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The Best Guys – Episode 20

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Episode 20



In Addy to the Queen of May #ABIKE herself, tomorrow is all about her,kindly do well in wishing her #Happy_brithday


Axel dragged Ariel to his room and pushed her slowy to the wall , He wanted to kiss her but he looked up at the camera and immediately the camera was turned off


. Hugo who was with the boys in the CCTV room made a smirk and went out of the room , Axel grabbed Ariel , dragged her to the bed to sit . He went to his wardrobe and brought out a small box , He opened it and there was a golden necklace in it , Ariel smiled while Axel brought it out for her , He wore it on her and said ….


AXEL : Do you like it ?


ARIEL : Of course I love it , Thank you !


AXEL :So you said you wanted to see me , what do you want to tell me ? ( He sat down next to her on bed holding her hand )

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ARIEL : I … I want to go back to school , My brothers told me to take some time from Miss Pearl . They promised me to send me back to school then and now the money is ready for me to go back to school , So I just want you to know that I may leave her anytime (Axel was silent for awhile and then he said ) AXEL : How old are you ? ( She was surprised , She smiled and said)


ARIEL : Am older than you


AXEL : What ? You can’t be older than me , Like seriously how old are you ?


ARIEL : Am 22 !


AXEL : What ! So you and Earl are age mate ?


ARIEL : Yeah !


AXEL : I can’t believe that !


ARIEL : You look 20 to me

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ARIEL : Seriously ?


AXEL : Am serious , well let’s close that . I really wish to meet your bro again , but am afraid I can’t do that right now , I wish to send you to that school myself . ARIEL : No No No ,you don’t need to do that !


AXEL:I know but they can just use the money for something else, I really want to be the one to do that for you



ARIEL: Don’t worry about me, am fine and am ok about that, you don’t have to stress yourself on anything for now. There will still be some time when you do many things for me,but this, don’t bother about it, my brothers will do that for me AXEL: Honestly am going to miss you, I really don’t want you to go ARIEL: But I need to study


AXEL: I know! Anyway your necklace look pretty on you .


ARIEL : All thanks to the giver ( She smiled I’m a cute way , Axel drew her closer to his chest while he laid down , he placed his hands on her waist and kissed her )



( Listen to M.I.A by Stray kids……)


Ivor came out of the CCTV room , suddenly he saw Eva coming his way , He stopped while Eva walked up to him , She wanted to touch his chest but Ivor slapped her hand away..


EVA: Awnnn! You don’t need to do that , I’m always ready for you . Please I won’t even if it is for once


IVOR : You are sick! ( He walked out on her while Eva smiled and walked away also )


The gate was wide opened for Garrick and his men , The soldier stepped out of the cars to open the door for him . He was putting on black suits , his sunglasses on him on him , Hugo and Ivor with bodyguards all stood at the front of the house , saluting him till he walked in , Ivor and Hugo followed him inside . The boys were standing in the living room waiting for him to enter , The moment he stepped in with two soldier , Hugo and Ivor , Earl almost collapsed , Aiken smiled after he saw Earl’s reaction , Mr Garrick sat down while he told the boys to sit down , Hugo and Ivor and the two soldier all Stan behind him , Logan and Mama Betty came out to him ….


LOGAN : Good afternoon sir


GARRICK : That’s my boy ! How are you doing ?.


LOGAN : Am fine Sir , Thanks !


GARRICK : Mama Betty !


MAMA BETTY : Welcome Sir !


GARRICK : Thank you for taking care of my boys , I really appreciate it ma


MAMA BETTY : it’s nothing sir , they are all my sons


GARRICK : Alright ma ! I will just talk to the boys , please excuse ma


MAMA BETTY : Alright Sir !




IAN : Yes sir !


GARRICK : Ok , Logan will do that , I wish both of you Good luck!


IAN : Thank you Sir!


GARRICK: Axel , Mike sent me your records , I can see that you have improved a lot . That’s good , I was really happy that Mike sent it to me , I love what I heard . Good job boy ! ( Axel looked at Aiken while they both so smiled at each other ) Earl !


EARL : ( Scared ) Y …Yes Sir ( The guys couldn’t stop smiling )


GARRICK : Is there a problem ?


EARL : N…N…No No ! No problem sir


GARRICK : Is he ok ?


LOGAN : ( Smiling ) Of course he is ok sir


Garrick : Hmmm , Ok ! Just take care of the boys please


LOGAN : Yes sir !


GARRICK : Aiken , I can see you guys are getting along with each other , I want more of it , u want you guys to do everything together,share everything together because two heads is better than one . Do you get me ? AIKEN : I do sir!


GARRICK: Good ! Ivor and Hugo !


BOTH : Yes Sir!


GARRICK : Take card of the boys


BOTH : Yes sir !


