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The Best Guys – Epilogue

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Two years have passed, Logan and Nora tied the knot and had a baby boy, Axel and Earl graduated from school while they both focused more on thier music, Aiken has went to see his parents in US with Pearl, She was so welcomed by the family, Aiken’s parents were so glad to meet her, Desha stopped being a dancer while she established herself with a business,

She runs the biggest boutique in Nigeria and in Dubai,Her business was well known to people, Claire Continued with her modeling Job,Both Claire and Earl decided to establish Claire after they get marry, Earl told her to continue with her modelling until they get marry to eachother,

Pearl business Continued as she was well known in the city as one of the best Esthetician and also as the almighty Aiken’s girlfriend, Ariel Continued with schooling and at the same time learning more work from Pearl as she became her assistant, Both Pearl and Ariel do travelled out of the country for international jobs,

Garrick finally retired from work as he made Logan His manager to the company, Sometimes Garrick do come to the company to check on them, TBG was given two more managers after Logan started working in the company, Mama Betty remained the mother to all TBG’s boys, Dion also got married to his long time girlfriend after Logan’s wedding…..


TBG travelled out of the country for a whole month,The boys were busy with thier business proposal for some companies,After a month the boys returned back home……

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Desha was busy In the shop, two of her girls stood beside her as she was checking out the clothes and shoes in the shop, Suddenly a black tinted car parked at the front of her shop, a guy came out of the car with Hugo and a guard,The guy was covering his head with his hoodie and his face was stucked on the floor, They all walked in while Desha wondered who the guy was, She was about to call Hugo and ask him what’s going on, suddenly the guy removed his hoodie from his head, Desha was surprised to saw that it was Ian, she almost screamed out of joy as she walked towards him and hugged him happily….


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Claire was at a quiet location,her stylists was fixing her nails and Make-ups, Suddenly a black tinted car arrived at the location, Both Claire, staffs and cameramen all stared at the car, suddenly Earl came out of the car, There was a smile on Claire and also the staffs who were there, She stood up and walked up to him, They both hugged eachother happily….


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Ariel and Pearl were busy in the shop, including Fiona and Chloe, They are having some customers, There were Four more employees who stood beside each ladies to assist them, Suddenly two black cars stopped at the front of the shop, Axel came out of the car with Ivor and some guards, From nowhere some fans suddenly rushed towards them but before they got to them Axel already ran into the shop while the guards blocked them from entering, Those customers who were in the shop were surprised to see Axel, They all stood up to him, asking him for an autograph, Both Pearl and Ariel were surprised to see him, He Smiled at them while Ivor led him in to Pearl’s office so that the customers won’t disturb him, Getting to Pearl’s office, Both Ariel and Pearl were still surprised to see him…


AXEL:We were only gone for a month and you are all like this, common, I miss you baby(He moved closer to Ariel and hugged her)Oh before I forget this, Aiken asked me to give you this (He brought out a paper and gave it to her, it was a description for her to come to a place, She collected the paper and ran out of the shop happily ignoring the fans outside, She entered into her car and drove away)…


Pearl arrived at the bar Beach, for the first time she found no one at the bar Beach,


just her alone, She knew Aiken had bought the whole beach for them to see each


other, Suddenly she saw a ship on the water riding towards her, there was a big


banner on the ship and there was some words on it which was”WILL YOU


MARRY ME” She was shocked, Suddenly she saw Aiken walking up towards her


at another side,She was looking at the ship and at the same time looking at Aiken


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walking up to her, he was putting on a white shirt, white trouser and a Crocs on


him, he was holding a flower, he walked up to her, the first thing he did was to


kissed her, He gave her the flower, he brought out a box as he knelt down in her


presence and said…


AIKEN:Will you marry me?


PEARL:Yes! Yes!! (Tears of joy streamed down to her face, Aiken put to her the ring and stood up from his knee, He hugged her happily, He lifted her up and carried her to the ship while they both had a ride on the water)…

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