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Thank You Next – Episode 8

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It was Friday, time for what we do best. We cheered and cheered for our team which was team Nathan while Mabel and her group cheered for the opposing team.


After the match, we were supposed to have a dance off with Mabel’s team. They


called themselves The Winters .





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My team was called The Amicables .


“This is it Thels.” I said kind of nervous.


It was time for the last dance move the cheer leaders had to do and it was the most difficult one, what’s worse? Thelma and I were up. I was supposed to run and take a big leap for Thelma to catch me by my feet. Last time we tried, I ended up in the hospital.



“Don’t worry Nicole. We can do this.” She said, smiling.


“Here it goes.” I said and stepped back and started running from there, I took a huge leap and boom!


She caught me!


_Woah did she just catch me?!_


“This is the happiest day of my life!” I yelled and people were cheering in the background.

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“We did it!” Thelma said and jumped on me with a big hug.


I never thought we would pull that off successfully.


“And the winners are…..” The host said and the music stopped then there was a


drum roll in the background keeping us all in suspense.


“The Amicables!” He finally said and we all gathered around for a group hug.


“You did it girls, I’m so proud and happy!” Hazel said.


“We couldn’t have done it without your coaching.” Thelma said excitedly.


“Yea!” I said and we hugged again.


“Thels I’m going to change in the locker room. Meet me where you’re done?” I said, leaving her to continue chit chatting with the rest of the cheerleaders.


I was walking to the locker room, a large arm held and pulled me into one of the classrooms then shut the door.

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“Oh God Nathan what do you want now?” I asked then he pinned me against the wall with his arms on each side and his face so close.


“Love me.” He said huskily and smashed his lips against mine.


_love you?!_


I slowly pushed him away.


“You definitely drank something.” I smirked and made to walk away but he pulled me to himself and I smashed my face onto his hard chest and I think it wrecked my nose.


“Ow!” I rubbed my nose and I was sure it was really red already.


“Calm down baby.” He glared at me and touched the top of my lips.


“You’re bleeding already?!” He freaked.


“What?!” I touched the top of my lips, looking at my finger tips i saw blood.


“See what you’ve caused?! Now I’ve got to go to the school nurse.” I rubbed my palm on my forehead as my special way of keeping calm when I was tense.


“You were really good today.” He said almost whispering.


“Are you kidding me?!!” I freaked.


“What?” He smirked.


“I AM BLEEDING.” I spelled out.


“Oh it’s nothing baby.” He said and grabbed the wipes on the teacher’s desk and that was when I noticed we were in the teacher’s lounge but no one was there, everyone was there at the show.


“Will you stop calling me that?!” I said and grabbed the wipes from him which made him chuckle a little. I found it really cute by the way. I finally got the blood out and dropped the wipes back where it was.


“Where were you going?” He asked.


“To change and clean up?” I said spreading my arms.


“Okay.” He said and leaned against one of the desks.


I flashed him a confused look.


“Come on. Do it here.” He said with an evil smirk playing on his face.


“You have got to be crazy okay? I’m out.” I said hanging my bag over my shoulder and walking to the door to unlock it.


“We’ll talk later.” I said over my shoulder and flashed him a smile then opened the door.


“Miss Blues.” Mr Crocker, my math teacher was standing right in front of me and I knew I was in huge trouble.


“Mister Stark?” He flashed a quizzical look at Nathan.

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“Mr Crocker! So good to see you.” I laughed nervously but his face didn’t move an inch.


“I was just about to leave.” I said and made to walk out on him.


“No no no… You will have to explain what you and this young man are doing in the teacher’s lounge.” He said folding his arms and I froze and turned around.


“Sir it’s nothing.” Nathan said.


“You’re going to be explaining that to the principal.” He said with a mischievous smile on his face.










Oh no… Nathan and Nicole are in trouble.


Oh and by the way…



Let’s create teams



Team Nathan



Team Max



Team Shawn



Take your places people, this is gonna be a bumpy ride


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