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The Best Guys – Prologue

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Story Written By A bike


NB:This story involves a lot of characters and lot of events, I hope you guys get along with me as I take you all into this great and lovely story, Please note that all events and characters in this story are all imaginary works, None of them are real(FICTION)…



The Best Guys are one of the best hip-hop artists across the World, Counting one to twenty,The Best Guys will be one of the top five artists that gave out the best musics so far, Thier Musics,Thier lyrics,Thier voices,Thier mode of dressings,Thier pictures, Concerts, Videos and many more can’t be compare to all other artists, The Best guys has a lot of contract deals with a lot of different companies,They are ambassadors for different companies across the world,Thier popularities are across the world, Even a day old baby will give you all details about the popularities of The Best Guys,Fans called them look “TBG”An abbreviation to The Best Guys, Calculating thier fans was said to be over hundred million fans, every single day thier fans keeps on increasing around the world,Each



Guy’s networth was said to be a sum of Sixty million dollars except for one of them who has a networth of eighty million dollars because of two reasons, Firstly he happened to be the oldest member, secondly he happened to be the one who composed most of thier songs, These made him the richest member among the guys,They started thier career six years ago,The Best Guys are consists of four guys,Yes Just four guys shakes the whole world,they were signed into one of the best record label in Nigeria,which was known as Garrick record label, They are all Nigerians by birth, except for the youngest one who happened to be an half American and half Nigerian, He was born and brought up in the US, The other three guys were born and brought up in Nigeria, but each guys later left the country when they clocked twelve years old, The Best Guys consists of two Rappers and two Vocalists,Thier names are Aiken, Earl, Ian and Axel, Yeah! Those are the four guys, Let’s meet them one after the other…

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Axel is the youngest member who is an half American and half Nigerian, He is a Rapper, I mean a Rapper, A Rapper who raps so fast like a lightning bolt,Axel is


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21 years old, the only child to his parents who based in the US, Though He is still schooling,Axel is a typical of what we called a cute guy with innocent face,For him to do any bad deed, you will find it difficult to believe he make it because of innocent face,His puppy eyes won’t let you harm him,His innocent look won’t allow you to reject him,Axel got some tattoos though,He love it when people calls him Ax, Axel has just a single piercing on his left ear, Axel’s haircut is just a general and popular haircut, Afro haircut,I mean Afro haircut with the best treatments please, His favorite color is White, Just white, White and white, Even though he is the youngest one he flirts a lot,he flirts a lot more than the other guys,Everything about Him is quite good and normal, he is not too quiet and not too lousy, not too tall or short, very light in complexion, natural cute pink lips, He love to make use of contact lenses a lot, Axel is a very kind guy and also a caring one, but one thing about Axel is that one of the other guys has always being his role model, but this Role model dosen’t know about this, beside the role model we are talking about happens to be an introvert person,hundred Percent introverted, The fact that he is an introvert always hurts Axel’s feelings because he believes that he is the only one who cares for his role model but he doesn’t care about him, Axel had copied a lot of things from him, Fashion sense, Rapping skills, because he is also a Rapper, The fastest Rapper Actually, Only him and Axel are the only rappers in the group, Sometimes Axel got scared of him, they hardly interact with



Each other, but one day, something happened between them which voiced out everything in Axel to his role model, Axel voiced out everything telling him how much he had love him but he never love him back,Little did Axel knew that His role model has always wanted to be like him also, He has always love everything about Axel,He cherished Everything about Axel secretly, His stature and everything has always being what He wants…..




Earl is one year older than Axel, they both attend the same school in the US, If we are talking about an extrovert, a real extrovert, Earl is just the real definition of an extroverted Person, Earl has always been a cheerful guy at all time, The twenty-two years old guy always be the one to cheer others up, Because of his bright attitude, Earl happens to be the most popular guy among the TBG, He has a lot of fans more than the other guys, He loves being around Axel a lot,he also loves to hug and cuddle Axel a lot,which Axel has found it to be a disturbance, He also flirts a lot but not up to Axel, Even though Earl has no parents, still he manage to continue with his life,Earl decided to bulid two orphanages, One in Nigeria and the other one in the US, He said he doesn’t want other kids to suffer the same way like him, most of the time he loves to visit the orphanages, just to have some great time with the kids,He makes sure that they don’t lack anything,from thier clothes to thier foods and other necessary things, This makes him to have a lot of fans because of his generous attitude,He has this angelical voice that can melts a stone easily, there is no way Earl will sings and he won’t touch your heart,He is the second vocalist in TBG,Earl is every ladies choice,A fair guy in complexion, but not as Axel’s, He has a dimple on his left cheek, artificial Pink lips, He has two Piercings on his left ears, He has no Tattoos, Even though Earl happens to be the one who cheers the other guys up most times, Sometimes at night He cries alone in his room thinking about his dead parents, With the fact that he battles this loneliness of his dead parents alone, there is still one more thing that hurts Earl a lot, and that is LOVE….




