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The Best Guys – Episode 2

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Episode 2



There are four different rooms which are different from any other rooms in the house, and these rooms are for the boys, Each room has its own treadmill machine for exercising, and also a chest press machine for exercising, The king size bed in each room is enough to contain three fat people without squeezing eachother,Two Air conditioners in each room are peacefully on to cool the rooms, Every single thing in each room are made of glasses and Golds, It is indeed a Paradise….


Maids in the house all gathered round the compound waiting for Mama Betty to come out to speak with them, The maids uniforms are black skirt with white shirt, black heels to match it up, sometimes they put on pink shirt and black trouser with heels,Those are the two uniforms for the maids in the house,From the gatekeepers to the bodyguards,they all put on black suits,No one is left out, including the Gardners, every male workers are always in suits,There are some set of Maids that cook, some serve,some do the cleaning,some do the laundry,some do the ironing, while some do the plates washing,there are different kinds of Maids in TBG’s Mansion, everyone has his or her own work to do,After awhile Mama Betty came out with Audrey and Eva, They are Madam’s Betty left and right hands, Mama Betty started her speech by greeting all the maids…. MAMA BETTY:Good morning to y’all


ALL: Morning Mama Betty


MAMA BETTY:Good to see all your pretty faces this morning Eva:Oh Am blushing, Mama Betty called me Pretty Audrey: Madam not only you, she is greeting everyone Eva: Enemy of progress


MAMA BETTY:Will you both stop it, am standing here BOTH:Sorry Ma’am!


MAMA BETTY:Sorry about that,As we all know that our works in this house has been reduced a bit ever since the boys travelled, but now am glad to let you all know that we are about to resume back to work, the boys are coming home in the next two days, I want you to start a proper cleaning from each boy’s room, Start your cleaning from Aiken’s room, make sure that a single thing dosen’t break, please take a good care of things in his room while you are cleaning it, those who are in charge of foods should go back to our normal time table, and don’t forget that no matter what you cooks, you must not add anything that has to do with fish to Earl’s food, he is allergic to Fish,I don’t need to tell us this but still I have to remind you again, please for the sake of God, let’s be very careful on Earl’s food, I mean on his own food alone let’s take a perfect care on it, And when Ian is sleeping

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please no noise, Let’s maintain a decorum when we are working in thier flats, and before Aiken wakes up please a cup of coffee beside his bed before he wakes up, He dosen’t joke with his coffee please, and the moment he steps out of his room, arrange his room before he gets back from the gym, He hates uncleanliness, The boys are coming back in the next two days, let’s be focus and be active please, don’t forget the cameras also, the cameras will start working from now on, so if you are lacking behind or you are doing unnecessary stuffs, remember that the guards will be watching you all, and the moment your crime gets to Mr Garrick, you are definitely out of this house, do you understand me? All:Yes Ma’am!


MAMA BETTY:Good, let’s get back to work…


A flat was given to Pearl and his girls in the mansion,There are two rooms and a living room in thier flat, Pearl has a room to herself which she will be sharing with Ariel, While Chloe and Fiona will share a room together, Pearl decided to share a room with Ariel because of her problem, Pearl has always love to watch over Ariel all the time because of how she forgets things easily and how she loses focus, It’s not a doubt that Pearl love Ariel more than the other girls, Pearl called out the girls to gathered up in the living room to talk to them, They all sat down while Pearl stood at thier front to speak to them…


PEARL:Ladies! Is good to be here in TBG’s house, I know it’s somehow difficult for us to believe that we are in TBG’s house


FIONA: Honestly I feel like this is still a dream, Like someone need to wake me up please


CHLOE: It’s not a dream Babe, I just pray for strength to fall on me because I don’t know what will happen to me if I should set my eyes on them FIONA:Me too


PEARL: Ladies please, we need to compose ourselves, we are having the access to move closer to TBG and that is to take care of them, Not to fall in love please,This is our work, Count them as normal clients,See them as our normal customers,I don’t want you to lose your focus please


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CHLOE:But Ma’am, it’s really not easy, I mean a whole TBG FIONA:Honestly it’s a little bit hard for us, How can we, I mean ordinary us to touch those Greek gods faces(Pearl smiled and said to Ariel) PEARL: Ariel what do you think, Ariel! Ariel!!


FIONA:Oh not again, She is at it again (Pearl moved closer to her, She bent down


beside her, Ariel was too lost to notice her,Pearl placed her hand on her shoulder


slowly, Ariel got shocked)


PEARL: Ariel are you ok


ARIEL:I… I…. (Suddenly there was a knock at the door)


FIONA:Yes who is that?


