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The Best Guys – Episode 14

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Episode 14





Earl was seen at the airport with some few guards including Ivor and Jason, Fans couldn’t stop taking his pictures when he arrived at the airport, Some fans wondered why he appeared at the airport alone, Lots of Earls pictures that was taken at the airport went viral all over the internet…








TBG’s Mansion, Axel was in the car with Ariel, she wanted to come down from the car but Axel is not ready to open the door for her, Outside the car were the guards waiting for Axel to come out of the car so that they can help him to open the door and guard him inside….

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ARIEL:Why are you not allowing me to come down?





AXEL: Because I want you to tell me it’s ok





ARIEL:It’s ok for what?Yesterday you kept on kissing me over and over again and you kept on telling me you are sorry


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AXEL:And that was because I don’t know why am kissing you, I don’t know, I was just attracted to you that yesterday, I don’t know this kind of feelings, honestly it’s my first time, I really don’t understand myself yesterday, I was just sorry because I felt like am hurting you, I was only guilty





ARIEL:Open the door





AXEL:No am not, untill you tell me it’s ok, I only kissed you , I didn’t even do anything bad to you, but you are turning it into something else, Can you just forgive me on this, please!





ARIEL:Ok fine have heard you, after all I also kissed you back, can you please open the door I need to get out, your guards are waiting (Suddenly they saw Hugo coming out of the house walking up to them, Hugo tried to open Axel’s door but it was locked, Axel unlocked the door while Hugo opened it again, Ariel opened her own door by herself and went out of the car immediately, Axel stared at her till she entered the house, Axel came out of the car and went in straight while Hugo ordered the boys to parked the car properly, He walked in with his two hands in his pockets)





In Axel’s room,He laid down on the bed flashing back the whole issues that happened yesterday, from the studio to Ariel’s house, There was a knock at the door, suddenly Aiken came in, Axel was surprised to see him in his room,He was the last person he was expecting, Axel Stood up from the bed staring at Aiken as he walked closer to him, Suddenly Aiken smiled at him, it was like Axel’s heart was beating so fast, there was goosebumps on him,He was surprised to see the cold Aiken smilling at him, Suddenly Aiken opened his arms for a hug, Axel was hundred percent lost, he was just staring at him while Aiken pulled him closer and hugged him, Suddenly they both began to shed tears…..





“”Listen to I Need Your Love and In The name of Love cover by Nightcore””








Earl posted some pictures of him and the kids at the orphanage to thier Page,He wrote some words under the pictures which caught the fans attentions, He wrote “A human being can survive almost anything, as long as he sees the end in sight.





But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it’s impossible to ever





see the end. The fog is like a cage without a key” This caught many Fans attention





as they all became worried for Earl..










Could this mean that Earl is depressed???





Am so sad right now, why???





Please do something, our boy is so sad





I also noticed this, I mean why would he appeared at the airport alone, this is so unfair, seems the boys are battling some issues alone





I just lost my appetite, I am crying so hard on my Noddles





Aiken, Ian and Axel saw Earl’s posts and the fans comments, They all sat in the living room with Logan and Mike…





LOGAN:Earl do cry alone at night thinking about his Dead parents, He always do that alone every night, But still he always try to be cheerful in the day and cries at night in his room





AXEL:When is he coming back?





LOGAN: Tonight





AIKEN: Don’t worry we will talk to him, We can make it together, We can heal the pains together, Let’s make him happy when he comes back





IAN: Sure we will do that when he comes back, Axel I heard you came back with Ariel, Where did you see eachother?





AXEL:I passed the night at her place,It’s nothing much,Just that My car broke





down on thier street, She and her brothers saw me and helped me out





IAN:Oh! that’s nice





LOGAN: Axel?










LOGAN:Do you know how much Aiken loves you, Guess you don’t know that this





guy wants everything about you





AXEL:He didn’t tell me that





LOGAN:Of course he won’t tell you that





IAN: Didn’t he said he wants Axel’s stature, Face and everything





AIKEN:Ian stop! (Aiken stood up and went in while they all laughed except for Axel who was smilling, He was just happy)








Late at night, there was a burning fire in a house, a young girl was standing at the front of the house crying bitterly, she wanted to move closer to the fire but it was too heavy for her to enter, Suddenly Ariel woke up from her dream, She was panting, breathing heavily, Pearl stood up from the bed and quickly brought some water for her to drank,Pearl drew her closer and hugged her….





Earl was back home, At the airport the guards are trying to guard him to the car, the fans began to screamed out his name, Giving him some words of comfort… FANS COMMENTS





1) Earl please be good, it’s only a matter of time, Be strong





2)I love you Earl, No matter what don’t allow the depression to overcome you, We love you Earl





3)Earl please be strong, I love you! I love you so much!! Please I won’t move on if anything happens to you!Stay strong please…..





Each Fans comments at the airport motivated him, he smiled at them and waved at the fans, he was guarded to the car by Ivor and the guards,They drove away from the airport….





Earl was back home, He was sitting down on the bed checking his phone, Suddenly Axel walked him and hugged him from the back, Earl was surprised, He smiled while Axel released him from the hug… EARL:Was that really from you?





AXEL: Common Bro! That was from me to you, I miss that a lot (Earl was just staring at him, Ian and Aiken walked in, they all stood at his front staring at him while he also stared at them, After a battle of staring, Axel grabbed the pillows and threw them at Ian and Aiken, They all smiled at eachother,Earl grabbed a pillow and threw it Aiken,Aiken grabbed a pillow and threw it at Ian, suddenly the boys began to play so hard, turning down Earl’s room as they all began to threw pillows at eachother happily,From the CCTV room Logan and others were watching the boys, Logan didn’t know when the tears dropped on his face,He shed tears of joy cause the boys Finally made it together after five years of been together without interacting with eachother freely, Even though there are still some open wounds but seeing them trying to heal the pains together is enough……





Are you happy for TBG????





The Best Guys




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