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The Best Guys – Episode 27

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Earl’s room, He dragged Claire inside and closed the door, He released her hand and faced her, he said…





EARL:What is it? Claire I was busy when you walked in


CLAIRE: Claire?





EARL:Oh do you want me to call you babe? Sweetheart? Sunshine? (Moving closer to her while moved back till she fell to the bed)


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CLAIRE:(shouted)Can you just stop it! EARL:Oh! Ok why are you here?








CLAIRE: Whatsoever you have done to me, just stop it now, You are distracting my work, You are distracting everything about me EARL:(smiling)You can’t know how much am happy right now





CLAIRE:(stood up angrily)Happy? Happy that you are distracting me



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EARL: Don’t you get it?





CLAIRE:Get what?





EARL:You are mine!





CLAIRE:Told you not to say am yours again





EARL:You are mine! (She suddenly raised up her hand to slap him, but Earl grabbed her hand and suddenly he kissed her)…..





Pearl was alone in the spa pressing her phone, a message came in her phone, it was





an unknown number “Are you busy?





PEARL:No am not, And who is this?





NUMBER:Who do you think?





PEARL:Guess you want me to block you? Who is this?





NUMBER:By the way you look so pretty today





PEARL: Today?Who are you?(Suddenly Aiken walked in and said)





AIKEN:You want to block me?





PEARL:Oh! (Surprised)Is this your number?





AIKEN:You want to block a number which thousands of people are trying to have PEARL:I don’t know it’s you! (He smiled, moving closer to her)





AIKEN:I got your number from Jason, He gave me this morning PEARL:Oh!





AIKEN:I can see you are less Busy





PEARL: Yeah!





AIKEN:Are you good in games?





PEARL:Am good in some





AIKEN:Then come with me let’s play basketball together PEARL:I will beat you in that





AIKEN:(Smilling)Oh really! You should check my profile, This is my hobby PEARL: Let’s See then





AIKEN:I can’t believe you are daring me right now PEARL:Yes I am! (Aiken couldn’t help but to smile)…





Ariel’s car drove in the compound, The driver came to dropped her,She brought out a small luggage bag…








ARIEL:You can take the car along with you, Am spending two days here DRIVER: Alright Ma’am! (The driver drove out while Ariel dragged her bag to the house, on her way she met Aiken and Pearl coming out of the house, both of them in their Jerseys, she was forced to smile… ARIEL:Is something going on here?





PEARL: Nothing much, Just wanna have a game together





AIKEN:A game or you want to get some beaten from me in this game PEARL: Maybe! How is studies, wait and how is Axel, Is he good to you? ARIEL:Not yet and that’s why I came to spend two days here, we are having holiday in school





PEARL:Don’t worry, he will turn up very soon dear, It’s just a matter of time AIKEN:Just the way she said, Just give him some time





ARIEL:Yeah thanks! It’s good to see you Smilling AIKEN:Oh me? Well all thanks to her PEARL:Why me?





AIKEN: Because it’s you, am serious!





ARIEL:I think I like the new you





AIKEN:(smiling)I also love the new me(They all Smiled)





Axel was in the kitchen with Mama Betty, He sat with her listening to her… MAMA BETTY:Don’t let me get mad at you Axel, Don’t be like old Aiken, Don’t you see Aiken now, He is good than before, You can see he is improving these days, Have told you to forget about it, You are not even going to the studio and others have started recording for your new album, stop making them to lack behind, You need to Forgive her, Just forget everything, If you are doing this, Many guys will take her from you





AXEL:They must be mad! (She spanked his head)Ouch!





MAMA BETTY:Told you not to curse again (Suddenly Ariel walked in)Hello Dear!





ARIEL:Hi Mama Betty! (She saw Axel staring at her)





MAMA BETTY:I Guess you are here for him?





AXEL:Of course she is not here for…. (Mama Betty spanked him again) Damnit!





That hurts!





MAMA BETTY:Get up and talk to her, Like now!





AXEL:Ok! (Rubbing his neck)….








