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The Best Guys – Episode 17

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Episode 17



Series of artists, Actors,models and comedians arrived at the red carpet, Fans and reporters couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos, Claire’s cars arrived at the red carpet, she was escorted by a guard, the fans couldn’t stop taking her pictures, she was in red dinner gown with heels, Not too long Desha’s cars arrived, she steeped out in white dinner gown and heels, The fans rushed to take her pictures, But she was guarded by the guards, Not too long some cars arrived, a guy stepped out in a white suit and black shoes, a lady came out in blue dinner gown with heels, the guy’s name is Micheal, an actor, One of the best and popular Actors, The lady beside him is Evelyn, His younger sister who is a model, she is Micheal’s weak point and strength, She is everything to him, she clinged to him so closely, they



both walked to the carpet, the moment Desha saw them coming she walked in to the hall with her guards, Micheal made a devil smile while he assisted his sister to the red carpet, Suddenly some cars arrived, the fans screamed so hard as TBG stepped out in wine suits,The guys are looking so cool and stunning in the suits, they were protected by the guards as they led them to the red carpet, the moment Micheal saw them coming he made a smirk, Ian who had always hated Micheal saw him on the red carpet, Ian extremely mad at him, Fortunately Micheal walked away with his sister before they arrived at the red carpet, The fans began to mob eachother as they all tried to get a picture of TBG, after awhile the guys were led in to the hall, Not too long the show began, Desha and Ian saw eachother while Ian ignored her, Aiken and Hugo fixed thier attention on Micheal and Desha, they saw Michael looking at Desha, but she wasn’t looking at him, suddenly Micheal grabbed his phone and pressed it, Desha checked her phone and looked at Micheal at his seat, Aiken and Hugo realized that he sent her some messages, Throughout the whole show, Micheal never stopped texting Desha, Micheal sister Evelyn never stopped staring at Axel but Axel was unaware except for Earl who told him, when Axel saw her looking at him, he snubbed her immediately, Desha won the best Dancer, On her way to receive the award she was shaking so badly, her legs were tripping but alll Thanks to her guard who helped her to the stage, Claire won the best Visual over Evelyn which made Evelyn walk away from the show while Micheal followed her, the moment Micheal left, there was a relived for Desha, Aiken and Hugo noticed this, Dion won the best producer, Aiken won the best composer and best Rapper, Ian won the most Fashionable, Earl won an award for the most generous due to his care for the orphans, Axel won the best smile……


Hugo and Aiken sat in Aiken’s room discussing….


HUGO:My informant told me that Micheal is threatening Desha AIKEN: Threatening, But why?Wait who is this informat? HUGO:One of Micheal’s guards AIKEN:That’s risky, how did you do that?


HUGO:It’s me boss, don’t forget that this is one of our job


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AIKEN:So why is Micheal threatening Desha, what has she done to him? HUGO:The guy told me that he is yet to find out about it


AIKEN:That guy is something else, I think Desha needs help, so all the breakups was not by Desha, it was Micheal all these while? HUGO:It seems so



AIKEN:You know what, We will shift everything after our interview, we are having our interview tomorrow, so after the interview we are going to rest for awhile before we start our new album, so before the album we must sort out Desha and Micheal’s issue, I will be the one to explain everything to Ian after the holidays interview


HUGO: Alright no problem boss




Two interviewers are on thier seats, A male and a female, TBG and Logan also sat with them, some fans sat in the audience, it was a live interview for TBG, there was a decorum among the audience…


INTERVIEWER 1:Good afternoon to those who are watching us right right now, Today we have our biggest artists in the house and they are TBG, please say hello to everyone that are watching us right now TBG:Hello


INTERVIEWER 1:It’s good to have you here TBG, am sure many fans are rejoicing for having you here with us, and we are so glad that you honoured us, shout out to Garrick record label, we know that he has been the one, if not for him there won’t be TBG, We really appreciate you sir if you are watching us right now, Before we start our program today, I will like to introduce myself to you all, My name is Lawrence Clinton and my other person here is…

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INTERVIEWER 2: Lalisa Steven, before we start the program, we want TBG to Introduce themselves to us one after the other please AIKEN:Hi guys!Am Aiken


IAN:Hi guys! Am Ian


EARL:Hi guys! Am Earl


AXEL:Hi guys! Am Axel


INTERVIEWER 2: Thank you very much, please can you Introduce yourself to our people please (To Logan)


LOGAN:Hi Everyone! Am Logan, TBG manager


INTERVIEWER 1: Thank you so much for the Introduction, Mr Logan this question is for you, we all know that you are always busy, we know that you have always been one of the best managers, can you please tell us how you feel by working with TBG?