GARRICK : When is Axel and Aiken dropping their song


LOGAN : Very soon sir , they are still working on it , but Aiken said he wants a music video for it Sir


GARRICK : Of course no problem , let’s do that for them


LOGAN : Alright Sir ? ( Suddenly Pearl came out to say hello to Garrick , the moment she stepped out , Aiken stared at her ) GARRICK : Pearl , right ?


PEARL : Yes Pearl , Welcome Sir !


GARRICK : So you are Axel biggest crush ( She smiled ) I can see the reason why he crush on you . Anyway we are sorry about the fans then , I know how much they disturbed you then


PEARL : Oh it’s nothing Sir , am glad I was able to interact with some of TBG’s fans . They are all adorable .


GARRICK : Oh !Such a nice word from an Angel


PEARL: Oh ! ( She smiled and suddenly found Aiken staring at her ) I …I will excuse you sir


GARRICK : Alright dear , Take care


PEARL : Yes sir ( She quickly walked away )


GARRICK : Logan ?


LOGAN :Yes sir !


GARRICK : After Aiken and Axel’s Music Video , I want the boys to start their


new album , Aiken is still on it right ?


LOGAN : Yes sir !


GARRICK : A composer will definitely come to the house next week , so that


Aiken and him will share things together , I don’t want Aiken to be overloaded


with everything


LOGAN : Of course sir


GARRICK : So that is how it’s going to be , Aiken your Mum called me ! ( Aiken was silent ) Logan I want you and the boys to excuse I and Aiken please LOGAN : Yes sir ( Everyone went out leaving them to talk )


The Next Day , Garrick record label posted on their page , it was about Ian and


Desha . A picture of Desha and Ian was placed together with the info written under


it as ” Garrick record label confirms TBG Ian and Popular dancer Desha are


currently dating ” …




1) Definitely an not I this world


2)Am the happiest fan right now , I can finally rest in peace , My two role models are said to be dating….


But this two hardly talk in public, I can’t believe they are dating ….


Please tell me an dreaming….


Honestly they look so adorable together with the pics mix , I can’t wait to see their pictures together


Wow! Finally my boyfriend is taken am having three boyfriends left in TBG….


Ian was In his room busy talking to Desha on Video call , Earl walked in and maid down o him while they both do the video call with Desha … EARL : You are looking pretty


IAN ‘ You are talking to my girlfriend


EARL : Your girlfriend or our girlfriend


IAN : My girlfriend!


EARL : Whatever Bro ! Our girlfriend please don’t let us argue again ( Desha couldn’t stop smiling to their cute fight )


Nora was on her way to town suddenly she bumped into Logan …..


LOGAN : Nora we need to talk


NORA: I don’t have anything to talk about with you


LOGAN : But I have something to say to you


NORA : And I said am not ready to listen to you . I need to go , am late for my appointment , excuse me ! ( She walked away leaving home standing )…..


Ax and Aiken’s music was dropped, it was a mind blowing song which went viral the moment it was released . Fans realised that most of the lyrics In the song was a confession of love , reconciliation and forgiveness between the two Rappers … FANS COMMENTS


I was crying while listening to this , The two Rappers left me speechless …..


Wow ! Am impressed with this …..


Indeed Axel is Aiken’s biggest fan , Aiken is Axel’s role model , They both wished they are from the same parents,That means a lot please . Honestly I love this ….


This is one of my favorite from TBG Rappers please….


Dion and Logan sat In the studio discussing on Axel and Aiken’s music ….


DION : Aiken is good in this , he wrote most of the lyrics LOGAN :Yeah ! Axel worte some too


The Fans can’t stop talking about it DION:Yeah ! Most of the lyrics are emotional

LOGAN : Honestly am so glad to see the getting along this way .


DION : Me too ! Common let’s take a walk round the house , let’s talk about you and Nora


LOGAN : Dion I don’t want to


DION : I insist , please !


LOGAN : Fine let’s go but honestly I don’t want to talk about her


DION : You are very good when it comes surrender , you give up easily . The fact that she is not answering you doesn’t mean to surrender , you need to try again . Common let me give you some hints Dude , common ! ( Dion dragged Logan out of the studio slowly )…



Axel walked in Aiken’s room , he realized that he was in the bathroom . Suddenly he saw Aiken’s Diary on the table which was opened , he moved closer to it , some words caught his attention which was “To my brother who have faced , walked through and relate to . I am deeply sorry for my ignorance of your reality , I’m sorry for thinking and assuming that everyone else is like me , I’m also sorry for getting sad and emotional most of time , and I’m sorry for entertaining this feeling and making it worse by doing so . Even though there had been many times when I’ve taken you for granted , I want you to know that a brother like you is what I’ve always wanted , Words will never be enough to thoroughly express to you how happy you make my heart by just being an incredible sweet brother to me , Love you Dear brother _AXEL…


After reading this , Axel was shocked staring at the diary, suddenly Aiken came out of the bathroom , he was shocked to see Axel next to the diary . They both stared at each other ……


The Best Guys

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