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The Best Guys – Episode 19

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Episode 19


MICHAEL:If not for the blood between I and you, I should have slap you so hard, how dare you to ruined all my plans Evelyn, How dare you to do this to me?



EVELYN:What have I done to you, what the hell are you talking about? (Micheal handed the phone to her, she was shocked to see herself na.ked on the bed, she couldn’t believe her eyes)


MICHAEL:Why would you go to TBG’s house without telling me, Just why? EVELYN:B… But I woke up on Axel’s bed with my dress on me MICHAEL:You are so Crazy,Don’t you know what they are capable of, Evelyn you ruined my plans for me


EVELYN:What plans? What have you done to them to do me this way, if anything should happen to me, Bro you are at fault, Ha! Am finished (she began to shed tears)You have killed me, What have you done to them, Can’t you just answer me! (Screaming)


MICHAEL:I know what to do, I promise to protect you, nothing is going to happen to you

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Evelyn:Just leave me alone and get out of my house, I hate you! (She cried and ran to her room, Micheal was confused on what to do)….


Micheal’s car drove in TBG’s compound, He was searched thoroughly by Ivor alone before he was allowed him, He walked in to the living room to found all the guys in the living room except for Ian, he walked in slowly trying to gathered his courage but he was shocked to see Ian coming out towards him, Ian ran up to him and punched him so hard on his face, Micheal fell down while the other guys ran up to Ian to save Micheal from him, Aiken just sat down watching the whole scenario, After thousands of punches on Micheal’s face, He was saved from Ian, Micheal was bleeding all Over his face, mouth and nose, Ian said…


IAN: How dare you to do this, what have I and Desha done to you, how can you treat a lady that way, how can you do this to her, How dare you bastard! (He punched him again, Hugo quickly grabbed Ian) leave me alone! Listen to me, I don’t care about what you are going to do with Desha’s Video, no matter what you do to it, i don’t care, but I want you to know one thing that am marrying that girl in my room, I am going to make Desha my woman, No matter what! You bastard(He punched him again and walked in angrily, Micheal stood up from the floor slowly,he said)


MICHAEL:I…. I brought the video with me


LOGAN:Aiken? (Aiken stood up and moved closer to Micheal while other watched him, He said)


AIKEN:You know what, Keep the video while we keep Evelyn’s video, let’s make it equal that way, what if you have another copy and what if we have another copy, So let’s keep it this way, keep the video while we keep Evelyn’s own, But let me



tell you this,If anything should happens to Desha, you will pay for it, It’s a promise from me, To you! (Aiken tapped his shoulder,He made a smirk and walked away)….


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Ian walked in his room, he saw Desha beside the window staring at the compound, He called her but she was unable to hear him,He moved closer to her and tapped her, Suddenly Desha breathed out of fear, she was shocked the moment Ian touched her,Ian had to hugged her to calm her down, after awhile he led her to the bed making her to sat on it, he Knelt down at her front holding her hands,He said) IAN:Babe! Are you scared again? Desha no more problems, Micheal is not going to do anything to you, as long as I am in this with you, trust me he is not going to harm you anymore, Nothing is going to happen to you again, I won’t let that happen to you again, I promise you! I love you so much! (He hugged her)


Aiken was alone in the basketball court at night, he was playing alone, Suddenly


he saw Pearl watching him, the moment she saw him looking at her she quickly


walked away looking at her back if he was coming after her, the moment she


looked at her back to her front, she was shocked to bumped into him)


PEARL:Oh my God!


AIKEN:Is there a problem?


PEARL: Uh!,I…. I…. W….


AIKEN:This will be the second time I will caught you watching me, is there a problem?


PEARL:No! No problem, I was just passing by, Sorry! (She turned to leave but Aiken held her hand back, she was shocked, she freezed the moment she felt his hand on her, without looking back at him she stood there, Suddenly Aiken turned her to face him while she quickly shut his eyes, The guards and Hugo arrived at where they are, Aiken released her while Pearl ran away like a lightening bolt, Hugo said)


HUGO:Is there a problem?


AIKEN: It’s nothing, Don’t mind her! (He walked in while Hugo and the guards followed him)….