In the basketball court, Aiken has won Pearl with the count of 5:0,She was unable to score a single goal from him, She looked so tired while Aiken stopped and said…





AIKEN: Should we stop the game?





PEARL:No am not stopping, I will make sure I have a single goal from you





AIKEN: Common you can’t, am having five already





PEARL:I don’t give up easily!





AIKEN: Really??!…





Axel’s room, he sat on the couch, while Ariel stood beside him, She looked at him while Axel stared at the TV…





ARIEL:Are you going to continue doing this to me, Axel? Axel? This is hurting





me if you don’t know, I should have went to my home for this holiday, but I just





can’t go home because of you, I know I shouldn’t have gave up on you so easily





that day, am sorry, but if you continue doing this to me, honestly I don’t think I can





take it, Axel can you just please answer me! (Suddenly bursted into tears, Seeing





this Axel quickly stood up to her)





AXEL:Babe am sorry!





ARIEL:Just leave me alone! (Trying to push him away)





AXEL:Am sorry! (Trying to hug her)Am Really Sorry, I don’t mean to do that to you, You know how much I love you, Am so sorry please! (He forced her into the hug while she dragged it with him, after awhile she surrendered to him)…. (Join Group) More stories @





A car drove in TBG’s compound, suddenly Cassandra came out of the car, Ivor who was outside talking to Hugo was surprised to see her walking towards them, They both stared at each other as she stopped at thier front…. CASSANDRA:Where is Axel?





HUGO:H… He is not at home





CASSANDRA:What? Common stop telling me that, if he is not at home I will know, Will you please move away and let me see him (He pushed Hugo towards Ivor while she walked in, The two guys quickly ran after her, She met, Mike, Jason, Earl and Ian in the living room, They all stared at her as she walked in, she said)





CASSANDRA: Mike Where is Aiken?





MIKE:Is there a problem?





CASSANDRA: Yes a big one and I have to see him now





MIKE:Am afraid you can’t see him without telling us why you are here





CASSANDRA:Do I look like am here for a joke? (Logan came out)





LOGAN: What’s going on here?





CASSANDRA:Good you are here, Please i want to see Axel…





Axel was on the bed with Ariel, She rested her head on him, Axel was busy with a game on his iPod,while Ariel was watching him, there was a knock at the door, Axel dropped his iPod and walked up to the door, he opened the door and found Jason…





AXEL: What’s going on?





JASON:Can you…. Please come out





AXEL:Is everything ok?





JASON:Yeah I guess!





AXEL:You guess? Babe am coming back! (He walked out of the room with Jason, Getting to the living room he was surprised to see everyone with Cassandra…





AXEL: What’s going on here? CASSANDRA:Hey baby! (Wanted to hug him)





AXEL:Don’t touch me! Why are you here?(Aiken and Pearl suddenly walked in) CASSANDRA:Oh! Is that how you will address me after I brought you a goodnews?





AXEL:And what’s good about the news?





CASSANDRA:Am pregnant for you





EARL: What?





AXEL:Am sure you are not with your senses, Since when? It’s been up to three months we have seen eachother





CASSANDRA:Of course you are right, i kept it for the proper time, and I think this is the right time





AXEL:You must be insane, you told me you are always on drug





CASSANDRA:Well the last time I came here I wasn’t on drug





AXEL:Just tell me you are joking right now





CASSANDRA:Well am not! And I have the evidence with me here,I can’t wait to be your baby mama(Suddenly Ariel came out to the living room, seeing everyone standing with the awkward silent, she said) ARIEL: Is everything ok?





AXEL: Ariel!



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CASSANDRA:Oh you must be Ariel

AXEL: Cassandra don’t do what you are going to regret

LOGAN: Cassandra come with me, Please let’s talk outside, Just I and you! CASSANDRA:No! I am not coming with you, We are going to sort everything here, Like I said earlier, You must be Ariel


ARIEL:Y…. Yes I am!

CASSANDRA:Nice to meet you Ariel!….


The Best Guys

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