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The Best Guys – Episode 8

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Episode 8


Pearl and her girls in the hall waiting for the boys for thier treatments, Ian was the first to came in, He sat down while Chloe started with his face treatment, Ariel was assisting Chloe with the treatment, not too long Axel walked in, the first person who caught his attention was Pearl, She was busy talking to Fiona, the moment



Pearl saw him, she quickly asked him to sat down while she told Fiona to helped him with his treatment, not too long Earl came in,He sat down and said to Pearl… EARL:Miss can you do mine?


PEARL:Uhmmm, Actually I was told to do Aiken’s Treatments personally


EARL:He is not coming




EARL: I went to his room but he told me he is not coming right now IAN:It’s ok Miss, you can do Earls treatment

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PEARL:Ok, please sit down (Earl sat down while Pearl started his face treatment, Suddenly Aiken walked in while everyone was shocked to see him, He walked in with his two hands in his pockets, he saw a chair and sat on it)


EARL:Bro I thought you said you are not coming (Aiken ignored him, he brought out his phone to press, Pearl looked at Aiken and said) PEARL:Do you want me to finish his treatment before yours?


AIKEN:I want her to make mine(Pointing at Ariel)


ARIEL:M… Me? (Aiken ignored her, waiting for her to do his treatments)


PEARL:I… I will be the one to make yours, I was told to do yours


AIKEN: Who said that?


PEARL:One of the managers


IAN:Aiken can you just let her do it, she was told to do yours and not her girls AIKEN:But i don’t want her, i am not trying to put anything up here, I Just want her(pointing at Ariel again)I just want her to make mine (Mike who was the only manager at home was called from the CCTV room to attend to them, he ran in and said)

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MIKE:Aiken let her do it


AIKEN:No I don’t want her, Can you guys stop prolonging this matter please? (Mike make a phone call to Logan)


MIKE: Sir! Aiken dosen’t want the Pedicurist to touch him, he wants one of her girls to do his treatment (Mike put Logan to loudspeaker immediately) LOGAN:Aiken Pearl will do that and not her girls AIKEN:Who is Pearl?


LOGAN:The Esthetician


AIKEN:It’s been awhile I called the Boss, you guys are pushing me to call him


right now, This is what i want for myself, why can’t you guys just respect my own


wish for once?(Ever since Aiken walked in,Axel never took his eyes off him for


once,he was just staring at Aiken)




MIKE:Yes Sir!


LOGAN:Let the girl do it,allow her to do his treatment,and whosoever is doing his treatment Should please be careful and if you know that you can’t do it please tell him you can’t, he won’t force you if it is coming directly from you, That’s it! (Logan hanged up the call while Pearl said to Ariel)


PEARL:Ariel can you do it, Ariel? Ariel! Ariel!? (She was totally Lost,She was staring at the floor, Pearl quickly moved away from Earl,moving closer to her, everyone diverted thier attentions on her, Axel’s attention was drew away from Aiken to Ariel,His gaze was on her, Pearl moved closer to her, she tapped her close to four times before Ariel came back to reality, she almost fell down but she was supported by Pearl) Ariel are you ok? Ariel?


ARIEL:I… I’m…. I.. (Suddenly tears dropped on her face, Everyone was surprised


except for Fiona, Chloe and Pearl)I…I am fine,Am sorry, am really sorry please Pearl: Don’t worry come with me, please Escuze us(She dragged her out slowly, Everyone was surprised while Mike said)


MIKE: Aiken I believe you saw that right now, I don’t think she is capable enough to touch you, please allow the Boss to do your treatments, Thanks!(Mike walked out immediately, not too long Pearl came in alone and said)


PEARL:Am sorry she can’t do it (Aiken stood up and went out, Everyone was just surprised except for Axel who lost in thought flashing back how Pearl called Ariel and she was unable to heard her, the way she shed tears flashed back to him over and over again)…


Very late at night,In the Spa Pearl just finished talking with her mum, suddenly Axel came in, they saw him from the CCTV room while the guards all wondered why he was there, they quickly called Hugo at once, Pearl saw Axel walking up to him, she stood up at once while Axel just smile and said)


AXEL: Please sit down (She sat down, so also Axel sat with her, Hugo Suddenly


came in and said)


HUGO: Axel are you ok?


AXEL:Yeah am ok, Why?


HUGO:Just wondering like it’s late


AXEL: Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to sleep right now and I just feel like talking to her


HUGO:Do you want me to stay?


AXEL:Do you need to stay, you are already watching my movements (Hugo just smiled, so also Axel,Hugo went out of the hall immediately, Outside the



compound, Ivor was busy waking round the house, his two hands in his pockets checking out the guards who were on night shift, after going round the house,He went back inside)….


