice betraying the diffident look he was putting on.



Gera didn’t say anything but simply ran out of the room and Mishael followed.


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I panicked and also followed them behind.






Mishael’s Pov:


I followed him out to where ever it was he was taking me. What does he mean she’s dead? She tried to kill herself?



He took me out to the garden and there I found her with Phin. He was kneeling in front of her where she laid still and lifeless.



“She’s not breathing” Phin looked up to Gera and said.


I froze at the spot where I stood, staring into her face.


Her eyes were closed and she appeared lifeless



“What happened to her?” I furrowed my brows and ask, referring to no one in particular.



“We think she must’ve tried to kill herself. We found her this way and I’ve been trying to heal her but she isn’t responding”. Phin replied anxiously.



“Uh…Phin, come with me. I…I think we need to try out something. Maybe it might work” I heard Gera


say and Phin stood up and left with him. I had no idea if Olivia was still there but I didn’t care to turn around.



I watched my mum’s lifeless body as she laid on the floor. What the hell happened to her? Did she really commit suicide? Why?



I drew closer and fell on my knees in front of her. What happened to her?


Why would she try to kill herself?



I placed my hand on her chest – she didn’t seem to be breathing. I tried to see if there was something I could do, but there wasn’t. I couldn’t help her. My powers weren’t working on her.



My breathing became tensed.



“Mum” I didn’t realize when it escaped my lips.



I sniffed and placed her head on my legs. Was she really dead? Why? Why would she do such a thing?




She’s left me before and now, she wants to leave me again?




I stroke her hair and couldn’t stop the tear that fell from my eye. I felt so mad at myself.



Why did she have to go now? Or could this be a dream?



She begged me; pleaded with me to forgive her, but I didn’t. And now..she’s gone. She left. Why does this have to happen?






“I’m sorry” my lips on her head.



“I’m sorry mother, please forgive me” I cried, wishing she could come back.



I didn’t want to stay mad at her, but after what she did to me, left me all those years, I was so mad at her and all I felt was anger. It turned me into a monster. That’s the reason I couldn’t forgive her even when she returned.



But now she’s dead – gone forever.



“No!” I let out a sad cry.



“Please, just wake up. I’m sorry”.



I bent my head and wept as I felt so much pain and agony.



What have I done? What have I done?



I hugged her to myself and continued weeping, not wanting to let go of her.


“Mishael…” I heard Olivia call behind me but didn’t turn to look at her.



Oh, saviors please. Don’t let her touch me. I might do something Crazy. I’m not in my right sense.



For the first time in nineteen years, I sobbed – cried over someone.



I felt so bittered and pained. I felt mad at myself. She died because of me – because I wouldn’t forgive her. Why did I do such a thing? I’ve done far worst than what she did to me.



“Mishael…” I heard Olivia call again.



No; it wasn’t Olivia. The voice was different and sounded close.



It sounded like…



I opened my eyes to look into my mother’s face and there I found her eyes fluttering.






What’s happening? How’s this possible?



“Mishael” she called weakly, a tear streaming down her cheek.



What’s going on?



“M…Mum?” I called in shock.



There was something else…


The bond…I couldn’t feel it anymore.



No; something’s wrong. What’s happening?






Javan’s Pov:


“Ugh” I let out a light groan as I tried to sit up.



My head felt so hot and pained.



I forced my eyes open when it occurred to me that I might be in danger – remembering how I had passed out.



I opened my eyes and found myself in a strange place – a dirty room.



How the hell did I get here? I could recall someone shooting an arrow at me and I passed out.



I quickly touched my neck. The arrow wasn’t there anymore – and neither were the pains. I couldn’t feel anything.


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“Marcia?” I called in shock.


What the hell happened? What’s she doing here?



Her hands were tied – same as me.



“What’re you doing here?”. I asked her in surprise.



“I brought her here” someone suddenly said and I turned to the direction of the door and saw a lady walking in.



Yes; she was the same lady that had shot at me and made me pass out. Who’s she?



“Finally, you’re awake” she stated coldly as she stood in front of me.



‘What do you want?” I asked angrily and she laughed.



“What do I want?” She repeated.


“Well, I want vengeance. I want to make Marcia suffer – the same way her f**king mother made me suffer”.



I turned and looked at Marcia, then back at her.



Immediately, I tried using my powers on her but discovered I couldn’t. What?



“Don’t bother. Your powers won’t work on me” she smirked and pulled out a knife.



“If you want vengeance, why do you have to involve him? Why don’t you just go for me??” Marcia asked fearfully.



“I’m going for you, Marcia. I just want to make sure you suffer first by watching me kill the man you love” The lady replied and brought the knife closer to my chest.



“Nooo” Marcia screamed







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