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The Best Guys – Episode 15

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Episode 15


In the basketball court, the boys wanted to play the ball together,Ian and Aiken paired eachother while they asked Axel and Earl to pair eachother,Earl said…


EARL: Honestly that’s cheating, We all know that two of you are good in this, so definitely you are going to win us in this


AXEL: Honestly you guys are cheating us, We can’t beat you in this, let me play with you bro(facing Aiken)


IAN:No you are not going to pair with him(Smilling)


EARL:Fine, Ax let them be, I hope we are going to pair like this when it is time for swimming


IAN:Ok fine let’s change eachother


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AXEL:No we are not going to change anything, let’s maintain it that way


IAN:You guys are trying to cheat us at the pool


EARL: Cause you are cheating us too


IAN: Whatever! Let’s play then, I promise to try my best at the pool,Aiken we can do it (Aiken, Earl and Axel couldn’t stop laughing)


At the dinning, the boys sat down with Logan, Mike, Jason, Hugo and Ivor, They are all eating together suddenly Earl and Ian said… EARL:Bro you are staring at me


IAN:Of course am not!


EARL:Of course you are


IAN:Am not! (Everyone was surprised except for Aiken who Smiled) LOGAN:Wait Wait, what’s that for?


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AXEL:I really don’t know but I guess they are making fun of me and Bro, Like I and him argued at Abuja then


LOGAN: Oh, I was wondering like what’s going on?


AXEL: Honestly I feel like getting you a fish and put that in your mouth right now EARL:You won’t dare do that to me! (Everyone smiled)


LOGAN: Guys it’s Mama Betty’s birthday next week EARL:Of course we all remember that


LOGAN:Good! She has been the best to us,So I want us to throw her a little party here


MIKE:Yo! Party Party!!! We have Dj Dion in the house! (Everyone bursted into laughter)



In Aiken’s room, the four boys laid down on his bed, For the first time they all went on a live Video together, Fans were surprised to see Aiken with the guys, the fans began to ask if Earl is ok,They began to dropped tons of comments about Earl’s last post, The guys laid down together on the bed, checking the fans comments, Ian said…


IAN:Guys Earl is good, He is really good, As you can all see your Earl, he is looking more handsome than before, but not as me! (The guys smile, Suddenly a fan drop a comment and said)


FaN: I think Aiken is more handsome than you all


IAN:Oh really, What made you to say that?Why is he more handsome than us FaN:Cause he look so manly than you all


EARL:Wow! What about Axel?Cute or handsome?


FaN:Axel is hundred percent not handsome but he is hundred percent cute


FaN 2:I support that too, Axel look so cute than we Ladies,and I really get jealous about that sometimes


AXEL:Wow! That hurts me though! (They all bursted into laughter)I will try to make myself handsome, starting from today


EARL:You all heard that, Axel will stop being cute and he is going to start looking good and handsome for you guys(Few fans supported it, while a lot of fans opposed it, many fans want him to remain that cute)


IAN:Guess majority carry the vote then, Honestly Guys we really appreciate the


love you guys are showing to us, we are so greatful for this undying love, Honestly


you guys are the best to us


AXEL: Yeah! We love you guys!


EARL:Love you!!!


IAN:Aiken do you have anything to say to the fans(He was silenced for awhile blinking his eyes, then he said)


AIKEN: Guys, Uhmmm, I want you all to expect something big from I and Axel EARL:Oh really! (Axel was surprised, he was just staring at Aiken while Aiken smiled to him)


IAN:Wow that’s nice, So guys our rappers are going to drop something for you all, so Watch out!


EARL:Watch out! And also please guys, our momma’s birthday is next week,


Mama Betty


IAN: Yeah!


EARL:And we are going to throw her some surprise birthday party, She has being


the best woman and mother to us, you guys know how much we love her, and we


want you guys to please wish her with us, and I believe that you guys won’t


disappoint us, We love you guys!


IAN:Love you!