LOGAN: The boys are the best, according to thier name, The Best Guys





LOGAN:I am always happy to work with the boys, and I would like us to work together again in our next life, because TBG are just one of a kind INTERVIEWER 1: Wow! You will really love to work with them in the next life, That means a lot


INTERVIEWER 2: Exactly!Mr Logan, we all know this is possible, how do you control the boys when there is an argument among them


LOGAN: Actually the boys hardly have argument, one thing about them is that they know how to control thier angers, but there was a day they all went out of our hands, including thier personal guards were unable to handle them (TBG smilling)It was a bad night, but we are glad that we were able to control them at the end


INTERVIEWER 2:That must have been hard to control the four boys, Uhmm Ian


this question is for you, You guys have been together for five years, you all know


eachother well, are there some sad memories or moments among TBG individually


IAN:A lot!




IAN:We all have our sad memories individually, but we choose not to show our weakness to our fans, we don’t want them to feel bad for us, so we try to be happy in public while we sort our problems together, at first we were unable to sort it out together, but we have come to learn that two heads are better than one INTERVIEWER 1:Hmmmm, that must be hard, And we are glad that you are doing that together, Earl this is for you, Who do you think is the most scariest one among you all, I mean when that person is angry, you all have to keep quite and watch him, Who do you think?


EARL: I think that’s bro(pointing at Ian)


INTERVIEWER 1:Why Earl,I was hoping for Aiken,so why Ian?


EARL: That’s because he hardly get mad at us, the reason why I didn’t pick Bro is that we are all familiar about his attitude, we know what he can do, and when he is mad we all know already, but bro(Pointing at Ian)He is hard to judge, He got mad at one of our managers then, that was manager Jason, it was really tough that day, That was two years ago, He was so scary that day(Ian was smilling) Since then I haven’t seen him getting mad at anyone, but honestly I won’t forget that day, he had to turned down a lot of stuffs that day, honestly I don’t pray for such again, he is really scary


INTERVIEWER 2: Wow! I wasn’t expecting that though


INTERVIEWER 1: Honestly me too(They all bursted into a laughter) Anyway to the next question, Aiken this is for you, Are you really introverted




INTERVIEWER 1:And how are you coping with it, do you like it that way AIKEN:Of course I don’t like it, I…. I don’t like myself for this, I really hate myself


Actually, but now my members, managers and guards are trying to help me a lot on this, and I am so glad to have them beside me, being introverted is actually not a proper thing, there are a lot of things you will be lacking, but am glad that the guys supported me, they are assisting me in this


INTERVIEWER 2:That’s great news, it’s all a matter of time, very soon everything


will turn to good, Axel you won the best smile on the award show yesterday, It’s


not a doubt that the award is for you, of course you deserve it, So Axel as the


youngest one in TBG of course you have caught many Fans attentions with your


smile and your face generally, many fans are crushing on you, but you personally


do you have a crush?


AXEL:yes I do!


INTERVIEWER 2:Can we know him or her?


AXEL: Yeah!Actually I have two crushes,One of them is bro! (Pointed at Aiken)




AXEL:Yes! He happens to be my first crush as role model


INTERVIEWER 2: That’s great! And who is the second crush,I guess a female?


AXEL: Our Esthetician


INTERVIEWER 2: I think I heard that your new Esthetician is Miss Pearl right?


AXEL: Yeah miss Pearl


INTERVIEWER 1:What do you like about her?


AXEL: I love everything about her, honestly she is the type of woman I want anytime am ready to settle down,Very quite,a good listener,I mean she look so soulful,so saint, I don’t know but she look so fragile, that’s the type of woman I want


INTERVIEWER 2:Do you love her?(Everyone bursted into laughter)


AXEL:Of course not,she is older than me, though age is nothing but Number,I can only love her as a big sis,Not as a girlfriend, she looks so expensive to me INTERVIEWER 2:Wow! Right now many fans will surely envy Miss Pearl,i mean for her to be expensive for you, she must really be expensive truthfully…..


The Interview went well,but Pearl was unable to rest as thousands of fans got her number and account,They all want to work under her as long as they will be in the same house with TBG,After a lot of messages and callings from different fans, Pearl’s number and username was changed,To avoid the stress from thousands of


fans,Axel had to do a live video to plead the fans to please not to bother her




In Aiken’s room, Desha was with him,she sat on a sofa while Aiken also sat down facing him,she was a little bit terrifying,Aiken rested his back on the chair watching her for awhile then he said…


AIKEN:I am the one who wants to see you,Ian is busy in the studio recording, believe me, he won’t know that you are here,and the CCTV for my room is actually off,you don’t need to be scared,(He paused for awhile and then he said) Desha can you please tell me what exactly is going on between you and Micheal??(Tears suddenly rolled down on Desha’s face as she got more and more terrifying)


The Best Guys

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