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The Best Guys – Episode 18

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Episode 18


Desha walked into the eatery with her guard, Micheal on his seat waiting for her,A bodyguard was behind Micheal standing, Desha walked towards Micheal’s table while her guard pulled out the chair for her, she sat down,Micheal focused on her, staring at her as she sat down, Desha dropped her purse on the table and said…. DESHA:You said you want to see me, how may I help you?


MICHAEL:I never knew that you are this cute, looking at you so closely left me in surprise


DESHA:Is that why you called me here?


MICHAEL: Common take it slowly, do you care for anything, what do you want to eat?


DESHA:I am not eating anything, why did you called me here? MICHAEL:(He gave her a pervert look) Desha i like you,I really like you so much,I have watched some of your dance Videos, I found you so sexy and beautiful, Honestly I want you to be mine, I promise to take care of you,Trust me baby


DESHA:You are so funny, So you like me because of my body and dance, And who told you that I need care, do I look like am suffering to you, as you can see I don’t beg to eat, i am fully ok in my own way so take your caring to someone else cause I don’t need them


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MICHAEL:Is this because of Ian? (Desha was shocked)Don’t be surprise that I know about you guys relationship, You don’t want fans and other celebrities to



know about you guys, but I Micheal knew about it a long time ago, common I will give you a double of what Ian is giving you


DESHA:You need to respect yourself, I won’t give you the chance to talk to my boyfriend that way, if you want the world to know about I and Ian, I don’t care anymore, at first we wanted to be sure of our relationship, and now that it is for real, I don’t have any reason to keep it again, and let it be the first and last time you will send for me this way(she hissed and went away with her guard, Micheal made a smirk and then suddenly he grabbed a glass cup on the table and threw it on the floor angrily)…..


Desha and friends were at a friend’s birthday party,it was a night Party,the ladies are celebrating and drinking to the fullest,Desha joined her friends in drinking,After a couple of drinks,Desha began to feel dizzy and seemed like she wanted to vomit,she stood up and went to the toilet, Getting to the toilet she vomited and watched her face, She was doing this when two hefty guys came in and covered her nose with an handkerchief, Suddenly she fell on one of the guy’s arm and slept off, They lifted her up and took her away…..


Desha woke up the next morning to a different room, she saw her clothes and shoes on the floor, she was na.ked, she screamed out Suddenly, Her head hurts, Micheal walked in alone, Desha was shocked to see him walking in with a devilish smile on him….


DESHA:(screaming)Are all these done by you, How dare you to do this to me, You will regret this, you will go to jail for this, you are such an evil MICHAEL:You are shouting, If you like shout from now till next year, believe me no one is going to hear you, so calm down and listen to me, Believe me I don’t touch you, I never touch you, all I did was this (Micheal on the TV for Desha, She was shocked to see herself on the bed na.kedly, the camera went from her head to her toe, And from her toe back to her face, Suddenly from her sleep she muttered “IAN” The camera went off immediately, Desha bursted into tears immediately) Common you don’t need to cry, am here for you baby, I can’t believe you muttered Ian’s name in your sleep, imagine us uploading this, people will definitely think Ian did this to you, of course they will realized that you guys are dating, Honestly I don’t like that guy, but Wow! Am so glad that both you and him are in my trap, imagine you ruining Ian’s name with that video, and not only Ian will be affected, including all TBG, Honestly I can’t stop laughing, Anyways you have two options with this, Break up with Ian and be mine, or you choose him and tarnish his name


and yours, the ball is in your court, So choose wisely! (He made a smirk and went


out of the room immediately)

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DESHA:(In tears)He made me broke up with Ian, he threatened me a lot,he said if I should make a single mistake that he is going to upload the video, i couldn’t take it anymore after my first break up with Ian, I had to begged Ian then to have me back cause I don’t want to loose him, he later found out that Ian accepted me back…




Desha was at Micheal’s house in his room, Suddenly Micheal grabbed her neck and pushed her to the wall without releasing her….


MICHAEL:How dare you to go back to him, are you not scared of me, Do you think I won’t upload that video, how dare you to disobey me, what the hell is wrong with you?


DESHA:(struggling)M… Mi…. Mic… Michael p…. Please….