Axel and Earl called everyone to the garden for a game, from Nora, Pearl, Audrey, Eva, Chloe, Fiona, Ariel, Logan, Dion, Mike, Jason, Hugo, Ivor, including Desha and all TBG boys, They all sat round the table while Earl stood up and said) EARL: This is a game, and also not a game, We are going to spin the bottle, if it turns to you, pick anyone and ask him or her any question, You can also wish for



anything from the person you will choose, and they must say the truth or grant your wish, and if you don’t have question for the person or you don’t have any wish for him or her, you can make a confession, So that’s what the game is all about, So are we ready? Bro! (Calling Dion)spin the bottle


DION:Ohhhh why me? (Smilling, He rolled the bottle while it stopped and face Logan, Dion said) Logan!


LOGAN:My heart beats! (Everyone bursted into laughter)


DION:Do you still want Nora back?(It was a bomb to everyone, Logan was speechless for awhile, everyone stared at him for an answer, he looked at Nora who snobbed him immediately, He smiled and said) LOGAN:I want her back if she can forgive me


ALL: Wow!(Logan rolled the bottle while it stopped and faced Ian)


LOGAN: Ian, when are you planning to reveal your relationship with Desha?


IAN:I… I planned to do that very soon


LOGAN:How soon?


IAN:Just soon! Soon is soon Bro! (Everyone bursted into laughter, Ian rolled the bottle while it stopped and faced Aiken)


IAN:(Smile)I don’t have a question for Aiken, But do you have a confession?(Aiken made a little cute smile, he said)


AIKEN:Ian, I was the first to saw Desha’s break up second message to you, when I saw you coming that day, I had to hid so that you won’t see me, Am sorry to read the message first (Everyone was silent,they were all surprised to heard Aiken saying sorry for the first time, Ian just smiled at him, suddenly Aiken rolled the bottle while it stopped and faced Pearl, she was shocked while everyone stared at him, He said)


AIKEN:Why do you always check on me in the basketball court and when I see you, you always run away? (Pearl’s eyes got more wider and wider as they were ready to popped out of thier sockets)


PEARL:I…. I …. U…. I just like t….to watch you, and i always run away because


you might get mad at me, that’s what I thought! (She quickly forced out a smile out of fear while Aiken just stared at her, Everyone also smiled back to clear the awkward silent moment, She rolled the bottle while it stopped at the front of Axel, she smiled and said) Please can you confess your relationship with Ariel to us? AXEL:What? Arrrgh!(Earl and others couldn’t stop laughing while Ariel looked away, trying not to make an eye contact with anyone, Pearl hugged her in a cute way while everyone waited for Axel’s reaction, He smiled and said)Uhmmm, Actually i….I…..


DION:Why the I I I


AXEL:Bro am coming


DION:Ok you are on your way? (Everyone bursted into laughter) AXEL:Well, I guess I will have to say it then, I and Ariel love eachother ALL: Wow!!!


AUDREY:Am so jealous right now


FIONA: Honestly I feel like crying (Ariel was so shocked and at the same time so shy, Axel just Smiled and rolled the bottle while it stopped at the front of Eva) AXEL:I have a confession to her, cause I don’t have anything to ask, Eva! You are beautiful!


EVA:Oh my God! Am dieing, am Dead!Am buried!Am no more! Thank you so much, I won’t forget this, I will take it to my grave! (Everyone bursted into laughter, Eva rolled the bottle while it stopped at the front of Ivor, Eva and Audrey Suddenly jumped up as everyone wondered what was going on with them) I have a big confession to him,A bigggg confession! DION:Hmmm, Interesting!


EVA:(She closed her eyes and opened it, Suddenly she dropped the bomb and said) IVOR CAN YOU PLEASE HAVE SEX WITH ME FOR ONCE! (Everyone almost fainted, Ivor just sat there watching her as she went crazy pleading him, Aiken couldn’t stop smilling, Everyone was shocked cause that was the last thing they were all expecting her to say)….


The next morning,Aiken, Ian, Earl and Axel were having thier breakfast, Logan walked in with a phone in his hand, he just received a call, he walked up to the boys and said…


LOGAN: The Boss is coming here tomorrow! (Earl’s fork dropped from him the moment he heard that,The boys stopped eating at once)


EARL:Y….Y…..You mean, Mr Garrick is coming here tomorrow?




EARL:Am Dead! I accept anyone not my nightmare!(The boys all went silent and shocked,but not as Earl who was always scared of Garrick,Logan just smiled and walked away…..


Listen to There for you by Troye Sivan….



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