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The Best Guys – Episode 21

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Episode 21


GARRICK: Your Mum wants to see you, She said your Dad is sick, She told me they are trying to call you but you are not picking up thier calls, I know you are mad at them, and I understand your feelings, I understand that they don’t have your time,There were many times when you need them but they don’t create the time, But now they realized everything, they realized how much you mean to them, please Just give them the chance to see you, I know they make thier work thier first priority, they failed to teach you the right things, you grew up being lonely, I understand it all, But please give your mum the chance to talk to you, She is coming here very soon, Please just a chance…. FLASHBACK ENDED…


Aiken sat in his room thinking about what Garrick told him, after awhile, he stood up from the chair and went out of his room, he arrived at the kitchen, He saw Mama Betty busy with the girls, He sat down on a chair watching her, Mama Betty



who wasn’t aware that he was in the kitchen was surprised to see him, She moved closer to him and patted his back, she sat down with him…. MAMA BETTY:Is everything ok?


AIKEN:My mum is coming to Nigeria


MAMA BETTY:I heard about that, So are you not happy to see her? AIKEN:I really don’t know what my reaction could be if I see her, I just don’t know


MAMA BETTY: Son! This is what you have been waiting for, This is what you

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have been expecting from them,To look for you, To realize thier mistakes, To be


with them, and now they are coming to see you, No matter what, just please try to


forgive them for everything, you have been carrying this loneliness for almost


twenty years, I know how much it hurts, I know how you feel, but there is no way


your pains will heal if you don’t forgive them, you have to heal your pains together,


So please Son, Talk to her when she comes, and forgive her, and also your Dad,


Forgive them!


AIKEN:I love you!

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MAMA BETTY:I love you more son! (He hugged her warmly)…


Earl, Ian, Mike and Jason sat in the living room discussing….


JASON: Aiken’s birthday is coming up


EARL: Honestly I couldn’t remember, I saw our fans posts wishing him in advance


JASON: Some fans did a party for him.


EARL:They threw a party for in advance?


JASON:Yeah exactly!


EARL: What if it is the birthday, I can’t believe they threw a party for that, who are the fans


MIKE:The fans in USA, Dubai and Malaysia, including Nigeria actually IAN:Wait you are talking like your fans are different from them, at least Aiken’s birthday is coming up in the next three weeks, But yours will be celebrated like two months before your birthday, common you know you have the highest fans EARL:Am I?


IAN:Are you asking me?


EARL:Just want to know


IAN:You must be kidding boy!


EARL:But after me Bro is having the next fans


JASON:No After you is not Aiken, it’s Him(Pointing at Ian)


EARL:Oh! And he sounds like he is having the lowest fans


IAN: Whatever!


MIKE:Aiken is having the lowest fans, due to his lack of charisma


IAN:He is trying his best now




EARL:So after bro(Ian) it’s Axel, Sometimes I always feel like Axel has a lot of female fans


JASON:Let me break it down for you, You are having the highest fans, both male and female, while Axel is having the highest female fans, his male fans are really not much, But among you all, Axel has the highest female fans, but calculating them together, you have the highest fans


EARL: Sounds cool, When are they preparing for thier music video? Honestly the music was a mind blowing, I listened to it yesterday night


IAN:Yeah I love everything about the music too, So when is thier music video?


MIKE: Probably in the next two weeks, Before Aiken’s birthday, that was what the


Boss (Logan)told us




EARL:I heard Desha dropped a new single dance video MIKE:Yeah she did yesterday


EARL: Please help me on that (Mike stood up to on the TV)I bet it you have watched it


IAN: Believe me I haven’t


EARL:Ok! Let’s watch it together then, let’s see our Babe! (Ian’s face went from smiling to dead look, Earl bursted into laughter) IAN:You are sick!…




Axel laid down on his bed with his phone, he was watching Desha’s latest dance video, suddenly Cassandra’s call came in, He hanged up immediately, After a minute she called again, Suddenly Ariel walked in, Axel switched off his phone immediately, He quickly stood up from the bed and walked up to her, he kissed her on lips and led her to the bed,she sat down while he also sat with her… ARIEL:You said you want to see me?


AXEL: Yeah! I just want to see your pretty face (She smiled)I saw Aiken’s Diary ARIEL:I…. Is everything ok?


