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The Best Guys – Episode 10

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Episode 10


The next morning, the boys were woken up by Mama Betty, She told them to be at the dinning by 10 am, without hesitating each guy got up from the bed arriving to the dinning one after the other, Ian was the first to arrive to the dinning, followed by Axel then Earl,then Aiken, The maids brought out the foods to the dinning room one after the other, One of the maids brought out a stew with fish,the moment she dropped the stew on the table, Earl almost vomited.. EARL: What’s that?


MAID: It’s stew Sir


EARL: With fish?


MAID:Yes Sir!


EARL:And you brought it here(Eva quickly came out and said)


EVA: Actually it’s not for you, we made it for others, yours was made with beef EARL:But I can’t stand this smell, It’s killing me EVA:Sorry Sir!


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EARL:No am not gonna eat here,bring my food to my room(He stood up and went away while others started eating)



Axel was alone in his room pressing his phone, Suddenly he stood up from the bed to see Pearl,He arrived at the front of the Spa, As he was about to open the door to the spa,Ariel opened it from inside, She was going out, She was surprised to see him, she almost fell back but Axel was quicker as held her slender waist with his large arms, Pearl, Fiona and Chloe were all surprised, Axel smiled to Ariel’s face and said..


AXEL: Are you ok?


ARIEL:(Moving away from him)A… Ammm…..Am fine! (She ran out of the room,


Axel smiled and closed the door , He walked up to Pearl smilling at her while she


also smiled back at him, Fiona and Chloe on the other side were lost by Axel’s


smile, He sat next to Pearl and said)


AXEL:Are you guys not feeling too bored

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PEARL:Not really, we have the TV and we also have you here, so we are not bored


AXEL:So am entertaining you guys?




FIONA:You are free to come here anytime please (making a puppy face) AXEL:Uhmmm, i really wish to come back, but am afraid I won’t, we are having our concert in two weeks, we are starting our reharsal very soon,two days before the concert we are all going to Abuja,I hope you know that?


PEARL:Yeah of course we do! Wish you guys success(She smiled while Axel stared at her, Chloe who noticed him said)


CHLOE: Actually I noticed something please, can I ask you a question?


AXEL:Sure what’s that?


CHLOE:I have noticed you several times without number that you always stare at our boss


FIONA:Me too! I noticed that, why do you like staring at her in a different way? PEARL: FIONA!


AXEL:No it’s ok, it’s just a question, Well I just found her beautiful, She is really beautiful,I must admit it,She will be the second lady to get my attention this way FIONA:Who is the first please? (Getting more interested) AXEL:The lady that went out right now, what’s her name?


CHLOE: Ariel?


AXEL:Ariel, Is that her name? Well she was the first lady to grasp my attention, of course I have seen thousands of pretty ladies, but she got my attention in a different way, while the second lady is your Boss CHLOE:But when was that?



AXEL:That was when I came back from the US, of course I am not ok that day, but I don’t know why my eyes went to her, I was unable to see even Mama Betty that day, but I don’t know why,my eyes Actually went to her that day, I already forgot about her, but the day your Miss was calling her and she seemed to be lost that day, that was when I remembered her that I saw her that day, after her is your boss, they both got my attention in a very different way, Believe me CHLOE:Wow! ?Sir I just fell in love with you again PEARL: CHLOE! (Axel just smiled)…


Earl was getting ready for his outing to the orphanage, it’s been awhile he checked on them, Hugo and Jason were going with him and some other few guards, He was led in straight to the car while they drove out of the compound, Not too long a yellow sport car drove In the compound, a lady stepped out of the car in black short dress, there is no way she will bend down without revealing her underwear, The dress was extremely too short, Her black heels matching purse, her dropping earrings and necklace flashing on her, she was putting on an heavy make up, meet Cassandra, one of Axel’s side chics, She walked In majestically but was stopped by the guards, she was search thoroughly including her bag before she was allowed in, She met Aiken on her way to Axel’s room… CASSANDRA:Hi Aiken!


AIKEN:Hi! (He walked away, while Cassandra walked in Axel’s room, she met him writting on his diary, she dropped her bag on his bed, she walked up to him hugging him from the back, Axel’s cameras was switched off immediately, Axel faced her to talk but before he could say anything she kissed him immediately) AXEL:But Cassandra I didnt ask you to come


CASSANDRA:Well I missed you and that’s why am here(She walked away from him and sat on his bed, giving him a gesture to move closer to her, Axel stood up and moved closer to her on the bed, He bent down next to her face and kiss her, He removed his shirt throwing it to wherever it might land, He kissed her again while she laid down on the bed without breaking the kiss)


Earl was at the orphanage, playing with the kids, they ran after him while he also


ran faster as he could, He stopped running while the kids catch up with him, he


bent down next to them hug them happily, He told Jason to snap him with the kids


which was uploaded to thier page immediately, fans began to drop thier comments


about Earl and the kids…




1)I want to go back as a kid God, even just to hug Earl


2)Whose kids are these, they are receiving the best gift right now


3)Earl can I be your wife am sure you will make a good father and husband


4)Earl my womb is ready for you please


5)Earl will always be the most kindest guy on earth,He look so adorable with the kids


Just what can I do,I mean what can I do to meet TBG physically, to hug them,to atleast hold thier hands, please what exactly can I do??….