MICHAEL:Give me your phone! Give me your phone! (He grabbed her phone from her, He sent Ian a break-up message with her phone and said)I told him you are no more interested in him, I had to make it look like it was really from you! (He threw her phone to the bed)You are mine! You are fu.cking mine you bitch! (He grabbed her face closer and kissed her with force)




Desha was in full tears as she narrated the whole story to Aiken, He sat down feeling so pity for her, From the CCTV room, Ian, Earl, Axel, Logan, Mike, Hugo, Jason and some few guards were watching them ever since Desha started her story, She was the only one who wasn’t aware about it, Ian bursted into tears as he walked out of the room, he opened Aiken’s door suddenly with tears on him, Desha was shocked to see him walking in, she stood up from the chair with fear in her,Ian walked up to Desha and hugged her immediately, Tears rolled down on thier faces, the only thing Ian could say was….


IAN:I am sorry! I am really sorry!! Am so sorry!!!…


The boys gathered together in the living room to discuss, Ian was only speechless as he bowed down his head listening to others…. JASON:So what are we going to do now?



EARL: I think we can use his sister to get him, I mean we all know that Evelyn is very important to him, why don’t we use his sister to get him AXEL:Like how are we to do that?


MIKE:I think Earl is right, we can just do the same thing he did for Desha to Evelyn


LOGAN:So you mean we should make it equal?


MIKE: Exactly Boss!


LOGAN:But how are we going to do that, who is going to get Evelyn?


EARL:Axel can do that


AXEL: What? Me?


EARL:(smilling)Of course you know you can do it


AXEL: What’s the smile for, why me? I don’t understand you


EARL: Remember the award show, she was into you that day but you ignored her, so I think she will be glad if you get into her now


AXEL:No No No No No (x10000)….


EARL:Why are you saying No a million times, Common it’s just for this situation, why are you acting like a novice, This is your game boy, Just to invite her to the house, Hugo and Ivor will do the rest of the job man


LOGAN:Axel you are not doing anything to her, just invite her to the house and that’s all


AXEL:To invite her is very easy but I don’t want (He paused)


IVOR:You don’t want what?


AXEL:I…..i…..arrgh! You guys are pushing me to say this, well i don’t want Ariel


to know that Evelyn is coming for me


EARL:Ariel? You mean the same Ariel in this house?


AXEL:Yeah! Who else?


EARL: Wait are you guys together?


AXEL:I can’t tell you anything yet but I don’t want her to know that Evelyn is coming for me, It’s my privacy, am not ready to tell anyone


LOGAN: Alright Alright Alright! No problem, she won’t know about it


AXEL: Good! Let’s get to business and stop looking at me that way! (Talking to Earl whose mouth was wide open staring at him)….


Ian walked in his room, Desha was sleeping on his bed, She was in deep sleep, Ian moved closer to her on the bed, he sat next to her staring at her, he stood up from the bed and changed into his pyjama, He laid down next to her which Desha was


backing him, He covered both of them with the blanket, he moved closer to her and


gave her a back hug)….


Evelyn’s car drove in TBG’s compound, She was led in by Ivor, When they arrived at the living room, they met Aiken and Earl in the living room, She smiled at Aiken while he snobbed her, she ignored him, She turned to Earl, smilling at him while he returned the smile, they both say hello to eachother while Ivor led her in to Axel’s room, She walked in the room majestically, she saw Axel sitting at the small dinning in his room, there were different kinds of food and wines on the table, with some lovely flowers on it, She smiled at Axel while he walked up to her, he hugged her and led her to the dinning, as a gentleman he pulled the chair out for her while she sat down, She smiled at him while he also gave her a killer Smile,he poured the wine for both him and her, Evelyn drank her wine while Axel didn’t drink his own, he engaged her in a discussion, Suddenly she felt dizzy and sleepy, she rested her back and then she slept off immediately, Hugo and Ivor came in immediately, Hugo carried her in a bridal style and took her out of the room to an empty room in TBG’s house,they carried her to the room and locked the door….


Micheal was at the location shooting a movie, A message was sent to his phone, It was a video message, he clicked on the message and saw his sister on the bed, She was na.ked from head to toe, the camera went from her head to her toe, she was in deep sleep, Just the way Desha was video, Micheal was shocked, his phone fell from him which he quickly picked it up immediately, Suddenly another message was sent to him, it was a text message “COME TO TBG’S MANSION” The moment he saw the message, he knew he was cooked, done and burnt for it, He already knew where the problem was coming from, He stood up at once, His guards wanted to follow him but he told them to wait for him, He drove away from the location….


Micheal arrived at Evelyn’s house, he came out of the car angrily, he entered the house and found Evelyn on her phone, she sat in the living room watching the TV, He walked in and grabbed her phone from her angrily, he threw the phone at the wall, Evelyn was shocked,She shouted at him and said…. EVELYN:Oh my God! What was that for?

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