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The Best Guys – Episode 6

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Episode 6


Dion and Logan in the studio, Logan sat down while Dion was busy checking the instruments and engines in the studio, they both engaged eachother in some discussions…


DION:So how are the boys doing, I saw Axel’s live video today, I can see he is good


LOGAN:Yeah, He is good and back to his crazy attitudes, am giving him a week



DION:Or three days (Both laughed) It’s not his fault, Ladies want cute guys and that’s Axel, even if he is not after them, they will always want him,So that’s Axel for you


LOGAN:The Boss asked me if you are back yesterday,I had to lie that you are back,He was like but the boys told him you are not at home, I had to formed another lie that you are back but you are only busy in the studio


DION: Baddest guy! Nice one, The moment you told me yesterday I quickly

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prepared my things, Thanks for that


LOGAN: Always welcome but you own me


DION:Crazy boy, ok what’s that? (Smilling)


LOGAN:Get me a Car (Dion bursted into a laughter)


DION:I swear i Should kill you, (Logan couldn’t stop laughing)You know deserve


to die, You know you are filthy rich than me, Common am not like you now


LOGAN:Who is filthy rich?



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LOGAN:Look who is talking


DION:Ok tell me your networth and I will tell you mine LOGAN:We don’t need that, all I know is that you are ok than me


DION:Mr Man leave that alone (There was a knock at door, Ian came in, both him and Dion embraced eachother)Good to see you boy, Please before you came in, I and this crazy guy was arguing on something


LOGAN:Dion close the chapter (Shouting on top of his voice)


DION:Am not closing anything(Ian was only smiling)I won’t close it, Ian please tell me who is more ok between I and him? IAN:You mean with money?


DION:Yes Boy!


IAN:Mr Logan are you Joking with me, Of course it’s you DION:God bless you


LOGAN:You fu.cked up Ian, you don’t even know how to cover people up(Ian couldn’t stop smilling)


DION:There is nothing to cover here, He only said the truth LOGAN: Whatever! (Suddenly someone knocked at the door)


DION:Yes come in(Nora came in slowly, closing the door) What’s up Nora?


NORA:Am good, how was your trip?


DION:It was great, thanks Dear, are you here to see me?


NORA:No, Him! (Pointing at Logan who was on his seat staring at the floor) Logan?


LOGAN:Yeap! (Ian who was trying to smile was cautioned by Dion)


NORA:I… I…. I made some order for the boys, Whose account should I put there?


LOGAN: Put mine or Mike or Jason’s account, Anyone is ok


NORA:Ok!(She went out immediately)


DION:You guys are still on this?


LOGAN:Just forget about her


DION:But you know you are at fault


LOGAN:W… Why me?


DION: Because you are at fault dude, You are wrong


LOGAN: Really? Was it not for our benefits?


IAN:To me, I think you are right in some ways and you are wrong in some ways also


LOGAN:Can we stop talking about her, Please DION:Ok…


At the back of the house,Aiken was playing the basketball alone, Ivor came inside the basketball court, He walked up to him and said…


IVOR:Am sorry about that day Boss (Aiken stopped,he turned to him and threw the ball at him which Ivor caught immediately,Aiken said) AIKEN:Play with me


IVOR:Is that a yes?


AIKEN:Just play with me(Ivor started to bounced the ball moving closer to him while Aiken tried to get the ball from him)….


A white sport car drove in the compound, Ivor and Aiken who were coming from the back of the house after playing the basketball stopped at once, waiting to see who was in the car, a fair young lady came out of the car, she was putting on a pink dress which brought out her shape, revealing her laps,her black high heels with her black purse,Her wavon reaching her butts, Meet Desha one of the most popular Dancer, Ian’s Ex girlfriend, She stepped out of the car, She walked up to Aiken and Ivor…


DESHA:Hi Aiken!




DESHA: Ivor!




DESHA: Sorry is Ian at home?


AIKEN: Yeah!


DESHA:Thanks (Desha walked in, followed by Aiken and Ivor)


Ian who had seen Desha from his room sat beside the window waiting for her to come in, Not too long she knocked at the door, Ian asked her to come in, She came in slowly, closing the door silently, she smiled at Ian but he frowned back at her, She walked up to him, she stopped at his front and said) DESHA:Hi!


IAN: What do you want?


DESHA:I… I came to say hello to you


IAN:You don’t need to




IAN: What is it?


DESHA:Can you stop talking to me this way please, you are making me to feel bad


IAN:Desha I am talking to you in a normal way, wait why are you here? DESHA:I came to see you


IAN:Why? (She was silent,staring at him,while Ian also stared at her, In the CCTV control room,Aiken was sitting on the chair, all the guards are standing at his back including Ivor, they were all watching Ian and Desha from the camera in Ian’s room,Suddenly they saw Ian trying to go out while Desha hugged him from the back, Ivor ordered a guard to switch of Ian’s cameras immediately, Aiken who was sitting made a smirk and said)


AIKEN:I have always notice this, you guys always switch off the other guys cameras when they need thier privacy, but you don’t switch off mine even if I need that privacy so badly, Why?


IVOR:It’s an order from the boss, we were told to monitor you than others AIKEN:Mr Garrick said that?


IVOR:Yes Boss (Aiken just made a smirk again, He stood up and went out of the room, Ivor said)Get back to work guys and make sure you monitor him very well and in case any Lady comes for Axel, search her before you allow her in, understand?


ALL:Yes Sir! (Ivor went out of the room immediately)


Desha came out of the room, She wasn’t looking good, she was trying to open her door when a red sport car drove in the compound, A Lady came out of the car putting on a black crop top which revealed her tummy, she was putting on a crazy high waist Jean trouser,a black high heel boots, her black wavons reaching her



butts, she got a tattoo on her tummy, it was a Rose flower Tattoo, She stepped out of the car, Meet Claire, Garrick’s daughter, a popular model with pretty face, Claire has the habit of twisting while walking, she got a nice figure, She walked up to Desha who was standing waiting for her, Claire said.. CLAIRE: What are you doing here?