The man of Fashion, His fashion sense is no match to anyone in the group,There is no way IAN will dress and you won’t go Wow, IAN is not too fair and not to dark, but his abs are well structured, Loves to spend most of his time in the gym and also in the studio, IAN is the First and Best Vocalist in TBG,The way he gives out his lyrics and everything is no match to anyone, IAN melt a lot of people’s hearts with his voice, Just like Earl’s voice, IAN is 24 years old, Two years older than Earl and



Three years older than Axel, IAN has two piercings on his left ears and he has got some Tattoos on his abs and also at the back of his neck, IAN has the habit of bitting his lips just to seduce Ladies, and sometimes He bites his lips when he is extremely angry, IAN is 50 Percent introverted and 50 Percent extroverted, Not too loud and not too quiet,Sometimes He loves to spends his leisure time with the two younger ones, Just to know what they are passing through and how they are doing,He is not the oldest member but he always acts like one, IAN is also a cool guy, sixty Percent in flirting, Got a lot of ladies with him,Even though he has them (ladies)In line,But there is someone who he is extremely dieing to accept back and at the same time scared to accept her back because, She had hurt him Twice and he is extremely scared to be hurt for the third time…..


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Meet the richest and oldest guy among the TBG, Aiken is 25 years old, A year older than IAN, Three years older than Earl, and four years older than Axel, Aiken has been Axel’s role model right from the start which he was unaware about it, and that is because Aiken is hundred percent an introvert Person, Right from the beginning of his life he has always being a lonely Person, One he is the only child, two his parents has no time for him, three he lacks what we call charisma and that is because of his background, No one teach him how to make friends till he grew up, getting close to people is probably not Aiken’s things,He grew up with this and he believed that it’s a normal thing for him to be alone,When we are talking about a Rapper,not just a Rapper but a fast Rapper,Axel has always wants to meet up with him, apart from Axel,other Rappers wants to meet up with Aiken,but no one is a match to him,Aiken is not really cute,He is so manly and hundred percent handsome, Natural blue eyes, natural pink lips,his nice set of eyebrows and set of six packs,Aiken got two Piercings,one piercing on each ear,His Tattoo written with”FREEDOM”at the back of his neck,”TBG” On his arm,”MUSIC” on his abs,Those are his three Tattoos,Not too fair and not too dark in complexion,A composer who lacks parent’s love,Not really outspoken also,A rapper who hates everything about him,a composer who deals with everything all alone,that’s Aiken,He hardly speaks to the other guys, Not for proudness but for how he grew up with everything,But one day everything turned to good for him when he eventually fell in love with the perfect Lady….





The CEO of TBG record label, A retired Soldier, A very strict man, I mean a strict man, extremely well disciplined man,A multi-millionaire, The only father to all TBG, among all the guys, Earl fears him more than anything, He is a nightmare to Earl, When he gives out Order,none of the boys dare disobey him,He trained them to keep a good image and that is what he is always after,He wants the best for them at all time,He is a very successful Man,A successful Man Indeed…




TBG Manager, Special advicer,PA and Secretary,No one will get through the Best Guys without seeing Logan at first,A very tall man who is in his late 30s,Dark in complexion, A very popular Man, Most of the time he will be the one to go for TBG interviews if the guys are busy or not around, He is as popular as TBG,A very busy man who has no relationship yet,He is a Workaholic,IAN loves to spend his time with him a lot, While Axel and Earl loves to provoke him a lot, Logan happens to be the second person who Aiken shares his problems with most time,Logan is not different from Earl,Very lively man and a resting shoulder for all the guys….




