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The Best Guys – Episode 29

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Episode 29

Without wasting much of time, TBG released thier new album, It was streamed all over the social medias, TBG new album became the latest songs everywhere, Fans couldn’t stop appreciating the boys for the inspiring songs in thier new album, Without wasting much time, TBG concerts in Canada became the latest news…


NEWSCASTER:Good afternoon to everyone that is watching me right now, We are glad to announce that TBG’s concert in Canada is in four days, The company told us that we should let everyone be aware that the tickets are ready for everyone, It was said that the tickets are ready but it is an online tickets, The company said, To get the tickets online, you should check TBG’s page for the link, without a lot of stress you will surely get your online tickets, TBG’s concert in Canada was said to be the first and lagerst concert they will ever Perform, Thousands of fans in Canada are at the stadium waiting for the arrival of the boys, The Company also announced it this morning that TBG will be leaving for thier concert tonight, We wish them a safe flight and we all hope to come back soon, Thank you…. FANS COMMENTS


1)I don’t care about anything right now, infact I don’t care about myself, All i care about for now Is to attend that concert…


2)I think it’s time for me to be a good daughter right now, I need to seek for thier favor, I must get this ticket



3)Am the happiest right now, Guys! My dad has bought me the tickets for Canada and also the online tickets


TBG you are the best, Thanks for being part of my life, Your music motivates me…


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In Canada at the front of the stadium, Tons of fans are chanting TBG’S names, The


gate was shut and there was full securities around the stadiums, Some fans went on


a live Video to show thier friends the stadium, The happiness in them couldn’t be


explain by words alone…




1)Oh my God! I wish am there! Am so sad right now…


2)Wow! I haven’t attend thier show before, I can’t wait for them to come to my




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3)God why am in Nigeria, why not Canada, am the most saddest thing on Earth…


4)I wish am there, but still I love our boys…..


TBG’s Mansion, They are all set to leave, The boys are all in black hoodies with


the customized name “TBG” , black trousers, black timberland boots,Axel has a


black beanie on his head, while Earl was putting on a black cap, Aiken and Ian had


nothing on them, but each guy was holding a black and gold headsets and thier


backpacks, Suddenly Ariel’s car drove in, She came out of the car and went inside


the house, She met Hugo, Ivor, Mike and some few guards in the living room, She


gretted them while she went in straight to Axel’s room, Getting to the room, She


met him and Earl in the room discussing,Earl gave her a hug and went out of the


room, She moved closer to Axel who was trying to put some necessary things in


his backpack and hugged him too, But he demanded for a kiss, She Smiled while


he kissed her between her smile…


ARIEL:I will miss you


AXEL:I am already missing you, Take care of yourself, for me actually, Please take care of yourself for me, And always contact the driver anytime you need him ARIEL:Sure I will


AXEL:And I will always call you on video call at anytime, I need to see your face (she smiled)I will call you in the plane before we take off ARIEL:Do you need that?


AXEL:Babe I need to, I am so weak that you are not going with us ARIEL: Common don’t be like that, it’s just for a week, I love you


AXEL:I love you too! (He kissed her again while he held her out of the room)….


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At the airport, Tons of fans are waiting for TBG to arrive there, The moment they saw all TBG’s cars which was up to twelve cars, The fans rushed to the cars, The guards were the first to came out of the cars to create a way for them to pass, The guards began to draw the fans backward, The moment they saw that the road was cleared for them, The boys came out at once including Nora, Pearl and thier girls,On thier way to inside Aiken couldn’t stop glaring at Pearl at the back, he wanted to be sure she is ok, After seeing her been guarded by few guards with other girls and Nora, He smiled and walked in, The fans began to screamed thier names happily till they went in one after the other…..




The boys on the stage doing thier rehearsals and at the same time playing around and messing with eachother except for Aiken who stood where he was watching them, Suddenly He saw Pearl sitting at a corner busy with her phone, He stared at her until she noticed him, they both smiled at eachother while Ian forced Earl and Axel who were lost in thier own world to continue rehearsing, After the whole rehearsals, The boys went in to have some showers except for Aiken who walked up to Pearl where she sat watching him as he walked up to her…. AIKEN:Are you not feeling cold?


PEARL:Not really am ok


AIKEN:Not really? (He smiled and sat with her) So why are you sitting alone?


PEARL: Nothing I just feel like, can’t I sit alone?


AIKEN:Hmmm! I guess you came to watch over me


PEARL:Is that the last thing you can think of?