Audrey and Eva in the kitchen dragging a plate with eachother AUDREY: Eva don’t let me curse you, I took this first EVA:But I saw it First


AUDREY:You sound so stupid right now, So you saw it first and you can’t take it immediately, besides must you eat your lunch when am going to eat mine, are you sent to me or what, there is no way I won’t kill you Eva


EVA:Not even in your dream, Audrey leave the plate alone and get yours AUDREY:No am not! (Suddenly Aiken walked in, seeing him approaching towards them, they both dropped the plate which broke into pieces, Aiken stopped walking staring at them, they tried to hide thier face from him but he won’t stop staring at them, Nora ran in shouting at them)


NORA:Are you both ok, where are your manners, is it because Mama Betty is not around, is that why you are acting so stupid, are you both ok? BOTH:We are sorry!!


NORA: Will you both shut your mouth,Just keep that sorry,am coming back to you, Aiken am so sorry about that, D… Do you need anything? AIKEN:Just want some orange juice


NORA:I… I will bring it to your room please (Aiken just walked away while Nora gave the girls some dead look before walking up to the fridge….


Ian and Earl were busy in the studio with Dion, he was directing them on what key and what tone to use for each line, The two boys kept on flowing with thier voices, Axel was in his own room alone timing himself on his Rapping speed, just as he was told to put more speed to his Rapping, He kept on failing over and over again, he kept on passing the time he had targeted for himself, He was getting so fed up with it, he grabbed his phone to dial a number, it was Aiken’s number, He wanted to call him to ask if he should come to his room, but he can’t, Axel just dropped his phone and laid down on the bed, Suddenly he flashed back what Pearl told him about Ariel




PEARL:She is ok though,Just that she always have a trauma on how her parents died when she was young, cause her parents died in her presence into a burning



fire,so she haven’t forget about that,if she happens to be lost that way she is only thinking about them


AXEL:But she was so lost in thought,is that not too much,why not try to take her to the hospital or something?


PEARL:Her brothers did that already,they were told it’s a matter of time, besides if she is smilling everyday, without allowing that thought in her,she will forget them very soon,it’s only a matter of time,She will be okay AXEL: Alright then


PEARL: Thanks for asking about Ariel AXEL:No it’s not up to thanks (Both Smile) FLASHBACK ENDED


Nora was busy talking to someone on the phone..


NORA:Yeah Hello! Nora speaking,do you get the boys clothes,Ok good,the shooting is tomorrow,they are arriving by 10am tomorrow,of course I and my girls will be there tonight to set everything,just arrange the rooms for them please,thank you very much,be expecting us tonight, alright Bye!


Aiken walked in to the spa, Not only Pearl’s girls are surprised, including Pearl herself, He was the last person they were all expecting, He sat down waiting for Pearl to do her job, after staring at him for five minutes, Pearl came back to life, She and her girls got what to use for the skin treatments, She moved closer to him with one mind,she applied the treatments to his face slowly seizing her own breathing many times so that he won’t complain on anything, after one hour Pearl was done with his face and nails, Aiken checked himself in the mirror, He stood up and walked away, getting to the door, Aiken said… AIKEN:By the way thanks! (He walked out immediately)


PEARL:D… Did he just told me Thanks?


FIONA:(Blushing)Yes Miss but you don’t reply him cause you were lost ma’am(Pearl sat down looking so surprised)


CHLOE: Someone should wake me up please, am I dreaming or what? FIONA:(Blushing)Oh my God his manly voice,Am Dead!!!(Ariel just sat down staring at Chloe and Fiona going Crazy together)….


Logan was talking to Garrick on the phone… GARRICK:The boys are ready for the shooting tomorrow? LOGAN:All ready Sir



GARRICK:Nora said she and her girls including the Estheticians are already there LOGAN:Yes sir,they left already to do the settings


GARRICK:Good,I heard the shooting location is an open place,a lot of fans will come over


LOGAN: There is no problem about that sir,there will be tight securities,they will be very far from the fans,they won’t allow the fans in,they are going to watch them from outside


GARRICK: That’s better then,take care of the boys please,Be very vigilant LOGAN:I will sir!


GARRICK: Alright, take care,Bye!(He hanged up the call)


Desha’s Was sitting at the back of the car,her driver was driving her out to an outing,She looked so depressed, Sadness and many thoughts filled her mind, Suddenly her phone rang,the moment she checked the caller,she saw “Michael” On it,She was shocked,she quickly switched off her phone shaking so badly as tears already formed in her eyes…


Who is Michael????


Can Axel gets more faster in his Rappings???



The Best Guys

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