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The Best Guys – Episode 23

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Episode 23


Aiken’s cameras was turned off, He sat down facing his Mum who was looking at him, She sat down also looking so guilty, Aiken was silent waiting for her to speak, After awhile His Mum gathered her courage and said… MUM:Son!


AIKEN:Son?Your son? D… Did you just called me your son? (Suddenly his Mum bursted into tears)Do you even need to do this, I should be the one to do this, Mum you and Dad dosen’t care about me, your work is your first priority, Mum I don’t know what is good from what Is bad, Mum i hate myself, and why? And that’s because you don’t teach me, you don’t even teach me how to love myself, (He began to shed tears)you both failed to be a good parents to me, Mum am your only child, I am your only child, we are not many for you to take care of, Just I alone is difficult for you to take care, Mum there are sometimes when I needed you so much, mum there are sometimes I need just your hug and sweet words as a mother, Mum I didn’t get that from you till I grew up, even when I left the country to join TBG, you didn’t bother to ask about it, can you really call yourself a mother? Honestly before you came in, I thought I will control my anger, but seeing you



right now brought back lots of memories, Mum I can’t talk to you right now, you need to leave! (He stood up immediately, His mum stood up slowly, She looked at him for awhile and said)


MUM:You have the right to yell at me, You have the right to forget about us, because we have once forgot about you too, we have once disowned you, we failed to take care of you, we failed to teach you, You grew up all alone, Yes we made you to hate yourself, we made you to believe that we don’t love you, But son we love you, we realized how much you mean to us(Aiken couldn’t control his tears)Aiken you are our son, I know that I made my work and fame my first priority, I know i choose them over you, but I later realized that they are all nothing, they can’t be important to me as you, I later realized everything, I do! Your dad also do! your Dad is in the hospital, He said he wants to see you before he die, he really wants to see you, please Son! I don’t know how, but please just for the sake of blood, please can you just forgive us, of course I don’t want you to do it now, you can take your time, but please son, Forgive me, Forgive your Dad, Aiken? (She paused for awhile waiting for him to speak but he stood there with tears on his face staring at her, suddenly his mum walked away, the moment she got to the door, someone hugged her from the back, It was Aiken, He hugged her from the back as he kept on crying so hard, suddenly his mum also bursted into tears)……


Ariel’s cab stopped at the front of a university, She came out of the cab and paid the driver, Suddenly her phone rang, it was Marcello her eldest brother… ARIEL:Hey Brother, Yeah am in school, Don’t worry I will be good, sure I got the rooms, Yea it’s two bedroom apartment, Don’t worry I will be fine, Yes am having a class right now, I will talk to you later, My regards to Carrick, Love you too!… (She walked in straight to the school)…


Axel sat on his bed pressing his iPod, he was busy checking out some cars, Earl walked in to the room, he sat closer to him and hugged him as usual… EARL:What are you doing, checking out cars?

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AXEL:Yeah I want to buy a car


EARL:Wow! For you?




EARL:Mama Betty?


AXEL:Of course no, she can’t even drive, am getting it for Ariel EARL:Oh! Did I just have goosebumps?


AXEL: Whatever!


EARL:Like seriously are you for real?


AXEL:Yes I am bro, I just wanna get her a car, I don’t want an higher price or too

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classic car, because she won’t take it from me, I don’t know what’s wrong with her,


she won’t take things from me, but I guess I will have to force this on her, she is


now in school, she will need it


EARL:But she can’t drive


AXEL:Yea I know, I will ask Mr Logan to get her a driver and drive her to school, and sometimes when she is less busy the driver will learn her how to drive it,when she is good in it, the driver can stop taking her to school, so that’s what am trying to do


EARL:Wow! You really mean this Bro


AXEL: What do you think before, I wanna play her? Of course I won’t do that, She is different bro, and she makes me feel special, I have to appreciate her that she walked into my life,she changed a lot of things in me


EARL: Well am impressed, I mean you are the last person we are expecting to fall in love


AXEL: Really? Whatever! So what about you?


EARL:It’s Claire!


AXEL: Wait which Claire, Don’t tell me it’s the same Claire EARL:Yeah dude! (He laid down on the bed) AXEL:But you know Claire loves Aiken


EARL:I know, but I Just can’t help it


AXEL:That must have hurt you a lot,I mean anytime you see her with Bro EARL:Let’s forget about her, let me help you with the car, I have a good eyes and taste (he winked at him while Axel just Smiled)….


Late at night, Aiken and his mum sat on his bed, they were on video call with his Dad, his Dad was laying down on the hospital bed, two guards was standing beside him, He was so happy to see Aiken with his Mum, Aiken couldn’t stop his tears, His Dad suddenly bursted into tears, They both couldn’t help it… DAD:Am sorry son, Am so sorry, I miss you son


AIKEN:Miss you too Dad, I promise to see you very soon, I and mum will come to you, J….. Just get well soon


DAD:I love you son and I miss you so much


AIKEN:Miss you too Dad! (His mum hugged him, they ended the video call while his mom held him closer to her)….



