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The Best Guys – Episode 1

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Episode 1


In Garrick’s office , He sat down on his chair resting his back on it , He was talking


to Logan on the phone…


GARRICK:So How are the boys ?


LOGAN: They are fine Sir


GARRICK: Since they finished their concert in Malaysia when are you planning to book their tickets?


LOGAN: Actually sir , we suppose to be in Nigeria by tomorrow night but we can’t do that because of Earl and Axel .

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LOGAN : (Sitting up ) W…What happened to the boys ?


LOGAN: Nothing much sir , just that they are having an exam in School , so we are leaving Malaysia tomorrow night for their exam in America , so after their exam we will surely be in Nigeria by Next week .


GARRICK:Oh! That’s good , But you have send Mike home for the biys interview




LOGAN : I thought Jason should be able to do that since He is in Nigeria Sir GARRICK: Jasom is extremely busy with their contract deals , you know the boys are having a photoshoot for a company next month,so Jason is busy with that and he is also busy with the new Esthetician we are trying to employ , So tell Mike to book a first class ticket for tomorrow night , he needs to be in Nigeria for their interview please , I know it will be somehow hard for you alone over there but I believe Ivor and Hugo should help out a bit , I will try to talk to them to assist you till Mike and Jason return to you guys , Is that Ok?


LOGAN: Of course no problem sir , I will tell Mike to book his ticket right away . GARRICK : That’s good , and please take it perfect care of the boys , You know how much I hate news on unnecessary things , besides tell Ivor and Hugo to take good care of them . Their obsessive fans are probably hanging around there , they knew they are still in Malaysia , I don’t want a situation whereby their fans will see them and start mobbing the boys , you know how much they are capable of doing just to touch the boys, So please take care of them.


LOGAN:I will do that sir


GARRICK: Good , and how’s is Aiken , still the same ?

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LOGAN: As usual Sir


GARRICK : Thank you very much


LOGAN: It’s my responsibility Sir


GARRICK: Alright take care


LOGAN: You too boss!


On the TV , Mike an assistant to Logan came for an interview in the presence of TBG , The interviewer started the program by greeting those who are watching the program …


INTERVIEWER:My greetings to those who are watching is right now , mist especially the TBG fans out there , I welcome you all to today’s program we have one of TBG’s manager here with is today , even though they have postponed our interview for them several times without number but we are so glad to have one of their manager here with us and that’s Mike , Hello ? MIKE : It’s my pleasure Ma’am


INTERVIEWER : Please say Hello to TBG fans that are out there


MIKE : Good afternoon to our Fans and everyone out thwre , Firstly we are very sorry for postponing this interview several times without mum , we are sincerely sorry about that or schedules are really tight these days , I know you guys want TBG here than we the managers , we also know that too and we are very sorry for disappointing you guys several times without number . The company is now making a promise to you all that TBG will surely be present to you all that TBG will surely be present here for the next interview , it’s a promise . INTERVIEWER: Oh really , Is that a promise? MIKE : It’s a promise Ma’am


INTERVIEWER:We will surely wait for that , So how is the preparation for TBG’s concert which will be stage in Abuja national stadium in the next two months ? How are you the guys preparing?


MIKE : The guys are set for the concert , we k ow that there are thousands of fans who just can’t wait for that day


INTERVIEWER : Definitely, including me ! (Both bursted into laughter ) We all can’t wait to see that day


MIKE : Thank you for that , So the guys are definitely coming home next week for the rehearsals and other things


INTERVIEWER :So you mean TBG are coming back to Nigeria by next week


MIKE: Definitely Ma’am. They are coming for the concert , besides they are about


to drop a new song very soon and we expect you all to watch out for that too


INTERVIEWER: Oh my God! I think am the most happiest person right now , We


all can’t wait for their arrival


MIKE : Thank you so much


INTERVIEWER : So how are the boys coping , most especially the two younger ones , Axel and Earl we all know how much it will be very difficult for the boys to study for school and also getting inside the studio to record some songs , How are they coping with everything ?


MIKE :Of course it is so stressful, To be candid since three months now the boys haven’t get their holiday yet , we are just busy moving from one country to another


from concerts to photoshoot and other concerts deals you know there’s no time. Honestly it’s so stressful for everyone ,not only the boys , including us but their coming home will surely be for resting , at least they will rest for a week before rehearsing for their concert in Abuja


INTERVIEWER: Honestly I can feel how much that would have been so difficult for everyone of you , including Mr Logan right ?


MIKE : In fact Mr Logan is extremely busy as at this moment , I arrived back from Malaysia yesterday night just for this interview.


INTERVIEWER: Oh my God! That must have been so difficult for you too MIKE :Of course not really , we are doing everything for TBG’S fans and we are grateful for the boys , Thank you very much , TBG loves you all INTERVIEWER: We also do the same thank you so much for honoring us MIKE : Our pleasure….




1)Oh my God! The boys need to rest please , they need a lot of strength for their


upcoming concert now…


2)Like seriously I just can’t wait for their arrival , my life is for TBG…


3)My ticket is ready , I am ready , infact my ancestors are ready for their arrival


and the concert , TBG come back soon and please the boys need to rest please ,


Like seriously….


Who else notice that Mike was looking so hot when he was talking today , oh my God! Can he just Kay down with me for once _(Reply to the comments )


(1) I will allow him to me as many times as he wants


(2) Who else notice that the interviewer was extremely giving Mike some body sign…(End of the reply )



5)Can we stop talking about the interviewer , If it were me I will not only give him body sign , I will give him my future sign too. Every lady that are out there are in love with ever single guy in Garrick’s company .


6)We need to sue Garrick cause all his boys are the most attractive men you will see in the world, His guards , managers , not to talk of TBG alone .


