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The Best Guys – Episode 13

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Episode 13





Axel refused to come down from the car while Ivor and Hugo are not ready to order the boys to open the gate for him,Suddenly Logan’s car drove in the compound, the gate was opened for him, immediately the gate was closed back, Logan and Jason came out of the car, They both ran closer to them… LOGAN:Axel where are you going?





AXEL:I don’t know, I just want to go anywhere, I am not going to stay in this




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house tonight





LOGAN:Axel please!





AXEL:I mean it! (Suddenly a message came in i Mike’s phone, He checked the message, it was from Garrick “Let him go”)





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MIKE:T… The Boss said he should go





LOGAN:W… What? That’s not even po… (Suddenly Axel pressed the horn without stopping)Axel you can just calm down! (Axel suddenly drove the car to the back, He stopped without switching off the engine waiting for the gate to be open) MIKE:Boss let them open the gate for him, he is going to hurt the boys, He will hurt himself, and we are going to be blame for that, Not him!





LOGAN: Arrrrgh! I can’t believe this is Axel! Hugo tell your boys to open the gate and make sure that two of you follow him secretly please! (The gate was opened for him immediately while Axel drove out of the compound roughly, Suddenly Earl came out with a small travelling bag)





LOGAN:W… Where are you going also? What’s going on tonight?





EARL:Am going to our hotel, I can’t sleep in this house tonight





LOGAN:Earl you can’t do that please! Ok I am coming with you with two guards! EARL: Anyhow! (He entered into the car, Hugo picked out two guards, One who will drive the car,and a guard beside the driver side while Earl and Logan sat at the back of the car, They drove out immediately, while Hugo and Ivor entered into the car and drove out of the compound also, They began to track Axel’s phone while they followed him secretly)





In the kitchen, Mama Betty, Audrey, Eva, Pearl, Nora, Chloe and Fiona were in the kitchen talking Silently, Ariel went to her brothers, she wasn’t around… AUDREY: Mama Betty do something, Am so scared





NORA: Honestly this will be the first time the house will get hot this way





FIONA: Honestly I feel like dieing, God please! EVA:Earl left also,Am so scared PEARL:B… But where is Ian and Aiken?





NORA: Probably in thier rooms (Suddenly Mama Betty’s phone rang, she hushed





the girls to kept quiet when she saw that it was a call from Garrick, They all kept





quiet immediately)





MAMA BETTY:Hello sir!





GARRICK:I need your help please, I really do, I know the boys listen to you a lot, please try to call both Earl and Axel’s number to come back home tonight, I don’t know if you can do that please





MAMA BETTY:I will call them right away sir!





GARRICK:Thank you very much Mama Betty!





MAMA BETTY:You are welcome sir!(The call was dropped while Mama Betty





called Earl’s number immediately, putting the call to a loudspeaker, the call was





picked immediately)Where are you?





EARL: Going to our hotel





MAMA BETTY:I want you back home tonight EARL:But Mama Be….





MAMA BETTY:Come back home tonight, Please! Please Earl!





EARL:(He was silenced for awhile and suddenly he said)Am on my way back!





MAMA BETTY:Thank you son! (She dropped the call)





FIONA: Wow! Just like that?





EVA:(Smilling)That’s Mama Betty for you (Mama Betty called Axel’s number, He also picked up immediately)





MAMA BETTY: Where are you?





AXEL:I don’t know, am just on the street





MAMA BETTY:Do you know what will happen if any fan sees you? AXEL: I just want to release my stress Ma’am MAMA BETTY:Come back home





AXEL:I don’t want to come back home, please Mama MAMA BETTY: Axel!





AXEL:Mama please! Ok Fine I promise tomorrow morning MAMA BETTY: Where are you going to sleep?





AXEL: I can just go to our hotel, Mama Betty please I don’t want to come home tonight, Please!





MAMA BETTY: I will be expecting you tomorrow morning





AXEL:I promise! (She hanged up the call)





CHLOE:That was so easy





NORA:Only for Mama Betty, Not for us! (They all smiled)





Earl was brought back home, a guard quickly opened the door for him while Earl just walked in to his room angrily, Logan asked the guard to brought out his bag)





Axel realized his phone was tracked, He grabbed the phone and threw it out of the window angrily and drove away, Hugo and Ivor arrived where the phone was, they found it where he had dropped it, Hugo called Logan immediately… HUGO:He dropped his phone








LOGAN:Come back home, Mama Betty called him already, He promised to come back home tomorrow morning, He won’t dare disobey her, let’s just hope that nothing happen to him till he comes back home, Come back home guys! HUGO: Alright Sir!…





Axel on the street driving,He flashed back what happened in the studio, He parked





beside the road, He played a song from the car Title “To each his own by Talos”





The music played on smoothly while Axel rested his head on the steering, After





awhile he decided to go back home, he start the car but it won’t respond to him, He





tried it over and over again still the same, He stepped out of the car to open the





bonnet, he looked at everything and couldn’t find what exactly was wrong with the





car, suddenly he saw three people coming, He tried to hid his face from them,





Suddenly he heard his name, At first he thought it was a fan, but the voice looked





so familiar to him, looking up at the person who called his name, he was surprised





to saw Ariel with her two brothers…





ARIEL: Axel?