AXEL:Yeah! I saw his letter to me, but I don’t think he wants to give me, you know he is very bad in apologizing, So he chose to put everything in his mind to that diary, He knew I saw Everything, we both acted like it’s nothing, But you know what? (He moved closer to her giving her a soft kiss)I am just happy, Am



happy that he apologized, even though it was in his diary, am glad I saw it, those stuffs he put down to that diary means a lot, I won’t forget them, and secondly I have you!(He kissed her again)I really missed you ARIEL:But we are in the same house, You saw me yesterday


AXEL: That was yesterday, I missed your lips (suddenly Ariel pinched him on his stomach while he fell back to the bed)That hurts! (She brought out her tongue to him, while he stood up to leave but Axel suddenly grabbed her back to the bed, she fell to bed while Axel climbed on her immediately, without Minding the cameras Axel kissed her, To give her the respect she deserved after a couple of Kiss, Axel looked up at the cameras which was turned off immediately)


AXEL:Don’t worry the cameras are off! (He kissed her again, Suddenly Axel rolled her on him without breaking the kiss, His hands went all over her body, deepening the kiss more and more, Axel laid her back to the bed, Ariel suddenly stopped the kiss) What! Ariel why are you not letting me,(She gave him no response) Babe is everything ok? Wait! Is this your first time? ARIEL:A… Am sorry!


AXEL:Are you telling me that you are Virgin?


ARIEL:I told you that you are my first


AXEL: I know you told me that, but you never told me you haven’t try this before, Am so sorry! (He stood up from her making her put her head on his chest)I am really sorry, Honestly I don’t know, I promise not to rush you, I want you to know that you I love you, of course I have tons of girls, I have them in line, but you stand out to be different from them, Girls do fall in love with me, but I fell in love with you, That’s the fact babe, I love you so much, and I promise not to rush you, we are going to do it when you are ready, Am sorry! ARIEL:It’s ok!


AXEL: Love you!


ARIEL:Love you too! (He kissed her)….


Ian went to the studio to talk to Dion, After a couple of discussions, he went out of the studio, he went to his room, after awhile he came out in his track suits, Seeing him coming out of his room in his tracksuits, Four guards quickly met up with him, He was on his way to the gym, A guard opened the door of the gym for him while they both walked in,Ian told them he wanted to use the treadmill, They on it for him while he climbed up on it to start his exercise, the four guards hanged around the room to watched him while Ian started his exercise….


Pearl and her girls sat in the room discussing…


FIONA: Honestly I don’t like that Eva girl, how can she just opened her mouth and


confessed to Ivor that way, my Ivor!




PEARL:You know have told you to mind the way you talk about them, the fact that there isn’t cameras in this room dosen’t give you the audacity to speak about them anyway


CHLOE: She won’t listen, she is mad In love FIONA:But I love him


CHLOE:My friend shut up before I send you to hell, you think you are the only one who love Garrick’s men, everyone loves them, the last time I checked we don’t have Ivor alone, we have Hugo, Jason, Mike




CHLOE:Mr Logan




CHLOE:Mr Dion too




CHLOE: Aiken is still there and also Earl, honestly miss, I can’t come to this house without having a boyfriend, every lady has always want to see them, and now that God has answered half of my prayers, I want him to please to help me make one of them to love me, That’s Ariel, where is she now, probably in Axel’s room, I can’t believe it up till now that Axel will love her, Like how!


FIONA: Honestly I still don’t get it, I can’t believe it that a whole Axel, I mean Axel will love Ariel, working in TBG’s house is still a dream to me, Sometimes I want to sleep and wake up from this dream, but no it’s reality, Honestly miss we need to get our own boyfriend, God told me my bf is among Garrick’s men PEARL:Like if you both don’t shut up now am sending you back home CHLOE:We are sorry ma


PEARL:You are always sorry, You don’t have to force Yourself on a guy, even if


you like him, don’t make it to be obvious, Ariel didn’t force herself on Axel, he


love her on his own, that’s it! So shut up now and go to your rooms and sleep!






PEARL: Chloe goodnight please! (They both stood up sluggishly and went to thier room immediately, Pearl looked so done with them, she stood up to switched off the TV, suddenly there was a knock on the door, she opened the door, it was Axel and Ariel)



AXEL:Am sorry to kept her for so long PEARL:No it’s ok,As long as she is cool with it AXEL: Thanks! (Smile) Goodnight!


PEARL:Yeah Goodnight! (Axel winked at Ariel and went away, both Pearl and


Ariel just smiled, Ariel moved closer to Pearl and hugged her,As Pearl was about


to close the door, Suddenly Hugo stopped the door with his leg, the two ladies got




PEARL:Oh my God!


HUGO:(smilling)Am sorry to scared you


PEARL:No it’s ok, Is there a problem?


HUGO:I know it’s late but please can you come to the Spa?


PEARL:W… Who is there?




PEARL:W… W…. Why?!


HUGO:I don’t know why he chose to do that tonight, Tomorrow is there, Actually


his mum is coming next week,he just wants to look good for her,He may not know


how to tell you,So I have to let you know about it,Seems he wants to get ready for


his mum,it’s been up to four years they saw eachother,He just want to look good to


her, he wants a face treatment please,Am really sorry miss, but I think you have to


come with me please


ARIEL:Can I come with her?



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