Mike was on the phone with Garrick…


MIKE:Yes The ticket is booked for Aiken and his Mum, Yes sir! He is leaving very early tomorrow morning


GARRICK:He have to be back on time because of his music video with Axel, the director is not ready to shift it


MIKE:Yes sir he already knew about it, He is only spending two days with them


GARRICK:Good, Make sure he is safe, You and Ivor and some few guards are


going with him right?


MIKE:Yes sir just us


GARRICK:Good, Logan will come back by next week,I talked to him this afternoon


MIKE:Yes he told us that


GARRICK: Alright then, take care of the boys MIKE:Yes sir! (The call was ended)….


Aiken arrived at the airport with his Mum, he was putting on a white trouser and White top, his black shoe and white beanie on him, he was holding a backpack, He held his mum closer to him as Mike , Ivor and the few guards helped them in, many fans who were lucky to saw them wondered who the woman was,they quickly took thier pictures and posted it, many fans wondered who the woman was, Some said his mum or a relative, The next day Aiken uploaded a picture of him, his mum and Dad who was on the sick bed, he wrote under the picture “Happiness, Freedom and family” Many fans went crazy for this, Within two hours the news of Aiken’s parents went viral, everyone knew Aiken’s parents as one of the most successful couple in USA, but they never knew that they are his parents, Fans were curious on why Aiken didn’t post his parents before and why is his Dad on the sick bed, The next day Aiken arrived back home…..


Aiken, Axel, Mike, Jason, Nora and girls, together with Pearl and her girls(Chloe and Fiona) were at the location for the music video shooting, The director, cameraman and others all get to work, Both Aiken and Axel wrapped up thier music video in two days, without taking much of time, the music video was released, Within twenty-four hours the video had millions of views plus likes…..


Aiken was sleeping in his room, suddenly Ian, Earl and Axel walked in to his


room, they were holding a bottle of wine,Axel tapped him lightly, He woke up….


AXEL: Happy birthday Bro


IAN: Happy birthday Dude! (They all screamed out,Earl opened the wine while Axel rushed to Aiken’s dinning to grabbed four glass cups, They all had a toast, A message came in Aiken’s phone, he checked his phone, it was a birthday wishes from his mum, Suddenly tears of joy streamed down on his face, Ian collected his phone to checked, He smiled after seeing the message, Ian hugged him to comfort him)….




1)I can’t believe today is my baby’s birthday, Happy birthday to our handsome boyfriend


Happy birthday to one of the Best Guys have met in my life, more of it honey


Oh my God! Am so happy, it’s my crush birthday, Happy birthday to you Aiken…


Tons of gifts were submitted at Garrick’s company which was taken to TBG’s house immediately, The internet was filled with Aiken’s pictures, Fans couldn’t stop uploading him and wishing him, Little party was threw at TBG’s house, Claire came to wished Aiken, she brought him some gifts and cakes,it was a night Party, everyone sat round the table, Just Aiken, Earl, Axel, Ian, Mike, Jason, Hugo, Ivor, Dion, Logan, Nora, Desha, and Claire,Earl couldn’t stop staring at Claire who was busy distracting Aiken, Axel tried to cautioned Earl to composed himself, After the whole party everyone departed to the house one after the other, Desha and Ian were the first to went in, followed by Dion, Logan and Nora went in together which caught others with surprise, Earl and Axel went in with Hugo, Mike and Jason also went in, Aiken, Ivor and Claire was left on the seat, Claire who was drunk kept on pestering Aiken to kiss him while Ivor just sat down watching them) AIKEN: Claire please stop it


CLAIRE:(Drunk)You arrrreeee mineeee


AIKEN:What? You are drunk, Ivor I think you need to take her to the guest room she is drunk


CLAIRE:Shhhhut uppppp! Am okkkk! Am noooottt drunk


AIKEN:You are drunk


CLAIRE:But I love you!


AIKEN:Listen Claire, I will say this over and over again, You are not my type, stop all the feelings right now, I don’t want to hurt you in the future,I really don’t want to do that to you, I and you can only be friends,I can’t love you


CLAIRE:Why don’t you love me! (Bursted into tears)


AIKEN: I have no reasons, I just don’t love you, I appreciate you brought me gifts and cakes but I can’t love you more than this,am Sorry, It’s not going to change no matter what you do, if I will love you, I don’t think it should cost me anything, I just don’t love you, Sorry! Ivor when she is done take her to the room please! (He grabbed his phone on the table and walked away, All the while Earl was standing at a corner listening to the whole conversation, He moved closer to the table and sat with them, Ivor was surprised to see him again)


CLAIRE:(drunk)W…. Why are you here, You also heard that right, He dosen’t like


me, he said he hate me(Crying)He hate meeeee, He hate meeeee(Earl stared at her as she dramatized in her drunken manner)I love him, I have always love him, I really do!!!!(Earl looked at her for awhile, Suddenly he said)


EARL:Am sorry to be selfish, I really don’t want to be selfish this way,But I can’t watch it again,I can’t help it,Am really sorry to be selfish,I hope you forget it all after this (Suddenly he moved closer to her and kissed her right in front of Ivor)….


(Listen to Sunshine by Straykids)



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