7)I am whaling, in fact my spirit is whaling , I can’t wait to meet TBG also their two hot personal guards , Ivor and Hugo I know my life is stuck with all these guys , I can’t survive it no assurance…..


At the front of a very big shop , This shop is a spa , message room , make-up room and other necessary things for the skin treatments are all available in it , Four cars were packed outside this shop , Some guards were trying to stop some fans from entering the shop . It was Jason who came to see the owner of this shop which was Pearl , Two Fans who saw Jason coming in to the shop quickly posted the new on TBG fans page that one of TBG’s manager Jason was at Pearl skin clinic, In the next ten minutes , Fans arrived at the front of the shop to see Jason , to snap , to throw him several questions and many more , inside the shop , Jason sat at the front of Pearl two guards was standing at his back while Pearl’s three worker stook behind her , Jason sat down staring at Pearl , he lost it , he lost his focus , life , vision and everything, He was speechless because Pearl’s beauty was hundred percent choking him at that moment , he has been sitting there for complete ten minutes staring at her while one of the guards tapped him , brining him back from his whatever thought…


JASON: I am so sorry , I am really , I…I…W.. What did I come here to do please ? ( Facing the two guards at his back , the guards were like is he for real ) GUARD : We came here for a business proposal


JASON:Oh Yeah! You are right business proposal , Yes proposal I must admit it , You are beautiful Ma’am ( Pearl’s ladies began to blush the ladies are hundred percent not with them , they are out of the world they are in their own thoughts and imaginations on Jason’s coolness , handsomeness and calmly voice)


PEARL: Thank you so much , I really appreciate that but how can I help you please and what kind of business proposal are the talking about please?( The Fans screaming couldn’t stop disturbing their conversation)


FIONA :Lord our while is in your hands we hope TBG Fans won’t destroy everything today ( Jason smiled)


CHLOE: Oh my God I just lost my life for his smile ( Blushing)


PEARL: Chloe! ( Trying to control her )


CHLOE: Sorry Ma’am


PEARL :Am sorry about that please


JASON: It’s Ok , so let’s get straight to the point , Our company came here for a business proposal, we want you and your ladies to be TBG make-up Esthetician , Pedicurist and Manicurist, Their hairstylist and also the one who will take care of their make-up for a whole year ( Fiona fainted immediately) CHLOE: Fiona!!!(Pearl also ran to Fiona who was on the floor)


PEARL: Fiona! Fiona open your eyes please ( Ariel the third lady who was quite all while ran in to get some water and poured everything on Fiona at once , Suddenly Fiona screamed out )


FIONA: Ariel killed me oooo! Ariel why? I only fainted, I don’t need to be baptized with Al these water


ARIEL : I thought your soul was leaving us


FIONA: What ? Am Dead , Ariel me ? Was it not because of what I just heard


PEARL : So you mean you passed out just now because of what this is Mr said FIONA: Ma’am I had to die and resurrect again , please sir do you mean we will have the access to touch TBG’s faces and bodies?


CHLOE :Ariel , please get her another bucket of water , am done with this lady FIONA : Get who water , Like water for who?


CHLOE: For you of course , cause you are not ok , the last time I checked he haven’t even mention TBG here , so how can we be , I mean us , how can we be TBG’s stylist , I will surely die immediately if I should hear such thing or did you really say that sir ?


JASON : Well Madam, you are hearing this for the second time that we want you to be TBG’s Esthetician


CHLOE: Father take my soul! ( Chloe passed out immediately , Pearl wish she could slap her so hard )….


Mansion , I mean a big Mansion which was well decorated , Trying to count the amount of cameras in the house will be a waste of time . A swimming pool at a side , at the back of this Mansion was a basketball court , at the same back of this Mansion was also a table tennis , At the front of this Mansion was an Air Hockey table , There was a big flower decorated with the “TBG” at a side , a little garden in this compound was designed with a lot of flowers giving out some breathtaking smells , To open the gate before entering the compound to the Mansion alone, you will use a card , Not just a card but a Golden Card , And only the two gateman had the access to this card , they are responsible for opening and closing the gate , that’s



their job In that house, seeing this card with someone else is a penalty death to the two gatemen . They always keep the golden card with all their life , before entering the main house was another Golden Card to a door , the Golden Card to the door was handled by six guards , their main job was the door , sometimes they do shift, two guards I the morning two j the afternoon two at midnight . These six guards are having access to the door only , their job is to open and close the door with the Golden Card . Getting into the living room is like you are arriving to a Paradise , The settings in the living room will surely stand up and walk again , for a blind man to enter Into this living room will also see again (Pardon my exaggeration) This living room is a Paradise , a Paradise which is painted in white all through , every single thing in this living room are made of glass , slivers and golds , everywhere in this living room was looking so stunning. Things in this living room are easy to break unless it is well handle with Care, The dinning room table was made of glass at the top, while the legs are made of gold and the chairs are well furnished , along the corridor of the house was a room , getting to this room was a big hall , a big hall with different kinds of laptop on a table on , chairs were placed around this big table, this is the CCTV control room , Everything going on both outside , inside and each rooms In this Mansion will be display to them in this room , The kitchen is not different from a hall , it is as big as anything ,A big TV on the wall in the kitchen , a small dinning table at a corner , four big deep freezers and three big fridges , The kitchen was well arranged , In this same Mansion was a big hall , in this hall was two dressing room in it , the hall was occupied with machines for the body treatments and also a make-up room , there are lots of equipment and machines for the body and skin In this big hall , in the same house was also a big hall made for gym , different kinds of machines for exercising were all marked as present in this gym , in this same Mansion was also a studio , I mean a studio with full and we’ll structured instruments for recording , the speakers and all other necessary things for recording are all present in this studio , Guys meet TBG’s MANSION)….



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The Best Guys

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