Even if its just to old his hands alone, im sure i will get pregnant and born cuter kids


After Earl was done, Hugo ordered the guards to bring in the foods and provisions for the kids, Jason walked up to Earl,he sat down watching the kids how they were playing happily, Jason said…


JASON:Since you are done here,will you go to the other one in the US after the concert?


EARL: Sure, after the concert my flight Should be ready please


JASON: Alright no problem!(Hugo walked up to them and said)


HUGO:The boys are done, we can go now


EARL:Ok! (He stood up and walked to the car while Hugo and Jason followed him)


Axel was in the kitchen with Mama Betty,He was getting scold by her….


AXEL:Mama Betty have heard you it’s ok


MAMA BETTY:You are lieing, you are not listening, I told you not to see that Cassandra again, Axel there are lots of good girls out there, get one! AXEL:How, where will I find them, besides I told you I didn’t invit her, she came on her own


MAMA BETTY:And you touched her?


AXEL:Argh God! Have you ever seen me ignoring stuffs like that,See Mama Betty I need to get to reharsal (Wanted to stand up) MAMA BETTY:Sit down!


AXEL:(Without hesitating, he sat down) Ohhhhh! (Earl walked in, he gave Mama


Betty a peck on her cheek, while he hugged Axel but Axel was able to pushed him


away this time around)


AXEL: Stop hugging me!


MAMA BETTY:Just leave him alone cause am scolding him right now



EARL: Wow! Interesting! (Ariel walked in with Fiona, she and Fiona was shocked to see Axel and Earl in the kitchen, they wanted to go back but Mama Betty called them back)


MAMA BETTY:Do you need anything?


FIONA:We came to make our lunch! (Axel fixed his gaze at Ariel whose eyes was scanning everywhere, the moment she found Axel’s face on her she took her eyes off him then started staring at the floor)


MAMA BETTY: Don’t worry, Audrey and Eva will bring your lunch right now


FIONA:Ok Ma! (She dragged Ariel by her hand slowly out of the kitchen while


Axel stared at them as they left, Mama Betty caught him)


MAMA BETTY:What are you looking at?


AXEL:Oh Mama Betty nothing, I was just looking! (Earl couldn’t stop smilling, He hugged Axel from the back by mistake, Before he could stop himself it was too late, he was already hugging him, Axel sat there squeezing his face so hard, he wished he could hit him in his face, but he just ignored him, Earl bursted into laughter and said)


EARL:(laughing)Sorry, I forgot you are not in the mood (He couldn’t stop laughing while Mama Betty just smiled)


The boys were in the reharsal room with Dion, Logan, Mike and Jason, they were rehearsing for the concert, they got busier every second since thier concert is in a week, From the studio to the rehearsal room, from the rehearsal room to each guy’s room,sometimes they will skipped thier meals just to rehearse, thier concert is around the corner….


Late at night,Pearl and her girls were in thier flat discussing, Pearl decided to take a walk round the house,She stepped out of thier own living room,When she got to the compound,she put on her Airpod to listen to music on her phone,she was busy walking round the compound, suddenly she saw Aiken in the basketball court playing alone,she stood there watching him as he bounced the ball,Aiken stopped and sighted her watching him, The moment she saw him looking at her,She quickly walked away, Aiken stood there for awhile before he continued to bounce the ball…..





Logan called the guys, Nora and her girls, Pearl and her girls, so also Mama Betty and Eva including Audrey, everyone all sat down, except for Logan who was standing, He said….


LOGAN:The concert is in four days, we are Leaving the house by tomorrow morning, things are set already, the stadium is set for us, we need to be there by tomorrow morning to start using the stage for the rehearsal,We received the news that every day,thousands of fans are arriving from the overseas just for the concert, lots of fans from far places are lodging to hotels in Abuja, you can see that the fans are ready for us,We are all leaving tomorrow morning, Mama Betty Should choose those who are going with us among your girls,and those who are staying at home, Hugo and Ivor Should choose guards that are going with us and those who are going to stay at home should be select, I believe our stylists and Estheticians are all ready, So I want you to get your things ready tonight, The fans are expecting a lot from us, I know that each one of us are having some difficulties right now, but I want us to put that to a side till the concert is over , just for the fans, please just for the fans who are expecting a lot from us, let’s give them our Best…..




The Best Guys

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