AXEL:I love you!(They all kept quiet waiting for Aiken to say his own, suddenly he said)


AIKEN:You guys are my everything! (The guys all screamed Wow, jumping on the bed except for Aiken who was just smilling, He ended the live video while he laid down to watch the boys as they all jumped happily on the bed)…


Logan and the boys together with Mike and Jason sat together in the living room discussing…


LOGAN:The award show is next month, of course you will perform one or two


songs that day, Nora and her girls are already trying to make your clothes for that


day, I told her to make an order but it seems she wanna make the suits for you all,


so she is working on that right now, And I heard that Aiken and Axel are working


on thier new song




LOGAN:Good, I will ask you to please assist Axel on his Rapping skills also AXEL:Sure! Bro is doing that already


LOGAN:Oh that’s nice, I am so happy to hear that, Ian and Earl should always rehearse everyday, I hope you guys are still on that? IAN:Of course we are doing that


LOGAN:Good, And also we are having our interview after the award show, This is


very important, We are all going that day because some fans will also be there that


day, There will be series of questions for you guys, most especially to me, I will try


to talk to the one who will control the interview that day, I will ask him for some


hint on thier questions for that day, I think that will be all for now


AIKEN:Sorry I want to go out tomorrow, I just want to get Mama Betty a gift for


her birthday


LOGAN:Why not make an order like others?


AIKEN: I wish to do that, but I just feel like getting it by myself


LOGAN: Alright no problem, I will try to make an arrangement with Hugo and Ivor,They will make sure that the fans dosen’t notice you AIKEN: Alright thanks!



Audrey and Eva sat in the kitchen discussing together, obviously they are gossiping…


EVA:You need to help me out babe, just give me the hint, he doesn’t look at my side, always frowning, babe I love Ivor, Honestly I won’t mind if he get down with me for once, Just once, teach me some strategies please, I need to make that guy to fall for me, please!


AUDREY:Ok you are just saying everything now, what about me, I told you I like Mr Logan so much


EVA:I have told you to forget about that man, are you telling me that you don’t


know about him and Miss Nora?


AUDREY:But they are no more together


EVA:But still Logan still want her back


AUDREY:And she is not ready to come back to him since Logan forced her to aborted the pregnancy then


EVA:Ha! Common shut up, Is it because the cameras in the kitchen are off, Is that why you are talking anyhow, What if the cameras are on?


AUDREY:Of course it’s not working since we are not cooking, we all know that the cameras are always on when we want to cook


EVA: Whatever J….Oh my God! (She was shocked to see Ariel standing at the


entrance to the kitchen listening to thier conversation)Hi Ariel!




EVA:D….. Do y…. Do you need anything, Y…You wanna shower?


AUDREY:What type of shower is that in the kitchen, Are you mad or what? ARIEL:Mama Betty wants you Eva


EVA: Alright! Am on my way! (Ariel left immediately)Oh my God she heard us AUDREY:And I warned you to let us suspend the discussion till we get to our room, look at what you have done now


EVA:Are we ok,Why am I the only one taking all the blame?


AUDREY:Cause you are the one to receive it


EVA:Don’t worry, let me come back from Mama Betty, consider yourself Dead (She went away)


AUDREY:You too! Consider yourself buried, Stupid girl!…


Axel came to say hello to Pearl, the moment he stepped in, Ariel was the first person he saw in the hall, the moment Ariel saw him, she ignored him while she kept on pressing her phone, Axel walked up to Pearl giving her a short hug, they



both sat down to discuss, but during thier whole discussion, Axel won’t stop glaring at Ariel, Pearl noticed him and said…


PEARL:Is there a problem? I mean you keeps on glaring at her, besides I heard you brought her from her home last week AXEL: Who told you?


PEARL:She told me, and she also told me you spent that night at her place AXEL:Oh! I can see she has the mouth to talk


PEARL:(smilling)wait a minute, what’s wrong with you guys, Is everything ok


with both of you


AXEL: Don’t worry Sis




AXEL:(smilling) What? Don’t tell me you don’t you like the word sis PEARL:(Joking) Honestly you should stop smiling, like it is really killing AXEL:(still smilling)Common sis, You also shouldn’t be part of them, everyone keeps telling me to stop smiling


PEARL:I Guess you don’t know how much it hurts, I am serious, I am not joking,


You have the best smile


AXEL:Is that a compliment?