They are TBG bodyguards, Not just an ordinary guards, well trained in fighting, shooting, and all other martial arts, both IVOR AND HUGO are Ghanaians who worked under a very big company as a secret agents before Garrick the CEO of TBG bought the two guys with a sum of two million dollars from thier company, Each guy’s salary in every two weeks is a million naira, They are also popular like Logan because they are TBG Special guards, Ladies won’t stop dieing to have them…..




They are both an assistants to Logan the TBG Manager,most of the time when Logan is fixed up with schedules,they help out a lot,they are always as busy as a Bee,no time for them to rest for a long time….




TBG producer in the studio, a very quiet and easy going man, He is Logan’s best friend since secondary School days,He is a Very popular Man for producing most of TBG songs,He is a successful Man also…..




The only mother for TBG, She is actually thier cook, She cooks in the house and also the head of all the maids In the house,Fifty Percent a strict Woman, Fifty Percent a lively woman, She is in her late 50s,Fans gets jealous of Mama Betty because most of the time the boys always upload her to thier page, They love her and it is well known to all the fans that she is very important to the boys,most ladies won’t stop dieing to meet her for once just to be able to meet TBG, She is the first person Aiken shares his problems with,She also knows how to control the guys a lot, just a single word is enough to control them….




One of the maids in the house, they are Mama Betty’s left and right hands, But they never stop getting on each other’s nerves, They are both Cat and mouse in the house…




A well known Esthetician, Pedicurist and Manicurist in the city, She has different kinds of employees under her, She is also an hairstylist, make-up artist, she is hundred percent good in pedicure and manicure, massaging and all other treatments for the skin, She is an easy going lady who lives with her Lousy mother who always fraustrate her to bring in a man to marry,One day She got a contract from Mr Garrick to be TBG Esthetician for a year, Getting to the house,Pearl ended up as Axel’s biggest crush, Axel choose her as his ideal type of woman, Even though she is four years older than him, but Axel has never stop talking about her when he is invited to interviews, When a fan asked him if he would like to marry her, he said No,that he only love her as a big sister,He said she is too expensive for him….




A popular Dancer, She is Ian’s Ex who had broke his heart twice, She wanted to come back to him but IAN was just too scared to be hurt the third time and she never stop asking for the last chance,She hurt Ian twice for a reason which she doesn’t know how to explain to him,She is an easy going Lady,a very popular Dancer,She is what we call an epitome of beauty,Desha is Ian’s strength and also his weak point ….

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A popular model who is always ready to lay down with Aiken at anytime,She is Garrick’s daughter,the CEO of TBG record label,She always want Aiken all the time, But He was never into her, even though Aiken dosen’t like her, Earl on the other side has never stop loving her secretly with the fact that she is two years older than him….




One of Pearls employees, She was an orphan who was supported by her two elder brothers,A very quiet lady,hundred percent an introvert,She has a trauma of how her parents had lost thier lives into a burning fire,This happens to her a lot when she is sleeping,most of the time Ariel forget things easily,Things later turned to good for her when Axel fell in love with her and changed everything about her…..




They are also Pearl’s employees,all thier lives is to crush on cute guys,gossiping, Jumping into other people’s discussion, always in love with sex talk and many more…




TBG’s best stylists ever, hundred Percent good in making clothes,she is a popular Fashion designer,Most TBG’s clothes are made by her, most of the time she is always responsible to choose what the guys will wear for thier outings, Photoshoots, Music Videos,or live Concerts,She is Logan’s Ex girlfriend….




They are Ariel two elder brothers who took care of her since she was five years old, they are both mechanics, They are thier own Bosses at work, they have thier own employees,They are not rich and they don’t beg,things glow for them one day when they helped Axel with his car one night….

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TBG look so great in public,they look so happy and bright outside,they are all perfectionists to everyone,but inside them was a sad memories,bad memories and sorrowful pasts,They are the loneliest and saddest people on Earth,they all buried thier pains in them and Smile in public just to show thier fans that they are ok,but when they are alone in thier rooms at night they cried it all out,they are not perfect, each guy has his own weakness, wounds, pains and struggles they needs to overcome, Let me take you all into this great and romantic Love Story….

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