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The Best Guys – Episode 28

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Episode 28


Eva walked in the kitchen smilling, she met Mama Betty and Audrey with some maids in the kitchen cooking, Audrey noticed her smilling… AUDREY:Are you ok?


EVA:Do I look sick(Blushing)


AUDREY:You should check yourself in the mirror, You look so sick, what’s the smile for?


EVA:I am not going to tell you


AUDREY:Eva, I have a suggestion for you


EVA: And what’s that? (Smiling)


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AUDREY:See a psychiatrist please (Eva’s smiled turned into anger)


EVA:You are so irritating! (Wanted to hit her)


MAMA BETTY:Will you both stop that, They are watching you EVA:Sh…. She called m…


MAMA BETTY:I said shut up! (Audrey make fun of Eva, suddenly Eva who was standing beside the tap all awhile suddenly opened some water to her hand and splashed it on Audrey’s face, Eva ran out of the kitchen) AUDREY:Mama Betty Do you see that?


MAMA BETTY:Will you stop provoking me, Do you want me to report you both, instead of you to supervise the girls you are here screaming your lungs, be careful! (Audrey look so mad, She ran out of the kitchen to run after Eva, My Betty looked so done)….


Claire’s car drove in the compound, She brought out her Make-up bag to touch her make-up again, she was doing this when she noticed Someone standing beside her car, She was surprised to see Earl, He bent down closer to her putting his head in her car, He said…


EARL:(smilling) What are you doing?


CLAIRE:N… Nothing! (Trying to hide a make-up bag)


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EARL:So all those Make-ups you did at home is not enough?


CLAIRE:W… Who told you that am doing make-up?


EARL:Of course you are,Is this not your your make-up bag?


CLAIRE:No it’s not, I was just trying to pack them (Earl moved his hand to her face, he said)…


EARL:I know you are doing that for me, But you don’t need to do that, You are always pretty


CLAIRE:But serio… (Suddenly he moved closer to her and kissed her)


EARL:That’s enough, come out of the car, or do you want more? (Smiling)


CLAIRE:Yes I want! (Making a puppy face)


EARL:So cute! Don’t worry I will give you that Inside, The guards are watching! (They both smiled while Earl helped her out of the car, She hugged him while they both walked inside holding hands)….


The four guys sat in the living room staring at each other, after awhile Ian said…


IAN:Wait a minute guys, do you need to do this? EARL:Of course we need to, It’s just a suggestion


AXEL:There is nothing bad in it if we ask him to help us to tell the boss IAN:Aiken you are not saying anything?


AIKEN:(smilling) What do you want me to say, it’s what they want


IAN:Am so done with them! (Suddenly Logan came out to the living room, He sat down with them and said)


LOGAN:I heard you guys are having meeting with me


IAN: Excluding I and Aiken, just Earl and Axel have something to say LOGAN:Oh really? So what’s that?


EARL:Bro! Bro! We wants you to do something for us, we want to send you to the


boss as our Manager




EARL: During the day, we want you and boss to tell them in the CCTV room to always switch off our cameras, I mean we don’t need them in the day, They are free to do anything with it at night, But during the day we all need our privacy AXEL:See I don’t know about others, But I don’t want those cameras in my room, Including night and day, I mean are we running away, Can you do something about it please


LOGAN:(Trying to hide his smile)Wait a minute guys! Since when have you been planning this, I mean you both came out unexpectedly



EARL:Uncle we are Damn serious here, we need the privacy in the afternoon, That’s all!


LOGAN:Ok Ok! Have heard you! (Still trying to stop smiling)What about you


guys, Do you still want it in the day


AXEL:Of course they don’t want


LOGAN: Wait am i asking you?


EARL:Bro you don’t need to ask them, infact among four of us, they are the one who needed this privacy most


AXEL: Chapter close! (Logan couldn’t help but to bursted into laughter,So also Aiken and Ian couldn’t stop smilling)…


Earl was laying down on the bed pressing his phone, Suddenly Garrick called him from a video call, The last person he was expecting, Hd jumped up on the bed, He sat down trying to adjust himself before he picked up the call, After composing himself, He picked it up, He was surprised to see Claire beside him…. GARRICK:Earl?(smiling)


EARL:Yes sir!


GARRICK:How are you?


EARL:F…. Fine Sir!


GARRICK: I heard everything!




GARRICK:You don’t understand me or you can’t hear me?


EARL:Both Sir! (Claire couldn’t stop smilling)


GARRICK:I heard about you and her, She told me everything, Earl you need to take care, You Know what, after your concert in Canada we must see, I need to talk to you very well, As you can see I have only her, Just her alone, She has no mother and she has no brother nor a sister, What I mean is that am putting her into your hands, I don’t want you to hurt her, and she must be loyal to you too, You are all my kids, you are all my responsibilities, If anything should happens to anyone of you of course people will come to me first, So i want both of you to take care of eachother, I really don’t know what you did to her she has been disturbing me here, I don’t know why she has this bright smile on her, whatever you have done to her, I want to say thank you!


EARL:I think I should thank you sir, I mean you gave us your permission, Fathers like you are very rare sir, and am making a promise to you that, I will take a good care of her, She is my future property so I have to take care of her GARRICK: Don’t worry we will still see and talk more Better, I have to go


EARL:Thank you Sir! (Garrick handed the phone to Claire, He stood up and went


away)What’s that smile for?


CLAIRE:For you! (Smilling)


EARL:(smilling)So cute!….


Aiken’s room, He was holding his phone moving round the room, He was lost in






AIKEN:Why are you not answering me?


PEARL: Because…..(she paused)


AIKEN: Because of what?


PEARL:I need to be sure about my feelings


AIKEN: I know, You are right, You can take your time, I am not going to rush you, But if you ask me, I will let you know that I am sure about my feelings, I already gave it deep thought and I realized that I want you in my life, I want you to be part of me, I am not going to rush you, But I want you to know that what I feel for you is real, I want you to be mine


PEARL:I understand what you are saying, Of course I don’t know about my feelings yet, but am sure that by the time we come back from Canada, I will give you my reply


AIKEN:Will that be positive? PEARL:(More like whispering)I can’t say…. FLASHBACK ENDED


Aiken sat on the couch, He rested his head on it while he opened his phone to press…


Axel walked in the Spa, He met Pearl talking to Fiona and Chloe, Ariel wasn’t around, She was in school, The moment he walked in, Both Fiona and Chloe couldn’t stop blushing, He gave Pearl a hug… PEARL: Please sit


AXEL:No am not staying for too long cause we are busy in the studio right now, I


only came to confirm something


PEARL:Ok what’s that?


AXEL:Is it true that Ariel is not coming with us, I asked her and she was like Talk to your Crush! Talk to your Crush!! (Pearl couldn’t help but to smile)You know she is naughty right?



PEARL:I know! Yeah she is not coming with us, Just I and the girls, She is having some exams in school


AXEL:Why don’t you try and convince her?


PEARL:But the exem is important


AXEL:And what about me?


PEARL:Of course you are important also, but this is very urgent


AXEL:I know you are going to support her, She is your girl, Am out of here, Bye crush!


PEARL:Bye! (He walked out while Pearl just smile)


FIONA: So Cute!


PEARL: Madam! That’s enough!


CHLOE:I can’t stop laughing


FIONA:And don’t stop crying


PEARL:Haha! Fiona!


FIONA:Sorry ma!


CHLOE:I feel like slapping you


PEARL:And that is ok please! (They both kept quiet)

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