PEARL:Maybe! (Axel stood up and went to Ariel where she sat, Pearl and the other girls including Nora and her girls fixed thier gazes on them,Fiona and Chloe kept on speaking silently about them, smilling together) AXEL: Let’s talk please


ARIEL:I don’t want to talk to you


AXEL:I said let’s talk outside


ARIEL:I don’t want to ta…. (Axel grabbed her hand and dragged her outside, while


others just watched them, except for Pearl who just smiled at them, In the CCTV room, Hugo and Ivor who was watching them said) HUGO:Is something going on between them?


IVOR:I don’t know, all I knew and heard was that, Axel has being bugging her for awhile now


HUGO:This is going to be fun (They both smiled, Suddenly they saw Axel


dragging her to his room)


IVOR:Switch off Axel’s cameras


GuARD:Yes sir!….


AXEL: Ariel will you stop doing this to me ARIEL:What am I doing?



AXEL:Stop making me feel guilty Everytime I set my eyes on you, Honestly you won’t be the first lady I will kiss but anytime I see you, I always feel bad like I don’t even know how to say it, believe me you will be the first lady I will control myself for, And I wondered why I controlled myself that night, anytime I see you, I don’t know but I always feels this stuffs In my heart, I can’t even explain them, you have been ignoring me, can you please stop, I honestly don’t understand the whole thing, This is my first time to feel this, I don’t know what you did to me ARIEL:I don’t do anything to you, You are the one hurting yourself, I don’t have problem with you, If you are feeling uncomfortable in your heart try to look at it yourself and stop bugging me, it’s really getting on my nerves! (She wanted to walk away while Axel held her back)

AXEL:Don’t leave my presence that way again, Ariel please! Stop it!


ARIEL:(shouted at him)What do you want?


AXEL:Shut up you are screaming


ARIEL:Stop telling me to shut up and if you don’t leave my hand alone, I am going to scream


AXEL:(smirking)You won’t dare do that


ARIEL: Arrrrrgh!


AXEL:Shut up?


ARIEL: Arrrrrgh!


AXEL:Ariel! Honestly I will shut you up if you don’t stop that bird screaming right now


ARIEL:You will shut me up? How? By slapping me?


AXEL:(smilling)Of course I won’t slap a Lady, I will shut you up in a sexy way ARIEL:I can see you are not yourself! (Wanted to walk away, but Axel suddenly dragged her back by the waist and kissed her,she broke the kiss and gave him a light slap,Axel kissed her again,She broke the kiss again and slapped him,Axel kissed her again but this time around she let him do it, He broke the kiss staring at her, suddenly Ariel held his face closer to him and kissed him back, Axel lifted her up to his waist kissing her, he moved towards the bed and dropped her on it, Axel laid down on her slowly kissing her for a minute, He broke the kiss removing his t-shirt and kissed her again but on her lower lips softly)…


In town,Aiken was in the car, a guard was sent to get a set of jewelries for Mama Betty, Aiken and Hugo with a driver remained in the car waiting for the driver, Suddenly Aiken saw a car with a customized plate number “DESHA” AIKEN:Is that not Desha’s car?



HUGO: Yeah that’s it, but why is it here? (Suddenly a car stopped beside Desha’s car with a customized plate number “Michael 2”)


AIKEN:That’s Micheal’s car! (Suddenly Desha came out of Micheal’s car, She was seen cleaning the tears on her face, she entered her car while Micheal’s car drove away then followed by Desha’s car)Hugo did you see that? HUGO: Yeah I saw her crying and getting down from his car


AIKEN: Something is not right, Ian and Micheal are always not on good terms, but why is he with Desha, and why is she crying? Something is not right…



The Best Guys

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