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The Best Guys – Episode 24

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Episode 24


Aiken on a live Video talking to his fans….


AIKEN:Good to see you guys, Honestly I don’t know where to start, You guys really made my day yesterday, you all really made me feel special, I am so happy, I think this year is my best year so far, yeah! This birthday was the best so far, I am so happy, I am really so Happy, I don’t know how to express myself, but honestly am so happy, Yeah you guys were asking who the woman you saw me with was, Yeah that’s my Mum, The Smiths are my family, Mr and Mrs Smith are my parents, we were far from each other before, but now things are getting better for us, sometimes I can’t help it, sometimes I will just sit down and cry, We all have some memories right, of course it’s good to break down sometimes, It’s really good, we just need to overcome it quickly, I really don’t know what to say, am really bad at this, but I really wish to express myself more than this, I really want to be better than this, I want to be ok than this, of course am not perfect, no one is



perfect, we all are not perfect, I think I don’t have anything to say again, I said it earlier that am not good in this, and the other boys are busy in thier rooms, am sorry our chat is somehow boring, we don’t have Axel here(Suddenly a fan dropped a comment)


FAN:Any girlfriend yet,Or crush?


AIKEN:(smilling) Girlfriend, crush? I don’t have anyone yet, I have no crush and no girlfriend yet,You are all my girlfriends,all my female fans are my girlfriends,(he smiled again) It’s good to see you guys,I think I have to go,I love you guys!…


Ariel’s hostel,She was alone in her room, she laid down on the bed reading, There was a knock on the door, she stood up from the bed and opened the door, she was surprised to see Jason smilling…

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ARIEL:B… Bro Jason, How did you know my school?


JASON:Well there is nothing difficult for us to get, Actually Axel told me ARIEL:(Whisper) Please stop speaking so loud, besides it’s very risky, the fans might see you


JASON: Don’t worry they can’t


ARIEL:But how did he know my hostel, I only told him about the school JASON: Actually your phone is always tracked 24/7


ARIEL:What? Axel is tracking my phone? (Forced out a smile)So why are you here please?


JASON:He asked me to give you that car(pointing at a white car at the front of the house to her)


ARIEL:W… What? C…. Car? For me?


JASON: Please don’t say no, because Axel told me that if you don’t accept this car, he will sack me(teasing her)

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ARIEL:What? W…. Why would he even do that? This guy will get it from me….


Claire’s car drove in TBG’s compound, she came out of the car angrily, She walked


in, getting to the living room, She met Axel, Mike, Aiken and Ian in the living


room, They were all busy watching the TV, The Moment she walked in, they all


fixed thier gaze on her….


CLAIRE: Where is Earl?


MIKE:Earl or Aiken?


CLAIRE:Do you think am a fool, I said Earl! (She shouted)


MIKE: Oh! He is in his roo… (She walked away immediately)Is she ok?



AXEL: I don’t think so, but why Earl and not you? AIKEN:She said she is not a fool, she know who she came for IAN: But I haven’t see them talking before


AXEL:Me too! I hope everything is ok…..


Claire walked in Earl’s room, she met him standing beside his table, he was


arranging some stuffs on it, the moment he saw her walking in, throwing her bag


on the bed, He knew what she came for, he dropped what he was doing and moved


closer to her…


CLAIRE:How dare you!


EARL: What’s going on?


CLAIRE:Oh! You wanna act innocent, imagine the way you are even talking to me


in an arrogant way


EARL:Shhhh! You are shouting


CLAIRE:Me shouting? After you kissed me that night


EARL:Didnt you like it?




EARL:(smirking)I guess you liked it and that’s why you are here CLAIRE:I am going to report you to my Dad


EARL:Of course am always scared of your dad, but when it comes to you, I don’t get scared of anyone, As long as it’s all about you, I don’t get scared of anyone CLAIRE:Since when?


EARL:Since the first day I came to your Dad’s company to sign my contract with him, you walked in that day, and that moment, you stole my heart CLAIRE:I am two years older than you


EARL:(smirking) Do you think the love I have for you care about that, i don’t care even if you are ten years older than me, all I know is that I love you CLAIRE:You are sick


EARL:Who do you think is responsible for that, It’s you babe CLAIRE: Can you Just shut your mouth?


EARL:No you shut up or I kiss you CLAIRE:And do you think you will escape that


EARL:Ok let’s see! (Suddenly he grabbed her waist closer and kissed her, he broke the kiss and said)Why are you not doing anything? Huh? (Kissed her again)I guess you are lost! (Kissed her again) Love your lips! They look so cute and kissable (He winked at her, He made a smirk and said)You are mine (He walked back to the


table to continue what he was doing earlier,leaving her standing, She was lost in




Axel was laying down on his bed pressing his phone, suddenly Ariel walked in, Axel was surprised and at the same time glad to see her, he stood up to hug her while she used her finger to pushed him back to bed…. ARIEL:Why would you do that without telling me?


AXEL:(Standing up) Common babe you don’t need to reject it, it’s just a gift ARIEL: But you should have told me first


AXEL:No i don’t need to tell you cause it’s a surprise, besides why are you always rejecting stuffs from me, Babe I really won’t like it if you reject that car, like it’s just a gift why are you making it a big stuff


ARIEL:(Sadly)Is that why you are sounding so harsh to me?


AXEL:(moving closer to her)Oh my God! I will never do that to you babe, am really sorry I never meant to do that, I don’t know I sounded so harsh to you, Am sorry babe, You know I love you, Just please accept the car and don’t reject it please


ARIEL:Are you hungry?


AXEL:Wait how do you know that, I was just about to text Mama Betty to send me one of her girls, will you do that for me then?


ARIEL:Let’s go together, boyfriends do help thier babes in the kitchen


AXEL:Well am not used to that


ARIEL: Then you have to learn it


AXEL:You won’t stop talking back at me, I really miss you, How is your studies?Did you make some friends


ARIEL:Well study is good, but am still yet to make a friend, you know am bad in that.


AXEL: You are not different from Aiken


ARIEL: Maybe!….


Aiken walked in the Spa, Pearl, Chloe and Fiona were surprised to see him, he walked in and said….


AIKEN:Uhmmm, I….. Are you busy?


PEARL:No am not, Do you need anything?


AIKEN:I Just want you


FIONA:Oh my God am Dead!


PEARL: Fiona!


CHLOE:Sorry Ma’am, she is always a pervert


FIONA:Like you! (Both hissed on eachother)


PEARL:Am so sorry about that please


AIKEN:So can you come with me?


PEARL:Yeah sure!….


Aiken and Pearl walked into a room, It was filled with Aiken’s birthday gifts, Pearl couldn’t help but to open her mouth with surprise, Aiken saw her, He Smiled and said….


AIKEN: Actually am bored Inside, and secondly I want to check out some gifts, I know I should have ask one of the girls in the house, but I just feel like doing this, and I don’t know why, but my mind came to you instantly, I wish you could help me out a bit


PEARL:O… Oh yeah sure! I…. I will help out! (Aiken smiled)….

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