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The Best Guys – Episode 25

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Episode 25


Ian was alone in his room making a live Video….


IAN:Good to see you guys, Hi guys ! It’s been awhile though…


FAN:We miss you, we miss you all


IAN:We also do, we also miss you guys


FAN:Ian is it true that you are now dating Desha? (He smiled and said)


IAN:Yeah you are right, Desha has been my girl for awhile now, am sorry that you guys are not aware of it on time, am sorry about that, Guys am hungry, let’s get something in the kitchen (Ian stood up from the bed and walked out of his room, He was smilling and at the same time waving at them, He started using his back to walk till he arrived to the kitchen, but what caught his attention from his camera was Axel and Ariel, Axel was backing him while Ariel was facing him, Ariel was shocked to see him, so also Axel turned to see what’s going on, Ian who was lost and forgot to end the video stood there with his hands up, Suddenly Hugo rushed in and grabbed the phone from him and ended the video)

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AXEL:Wait wait wait, what just happened right now, Did you just make a live Video to this kitchen, Like did you just do that?


HUGO:I tried to call your second phone, but you don’t pick it up! (Logan, Mike and Jason ran Inside)


AXEL:Oh my God! This is already out, Right?


LOGAN:Yes! (Raising up his phone)It’s already spread just now, Like they saw her face, And they saw you, and Hugo’s face was showed when he wanted to end the video


AXEL:Ariel! (She was lost, Trying to regain her memories)Ariel!


LOGAN:Ariel just calm down, this will be sort out, So just calm down


IAN:Am so sorry, I was just surprised and I forgot to end the video, I mean I don’t


even know what to do that moment cause I wasn’t expecting you guys in the

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HUGO:The moment I heard that you are going to the kitchen I called you to stop you because we have seen them in the kitchen IAN:I really don’t know what to say, but am sorry


LOGAN:No it’s okay, no one is above mistake, We will definitely sort this, Axel just try to calm her down….


Within two hours, Ariel’s biography was traced by the fans, those who are in the same university with her revealed where she live, every single thing about her was posted on social media, Many fans began to get mad at Her…. FANS COMMENTS


1)Like she doesn’t even have a parent


2)oh my God I can’t believe that My Axel was kissed by that orphan, That commoner


3)She is not even popular, Oh my God I can’t believe this, We don’t want her! We won’t accept her


4)Like am Dead! I heard her brothers are mechanics, Am I really in this world


5)Am a big fan of TBG, am from USA, please those who are in the same school with that bitch should please make her Life a living hell, we can’t accept such bitch for Axel


Honestly she is a gold-digger, So because she works under Pearl gave her the guts to get close to him, We can’t take this….


GARRICK: Hello Logan!


GARRICK: What the hell is going on, what’s all these?


LOGAN: I can explain Sir!


GARRICK: Explain what? How come, like when did they start this,I don’t care


about who the boys are dating but I don’t think I can take it if this will affect the


boy’s name, I am giving you twenty-four hours to sort out all this mess! (He


hanged up the call immediately)


JASON:What are we going to do?


LOGAN: I don’t know yet, but let’s think!


MIKE: I can’t believe this is happening…



In the Spa, Pearl, Ariel, Axel, Earl, Ian, Chloe, Fiona, Nora and Hugo, together with Ivor all stood in the hall waiting for Logan, Mike and Jason, After awhile They also walked in, Aiken and Dion also walked in…. EARL: What’s the boss saying?


LOGAN: He is giving us twenty four hours


EARL: What?


ARIEL:I am sorry Please I don’t think I can continue this, like I need to stop all these, I don’t want anything to affect my life, I am breaking this relationship and am going out there to tell them that am done with them, I can’t take it anymore PEARL:Just calm down Ariel


ARIEL:(Crying)I can’t take all those insults,I mean… Oh my God!


LOGAN:Ariel you need to calm down


AXEL:No just leave her, You all heard her right? This is how much she loves me,


She just told us that she will break up with me


EARL:Axel calm down


AXEL:No am not coming down, She just said it right here, maybe she dosen’t love, maybe am forcing it on her, She said she is breaking up with me, let her do whatever she wants, Like I don’t care also, I will tell them am done with you also! Do you hear that? we are done! (Axel walked out immediately while, Ian, Earl and Dion followed him)


LOGAN:You shouldn’t have said that, Aiken what do you think please


AIKEN: I think she is right, I mean all these is happening to her in just three hours, she just walked in to this house and all these is happening to her, She was shocked and she dosen’t know what to do, I guess that’s why she said, But you shouldn’t have said all those in his presence, I mean if it’s me, or anyone of you, we are going to get mad at it, Of course you are hurt by the fans, but I think you hurt him more with your words, Believe me he loves you and this is his first time, He always says he wants to protect you, he really wants to do that for you, I was there when he was saying this, and Mr Logan was also there, he really wants to protect you, and seeing you saying all these hurt his feelings, I think the best thing to do is to convince Axel to go on a live Video and talked to the fan, i think if he talks to them, they will listen, but I don’t think he is ready to do that right now, I will try to talk to him, I hope he listens to me, No one is going to blame anyone here, Let’s just hope we sort this out as soon as possible please LOGAN:Thank you Aiken



AIKEN:Am only doing this for my brother (Everyone went out of the room leaving Pearl, Nora, Ariel, Fiona and Chloe alone, Ariel was so weak, She sat down while Pearl moved closer to her)….