AIKEN: That’s what my brain is telling me, besides my heart supported it too


PEARL: Anyway you are right!


AIKEN:Really, So you came to watch me?


PEARL:Yeah why are you making it a big thing


AIKEN:Don’t worry you can’t understand me, Have you eaten, let’s eat together PEARL:I…. I…. I and you? (Surprised)


AIKEN:Yeah what is it? Common stand up, It’s really cold here(He stood up while she also stood up and followed him in)….


The day to the Concert, at the front of the gate, Fans began to arrived one after the other, From the VIPs to the Regulars, Within an hour the stadium was filled up with crowds, TBG’s songs was played while the fans began to sang after it, Some fans are singing, some are chanting TBG’S names, while some are recording and



Making a live Video, The boys are set to come out, they are all putting white trouser, White sneakers, Axel has his white hoodie but he tied it round his waist while his white singlet Looking so fitted on him, Earl put on his own hoodie, Aiken put on a white leather jacket, his white singlet showing under the jacket and lastly Ian was also having a white leather jacket like Aiken but he tied his jacket round his waist like Axel, The boys are ready to go out, suddenly someone called Aiken back, They both stopped and found Pearl walking up to them, Aiken stared at her, so also others, She smiled and said…


PEARL:Take care! (Aiken couldn’t help but to go back to her and kissed her immediately right in front of the boys, Logan, Mike, Nora,Jason, Hugo and Ivor and some other staffs who were there, They all got surprised…..


TBG came out at once as they played thier music for them to walked in, The boys began to jumped round the stage, The Fans couldn’t notice two things than Aiken who joined them for the first time going crazy with the boys, At once the boys came down from the stage, Hugo, Ivor and the securities quickly ran to them, The whole stadium became a mess the moment the boys came down to them, after thirty minutes of going crazy, The boys were helped back to the stage while Ian spoke to his mic and said…


IAN: Everyone! We all are going to enjoy ourselves tonight because we are going to enjoy this for the first time like this, Yes mark my words! This concert will be the best to us,And we are glad that you guys showed us the love (Suddenly he bursted into tears)We have passed through a lot before getting here today, but your love keep us moving till now, If our music can heal you guys, I want you to know that your love to us healed our pains, WE LOVE YOU!(Some fans suddenly bursted into tears)


FANS: TBG!!!! We love you!!!!


We love you!!! (Earl couldn’t help but to also bursted into tears, Both Aiken and Axel hid thier tears while they comforted Earl and Ian, After getting so emotional for complete fifteen minutes, TBG resumed back to thier Performance, The fans couldn’t stop screaming as the boys performed for them, TBG’s Performance in Canada remained the best Performance to both TBG and thier fans as they all cried,laughed, screamed and jubilated together in a new dimension)….


Back to Nigeria, Pearl and her girls are done packing thier stuffs in the hall, Logan,


Mike and Jason walked in, They all smiled at eachother, Logan said….



LOGAN:Miss Pearl, Thank you for working with us, For the whole six months of working with us, You proofed your loyalty to us, Thanks for taking care of the boys, We hope to have a new contract with you again

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PEARL:It’s my pleasure, I appreciate the love you all showed to me and my girls, I really appreciate it,and am so glad that I work with you guys,you are the best, Thank you so much!


JASON:I will make your transfer right now,And also Each boys told us to add a sum of Five million naira each to your account, Except for Aiken


MIKE:He told us to give you this(He gave her a car key) The car is outside,It’s yours (Pearl’s mouth was unable to close, Both Chloe and Fiona couldn’t stop smilling)….


Late at night, Aiken sat alone outside staring at the star, Pearl walked up to him,


She sat with him while they both sat smiled at eachother, Aiken said)


AIKEN: I guess you are leaving very early tomorrow morning


PEARL: Yeah! Thank you!


AIKEN: What’s that?


PEARL:For the gift


AIKEN: Do you need to thank me, I mean what you did to me is absolutely more than the gift, You can’t know what you did, but I want to say thank you for walking into my life, You make it meaningful to me, and you make me realized so many things that I was unable to understand before I met you, You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me, Falling in love with you is the best thing to me(Pearl looked at him for awhile, suddenly she moved closer to him and kissed him, She broke the kiss while Aiken said)Is that the reply you want to give me,You are ready to be mine?Is it a Yes! Pearl?(She smiled while Aiken also smiled and said) I guess It’s a Yes! (He drew her closer as he planted a kiss on her lips)




The Best Guys

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