AXEL: Ariel?





ARIEL:W…. What are you doing here, why are you alone, what about your










AXEL:It’s a long story





ARIEL:Oh! meet my brothers, Marcello and Carrick CARRICK: Axel? Oh my God it’s Axel MARCELLO:Stop shouting, people might see him





CARRICK:Oh am sorry, I was just surprised, like is this Axel, Oh my God! Wow! (The guys greeted eachother while Ariel’s Brother’s checked Axel’s car and fixed it for him immediately)





AXEL:I really appreciate this a lot guys, thank you very much MARCELLO:No it’s nothing





CARRICK: Please can you do an autograph for me





AXEL:Yeah sure! (He quickly brought out his handkerchief and phone out for him, He gave them to Axel while he signed at the back of the phone and also on the handkerchief, Ariel and Marcello just smile) MARCELLO:So where are you going now?





AXEL:I am going back home





MARCELLO:Am afraid you won’t be able to do that again, The gate to this street





is already locked till tomorrow morning





AXEL:Oh really?








CARRICK:Why don’t you pass the night at our place ARIEL: Carrick!





CARRICK:Just an idea what’s wrong with your eyes?





AXEL:I will appreciate it please










CARRICK: Madam keep quiet!





MARCELLO: Alright let’s leave here before someone else sees him here(They all entered the car while Axel drove to thier house)





TBG’s Mansion, In Aiken’s room, He sat down alone listening to a song Title “Best of me By John K” There was a knock at the door, Ian and Logan walked in and close the door…





IAN:Can we sit down?





AIKEN:Yeah sit! (He switched off the music)





IAN:How are you?





AIKEN: Since when has Axel like me?





LOGAN:A long time ago





AIKEN:I don’t know, I really don’t know he do, honestly I really feel bad for everything, But he never know that I have always love everything about him also IAN: Really?





AIKEN: Yeah, I so much like Axel,I really love everything about him, his stature, face, voice, Everything is what I cherish about him, assuming am outspoken I would have let him know a long time ago, but I don’t know that he also likes me, I know I hurt you guys a lot, I know I do, b… but I just don’t know how to handle it IAN:Aiken we can do this together, we can help you, we can help Earl,We can help eachother, Honestly you ain’t the only one with all these, there is Earl also AIKEN:Where is Earl?





LOGAN:He is leaving the country tomorrow morning, he is going to the orphanage





AIKEN: I guess I will have to talk to him when he comes back IAN:You really want to talk to Earl?





AIKEN:I don’t know but I will just give it a trial IAN: Don’t worry, I got your back AIKEN: Thanks!








Ariel’s house, her two elder brothers went in to thier rooms to sleep, They left both Axel and Ariel alone to talk, She sat down next to him, She was trying not to make an eye contact with him, Suddenly she said… ARIEL:Is everything ok at home?





AXEL:(Paused for awhile and said)Not really, but I hope we work it out,When are





you resuming back?





ARIEL:Tomorrow morning





AXEL:Then let me take you along with me, But am leaving here very early tomorrow morning, I guess by 5 am, I must leave here ARIEL:Sure it’s ok no problem, Thanks!





AXEL:For what?(Teasing her)





ARIEL:For nothing! (He made a smirk while Ariel rolled her eyes)





AXEL:You are pretty you know





ARIEL:I was born pretty





AXEL:I know you hardly talk outside, but anytime you are with me you are always outspoken, Am I your confidence?





ARIEL: What? Of course you are not, I talk whenever I want





AXEL: Anyway I won’t mind being your confidence





ARIEL: Whatever! (She stood up to walk away, Suddenly Axel stood up and hugged her from the back, She was shocked, She tried to look at him from the back, she wanted to turn around but suddenly Axel kissed her from the back hug, He released her from the hug, Making her to face him without breaking the kiss, The kiss lasted for a minute before Axel broke the kiss and said)





AXEL:A… Am sorry! I mean am sorry for saying sorry, I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you, I.. I… I just feel like kissing you, And besides I shouldn’t have done that without you knowing about it at first, I think am sorry about that, but still am not sorry for kissing you, I felt something and that way why I kissed you! (Ariel was just lost staring at him, After awhile she walked away but suddenly Axel grabbed her again and said)Am sorry I can’t help it! (He kissed her immediately)…

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