Claire was the location, She sat down while her stylist help her out with her shoes, She was on her phone when she suddenly saw a picture of Axel and Ariel on the net, she read what was under it”We don’t want a gold-digger for Axel”


CLAIRE: Gold-digger? But what’s wrong with this fans, and when did Axel and her start this? (Suddenly Earl’s face flashed to her, She remembered how he kissed her in his room) Arrrrgh! Not again You pervert! STYLIST: Ma’am is everything ok?


CLAIRE:Just shut your mouth, Do i look so sick to you?


STYLIST: Sorry Ma’am!


CLAIRE:Keep that to yourself! (She grabbed her head and said)How dare you Earl, How dare you distract me everyday…..


Aiken walked in Axel’s room, He met him sitting on the couch, He moved closer to him and sat with him….


AIKEN:Are you still angry, Come to think of it Axel,She is really not at fault, Of course what she said was so wrong, But i think she dosen’t know to do, Can you please try to forget about that and let’s try to do something together AXEL:Like what, Bro am not interested in anything AIKEN: Well am thinking that this will help the situation


AXEL: And what’s that?


AIKEN:Let’s talk to the fans, let’s make a live Video, You know you can just try to talk to them, you need to protect her just the way you told I and Mr Logan then, You can get mad at her after this, of course you have the right to be mad at her,But let’s sort out the whole issue first, please as a brother, am asking you for this, Please Axel….




A notification was sent to all the fans the moment he opened the live video, Aiken who wasn’t appearing on the video encouraged him to speak, many fans quickly joined in, They all began to dropped comments, angry emojis and Many more, Things like”Axel please tell us no, are you really dating that girl,She is only after your money and Fame, please break up with that BITCH, We can’t take this…… “Axel kept quiet reading all the comments, after awhile he said…



AXEL:Hi guys! I know you guys are doing all these because you love me, And I really appreciate it that you want the best for me, believe me guys, She is the best gift to me, I think seeing I and her together, I believe you guys should know by now that there is still something called true love, When you love someone with all your heart, you won’t care about anything, Before I fell in love with her, I already know everything about her, She may not be popular, she may be an average Lady, but guys believe me when I tell you this, That girl cost me a lot of stress before she accepted me, She made me passed through a lot of stress before she told me yes,So with all these stress I passed through, I had to cherish them because I realized that she is a rare gem, I know you want the best for me, believe me no other thing can be the best like her, You guys have to accept it the way it is, if you tell me not to date her, it’s just like you guys are telling me to go back to my past, and I don’t want to go back there again, please kindly accept her with me, She is all I want…..


After some couple of days, fans began to accept Ariel, They began to edit her pictures with Axel calling them the latest couple in town…. FANS COMMENTS


1)I just realized love is blind


2)Like I don’t have anything to say again, I was touched about his words


3)Our boyfriend is in a deep Love


4)Girl he is all yours, Go ARIEL!!!….


Ariel walked in Axel’s room, She met him sitting on his bed listening to music from his headsets, he was pressing his phone, The moment she walked in, Axel removed his headset…


ARIEL:M… Mr Logan told me that I can go back to school since everything is ok,


So I…. I came to tell you that am going to school


AXEL:So what do you want me to do?


ARIEL:N… Nothing just… (She stopped and walked out of the room slowly, Axel suddenly removed his headsets and threw it at the wall angrily)….


At the school, The driver dropped Ariel with her new car… ARIEL:When am done in class I will call you to pick me up Sir


DRIVER: Alright Ma’am! (He drove away, as Ariel was about to walked in the school gate, some ladies ran to her)


LADIES:Oh my God Ariel, good to see you, We miss you! Wow you are looking so beautiful and fresh, oh my God I can’t believe this is you, We are sorry you


passed through a lot, How is Axel, please take care of him, oh my God I can’t


believe it,You guys look so great together! please let’s take a selfie with you! (They


quickly snapped with her, Ariel was confused, She was Just lost looking at them


till they walked away, Not too long a picture of Ariel and the girls was posted on


the page by the girls)




1)Oh my God is that her, She is so pretty


2)Oh no am so far from Nigeria, I wish to meet her


3)Wow is this Axel’s girlfriend, She is looking so adorable, She is the perfect one for Axel


4) Awnnn, So cute!…


Pearl walked in Aiken’s room, He sent for her, She met him standing close to the


TV changing the channel…


AIKEN:You are here!


PEARL:You sent for me?


AIKEN:Yeah sure, Or are you busy?


PEARL:Of course No


AIKEN:Well I just want you to watch a movie with me, I don’t know if you can spare me some of your time? (Pearl smiled moving closer to him a bit) PEARL:And why is that me, Why not Earl, Axel or Ian? AIKEN: Because I want it to be you


PEARL:Like I just noticed you that anytime you want to do something you always call me,You don’t do this before,So why all these all of the sudden, I just want to know


AIKEN:You wanna know why?


PEARL: Yeah Sure! I really want to know why you always send for me cause this is the fourth time, So can I know the reason for that? (He smiled and stared at the floor for awhile suddenly he lifted his face up and said)


AIKEN: Because… (he paused for awhile) Because I like you!….



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