VOICE:It’s me Mike


CHLOE:Oh no! That’s one of TBG’s mangers, Lord please please please PEARL:Come in sir! (Mike came in, He closed the door slowly, He was in blue suits,He was holding some files and his sunglasses, He smiled to them while Fiona and Chloe lost it, They stared at him as he walked up to them smilling, He gave out an handshake to Pearl and said)


MIKE: It’s good to have you here Ma’am


PEARL:Thank you Sir


MIKE:Have you check out your Spa and other things?


PEARL:Yes we did,We love it all, But there are two dressing rooms there, Is that for us to handle?


MIKE:Oh not for you, You and the Stylist will be sharing that Hall, It’s for Nora and her girls


FIONA:Oh my God! Miss Nora,I can’t wait to meet her please


MIKE:Don’t worry you will be working together, She will arrive with her girls tonight,They are also in the US with the boys over there,but they will arrive today,Those rooms are for them, you know they are in care of thier clothes and shoes, They will be managing that place with you guys, so please work together,She will be arriving tonight PEARL:Oh I will be looking forward to that Sir


MIKE: Alright Ma’am, I and Jason are going back to the US very soon, We will be arriving with the boys tomorrow, But before I go, I will like to say something please


PEARL:Ok Sir am all ears


MIKE: Please among the boys, I want you to be the one to touch a member, and that’s Aiken please,No matter what, please your girls are not allow to do that, Except you please


FIONA:We personally can’t move closer to him Sir, We also need to survive, am glad our boss will be the one to touch him MIKE:(Smilling)Are you scared of him?,,



CHLOE:Sir no one is ready to touch that Greek god(Mike just gave out a soft smile)


NEWSCASTER:Good evening to everyone, It’s a great news for us to inform you all that TBG will be arriving at the airport tomorrow night, The company posted it on thier page just now telling us about thier arrival which is tomorrow night, as we all know that it’s a normal thing for TBG’s fans to wait for them at the airport,The CEO of Garrick record label pleaded all fans to be careful at the airport tomorrow night, He said the Fans Should try to give eachother some space while TBG are approaching, Due to the last meeting at the airport, there were a lot of fans who got injured, while some passed out because of stress, So he said, To avoid such thing this time around, we should try as much as possible not to mob eachother most especially the boys, Garrick record label also said, thier homecoming will surely be a great one for all the fans, there will be some time for the boys to greet you all and to do some autographs for you all, Have a great day everyone…..


A car drove in TBG’s house,A Lady came out of the car,she was putting on a white dress and silver heels,two ladies also came out of the car with her,This is TBG’s special stylist and Fashion designer Nora,Every TBG’s clothes are made by her,while most of the time she picks each guy’s clothes for them,After looking out for the best and latest design on the internet,she always be the one to place an order for TBG’s clothes,She is really popular as TBG’s stylist,She walked in the house with her two workers,They all dragged in some heavy bags,but on thier way to the house,some guards collected the bags from them and helped them in, Getting to thier own flat,They dropped the bags while they all went out of thier room,on thier way outside, Nora kept on talking to her girls…


NORA:I want you Ladies to rest after we are done with this greeting,we need to get a lot of rest before the boys arrive tomorrow,we will have the chance to rest for a whole week before thier photoshoot next week,so during our resting,I want you Ladies to be online to search out for the latest designs, besides we need to make some nice suits for the boys,so for now till tomorrow,eat and rest,Do you understand me?


BOTH:Yes Ma’am (They arrived at the front of Pearl’s flat,Chloe was the one who opened the door for them,She was shocked to see Nora who was just smilling at her, getting to the room, Nora and Pearl hugged eachother, smilling at eachother…..



TBG’s Mansion, Mike and Jason stood in the living room discussing with some few guards…


JASON:This is your Bosses Message for you all, And you must deliver this


message to others,Hugo and Ivor told us to tell you guys to inspect each guys room


thoroughly before thier arrival,check out the cameras and everything, make sure


that everything is clear, They both said if there is any traces of undone work, You


will get it from them, We are also going back right now, you must meet up with the


Boss’s soldiers at the airport tomorrow, they will be the first to arrive at the airport,


atleast there must be fifteen guards at home to supervise the house, others should


be at the airport, And lastly we want six guards and four soldiers to gather round


Axel to the car, immediately they arrive make sure you assist the Soldiers to guard


Axel to the car, He is not going to stay with other guys at the airport and he won’t


do any autographs with them, we received the news just now that Axel is sick, he


won’t be able to stand for too long, make sure you guard him very well to the car,


Do you understand?




MIKE:You can go!



How is this episode please?


The Best Guys

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