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The Best Guys – Episode 7

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Episode 7


Claire came to her father’s company to see him,her fans gathered together at the front of the company chanting her name,they all looked so happy to see her Pretty face,She stepped out of the car while her guards protected her from the fans, she walked in majestically, each female workers never stop admiring her beauty, a guard opened the door for her while she walked in, She sat down on a chair facing her father and said…


CLAIRE:Dad you need to do something about I and Aiken


GARRICK: Claire have told you to leave Aiken alone, Don’t you get it, Aiken is not someone you can do whatever you want with, There are a lot of guys out there, stop disturbing yourself on him, have told you this several times without number CLAIRE:Dad I know it is what you can do, can’t you just do something for I and him to have a date together?


GARRICK: Date, With who?You are very funny, firstly I will never allow him to go on a date with you, oh you want the fans to see him and kill him out of happiness, don’t you know that Aiken and the other boys won’t walk without the guards


CLAIRE:Ok fine, You can just tell Hugo and Ivor to select some guards for us, Dad I really want to go out with Aiken, please Dad!


GARRICK:Claire please, Infact this is not about me, if Aiken wants to go with you no problem, you should know by now that Aiken dosen’t want anything with you, Claire it’s been three years, ain’t you tired of it? CLAIRE:Dad it’s Love


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GARRICK:I heard your company is having the photoshoot with my boys next week


CLAIRE:Dad is that why am here?


GARRICK:Dear let’s forget about it


CLAIRE:No am not, I will make him to love me, no matter what, Aiken will love me, I just can’t bear to loose Aiken to someone else GARRICK: Claire!


CLAIRE:Just watch me Dad! (She stood up and went out angrily)


Desha was at the rehearsal with her girls, she was busy giving them some steppings, after awhile she told them to go for a break, Desha went to her bag, she brought out her phone, she dialed Ian’s number, after a couple of ringing without



picking it, Ian switched off the phone, Desha felt bad staring at the phone, suddenly a call came in to her phone with the name “Micheal” The moment she saw the name,her phone fell down from her, she was shocked and shivering, she took the phone from the floor while she ran to the toilet to picked the call….


Ariel and her two brothers were in the kitchen cooking thier dinner, She asked for the permission to come home from Pearl,Ariel was happy to see her brothers once again, Ariel was adding some ingredients to the stew she was making while Marcello her eldest brother sat on a plastic chair in the kitchen pressing his phone, her second brother Carrick was helping her out with the cooking… CARRICK:So how is TBG’s Mansion, how is everything over there?

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ARIEL: Nothing much, but we are going to start working by tomorrow, they are having a photoshoot for a company,so we are going to be the one to do thier skin treatments tomorrow, that’s why am leaving very early tomorrow morning,My boss gave me a chance,so I must not misuse it,I must leave very early tomorrow morning


CARRICK:Ok, That’s good! So how are thier characters at home, are they really good, are they not too proud, how are they reacting at home, You know we can’t know anything about them,So tell me about them


ARIEL:Well about that, I think the boys are really not too close (Marcello dropped his phone to listen to her)


CARRICK:Oh really, what do you think is happening?


ARIEL: They are really not too close, they hardly talk to each other, of course they


look so happy in thier Fans presence, but the moment they steps into the house,


thier normal characters will be visible, except for Earl who is always cheerful both


Inside and outside,like this guy Aiken, He always look so sad, like he is having a


lot of stuffs on his mind, He look so lonely to me,He hardly talk,So introvert


CARRICK:I guess like you


ARIEL: Whatever!


MARCELLO:Maybe he is battling with some issues alone,Aiken is my guy, I just like him so much, I like the guy a lot, most of his lyrics are always base on life, hardships and all that,He motivates me a lot with his songs, I don’t know if you guys notice this, but I always feel like Aiken’s rappings are always about reality,like what is happening to him are always in his Rappings, I love him so much, I think he is my favorite



CARRICK:No Aiken is not my favorite, But Ian, I mean Ian, King of all Fashions, his voice, honestly that guy is not even human, he is a Greek god, I love that guy most, after him is Earl


MARCELLO:I know you don’t like Rappings and that is why you don’t like thier rappers so much, well after Aiken I love Axel, the guy is quite good too,But the guy is just too cute than some ladies, I always wondering like is that guy always on make up, Ariel you should know since you are now living there, is he always on make-up?


ARIEL:Of course he is not, Infact I heard that among all the boys Axel do refuse to put on make-ups, he hardly use it


CARRICK: Wow! Like seriously he is just too cute, maybe that’s why I don’t like him at all


MARCELLO:Or maybe you are jealous that he is more cute than you CARRICK: Whatever bro….


TBG’s Mansion, Ian’s room, He laid down on his bed, he went on a live Video, millions of fans quickly joined the live video to watched him, fans began to dropped lots of comments for him while Ian picked out the ones he can replied…. QUESTION 1:Ian I can’t wait for your concert


IAN:I personally can’t wait for the concert, we all can’t wait, thanks guys.. QUESTION 2:Ian you are looking so cute, are you on make up?


IAN:(smilling) Make-up?Of course am not, I just woke up so I decided to talk to


you guys,So am not on Make-up


QUESTION 3:What about the other guys?


IAN: They should be sleeping or probably they should just be somewhere around the house


QUESTION 4: Ian please am single, can I be your girlfriend? (Ian was just smiling at the question, Suddenly Axel walked in,He was putting on a white trouser, white singlet, revealing some Tattoos on his arms, He was putting on a white headband, he held his phone walking up to Ian on the bed, he laid down beside him… AXEL:Oh you are on live (He moved closer to the phone)


IAN:Guys Axel is here


AXEL:Hi guys! (Fans began to send series of love Emojis, Axel and Ian couldn’t stop smilling, Suddenly they both saw a female fan’s comment)


FAN: Axel I want to loose my virginity to you, how much will it cost me to see you?


AXEL:Oh! Wow!


IAN:Wow! You want to see him so badly?


AXEL: Honestly I can’t believe I just read that, It’s funny to me


IAN:Me too! (Both smiled, Suddenly Earl came in, the first thing he did was to laid down on Axel hugging him, while Axel tried to threw him on the bed but Earl is not ready to let go of him, he held him so tight while Ian was just smilling,looking at them, Fans began to dropped lots of comments.. FANS COMMENTS


1)Oh my God!My eyes are blessed right now, just me seeing these Greek gods like this…


2)I wish am the one Earl is hugging, or should I wish to be Earl hugging that Greek god???


3)Earl I love you!!!!


4) What about Aiken?


5)Why is Aiken not with you? (The guys stared at each other after twenty Fans asked about Aiken at the same time, Ian quickly Said)


IAN: Actually Aiken is sleeping right now, He is in his room sleeping FANS:Can you please take the phone to his room, let’s see you guys together, please!!!!!


IAN:We are sorry but we can’t do that, We respect each other’s privacy, so we don’t want to disturb him, Earl stood up from Axel moving away from the video, giving Ian a gesture to end the live video, Both Ian and Axel looked up at him giving him a gesture of okay, Ian looked at the fans unstoppable comments and said..


IAN:Guys we have to go, we want to go for our reharsal AXEL:Bye guys!


IAN:Bye!!! (Ian ended his Video) Where is Aiken?


EARL: I don’t know! (Laying back to the bed) Maybe in his room or probably in the studio, Axel are you not going to the studio?


AXEL:Am going right now! (He stood up and went out of the room) EARL:Bro let’s do some reharsal


IAN:One minute please….

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