DESHA:Stop asking me silly questions


CLAIRE: Oops! I can see he rejected you again


DESHA:Claire am not here for you, and I am more better than you who always force herself on a guy who dosen’t even want to see you


CLAIRE:Oh that hurts, but I think we are not different, the last time I checked you were also rejected because you broke someone’s heart twice DESHA:Just shut up if you don’t know anything


CLAIRE:Ok,My mouth is shut, you can still try again maybe he will listen to you, have a nice day gurl(She smiled and walked away, Desha entered into her car and drove away, Unknown to her that Ian was watching her from his room)


Claire walked in the living room,She met Jason, Earl, Axel, Hugo and Mike in the living room…


CLAIRE: What’s up guys! (Everyone diverted thier attentions to her) What’s up






CLAIRE:Awwnn, Good to see your face again Axel, how are you feeling now? AXEL:Am good thanks(He stood up and went in immediately, others focused on the TV except for Earl who was staring at her, she caught him staring at her, but Earl took off his eyes immediately, Aiken came out while Claire walked up to him to hug him, but Aiken stepped back immediately) CLAIRE: What was that for?


AIKEN: Don’t lay your hands on me


CLAIRE:Well am here because of you




CLAIRE: Common you sound too harsh we haven’t see eachother ever since you arrived


AIKEN:And why are we going to see eachother, Like what business do we have together?


CLAIRE: AIKEN! (Wanted to move closer to him but he stepped back, Suddenly Pearl came inside with Nora)Oh who do we have here, Hi Nora! NORA: Nora?


CLAIRE:What are you expecting?


NORA: The fact that your Dad is paying me dosen’t give you the audacity to speak to me anyhow, mind the way you talk to me Claire, this will be the last time I will give you this warning (She walked in while Pearl followed her immediately, Aiken took a glance at Pearl and that moment was when he realized that a beauty just passed through him, He was shocked)…..


The boys were called out to the living room, they all sat on the chairs while Logan stood up talking to them, Hugo, Ivor, Mike and Jason also sat down listening to Logan…


LOGAN:Am glad to tell you guys that we are back to work, Next week we are going for a photoshoot,we shifted that photoshoot because of Axel then, besides we want you guys to rest very well which I believed that we are now ok and ready to work,after this photoshoot we need to start rehearsing for the concert which is Next month, we are having three to four weeks left for the concert, The Boss asked me to tell you all to be well prepare for the concert,The fans are expecting something large from you,He changed the rules and regulations already EARL: What? B… But why?


LOGAN:Earl let me finish please, For Aiken the boss wants you to start composing as at this moment, You need to start composing and make sure you inform Mike or Jason when you start it, in case you need any help you can just check on Dion in the studio, Ian and Earl will be rehearsing twice than before EARL:W…. What, I can’t hear you, oh you mean just for the concert right?


LOGAN:No, You are no more rehearsing for four hours again, it’s now for eight hours


EARL:You must be kidding me right?


LOGAN: Axel, The boss w…


EARL:Wait wait wait wait, Wait a minute, you need to clear mine, like eight hours is too much


LOGAN:Earl there will be break for you EARL:Fuck the break time, am in school?


LOGAN: Earl please!Axel the Boss wants you to improve your speed with your rappings, the boss wants you to get inside that studio after this meeting, He wants you to improve more on your rappings, he needs more speed AXEL:Speed?



LOGAN:Yes speed,You can also learn from Aiken(Axel looked at Aiken,staring at him, Suddenly Aiken’s eyes went to Axel,But the moment Aiken’s eyes fell on him, Axel stopped glaring at him)Hugo and Ivor BOTH: Sir!


LOGAN: Anytime Aiken wants you to switch off his cameras, the boss said you


should obey him on that


IVOR:Ok sir!


LOGAN:Nora is busy with the boy’s wardrobe for the photoshoot and concert,For


the photoshoot I want, Aiken, Ian, Earl and Axel to meet them in the spa, for your


face and skin treatments,all of you must do that, no one is left out, You have to


look fresh for the photoshoot,So since we are having someone with some


complains among us, I think it is better if you talk to the Boss directly (Suddenly


Logan switched on the TV and there was thier Boss Garrick waiting for them,


They can see him and he also can see them, Hugo, Ivor, Mike and Jason stood up


immediately, The boys who were resting thier backs sat up very well, Garrick said)


GARRICK:Have you talk to them?


LOGAN:Yes Sir, I did everything


GARRICK:You have explained everything to them?


LOGAN:Yes sir!


GARRICK:Good, I want you boys to be well prepare, the fans are looking forward to the concert, I believed that you all have rested for two weeks ever since you came back, so I think it’s time to get to work, Earl and Ian should treat thier voices Very well, Axel I need more speed in your Rappings, and Aiken Should also get to work, Hugo and Ivor Should take care of the boys very well, Mike and Jason should always assist Logan, I don’t want to hear any complain please, I think that’s all, do we have anyone who is not comfortable with what Logan said to you all? LOGAN:Sir I think Earl has something t….


EARL:Has what, of course I don’t have anything to say, Everything is good by me


GARRICK:Good, That will be all! (Logan switched off the TV immediately)


EARL:Oh that was close, you almost kill me


LOGAN:I thought you wanted to talk to him


EARL:Just leave me alone, infact just tell me not to rest, make it 12 hours, Ok? (He stood up and went in straight, Ian and Axel couldn’t stop smilling)…



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The Best Guys

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