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Thank You Next – Episode 6

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I felt the rays of sunshine pour on my face which was odd ’cause I do close my blinds before I sleep.


“Wake up sweet cakes.” I felt a slight push on my shoulder and I could recognise that voice anywhere.


“What the Nathan!” I thundered, sitting up on my bed.


“Chill sexy.” He said huskily, drooling at my bear laps so I quickly grabbed my blanket to cover up.


“What are you doing here?!” I snapped, embarrassed that he saw me on my underwear and a tank top. Really embarrassing.


“Will you chill?” He asked and it earned him a smack on the head.

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“Ow!” He moaned.


“Get out!” I stood up and started pushing him to the door.


“Hey take it easy woman.” He said not resisting the push and I didn’t stop till he was out.


“Jeez you’re so violent.” He said from the other side of the door.


“Idiot!” I muttered.


I just stepped out from my bathroom with a towel around my body and another one I used to wipe my face while I was coming out.


“You should learn to lock your door.” And there he was on my bed, laying like he owned it.


“Nathan.” I said calmly and walked to my closet.

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“What’s up sweet cakes.” He said and I took a deep breath.


“When will you stop?” I started walking slowly and seductively towards him.


“I won’t.” He said drooling at my wet body which was still covered with a towel by the way.


“Well, you want to know something?” I asked, slowly climbing on the bed till my face was so close to his.


“Yea?” He said huskily, looking at my lips, by then I was already on top of him, supporting myself with my elbow on the bed. Men I was enjoying the lustful look on his face.


“But you have to kiss me first.” He said and made to kiss me then I quickly took my pepper spray and used it on his face. I sprayed it all the way down to his neck.


“What the woman!” He yelled, trying to wipe his eyes from the pain.


“That’ll teach you never to enter a lady’s room without permission!” I yelled and threw the spray can on the floor.


He started making his way out of my room, moaning in pain, falling and walking clumsily which made me to chuckle.


“When will they ever learn.” I let out a loud sigh when he was gone.


“Mom!” I called running down the stairs realising how late I was.


“Nicole won’t you have breakfast?” She asked while I was about to leave through the door in the kitchen.


“No mom I’m late!” I said, getting my bag from the counter.


“Nicole I got your car from the mechanic, they’re done fixing it.” She said


_That’s exactly what I need_



“Oh thanks mom. I love you.” I gave her a quick hug and a Peck before grabbing my car keys.


“Your boyfriend was around.” She said and I stifled a cough.


“He is not my boyfriend.” I freaked, opening the door then shut it to prevent more talk from my mom.


“Oh Nathan is so gonna get it.” I muttered.


I got to the school, looking for a perfect parking spot which I found until some dude overtook me and parked in my space!


_Is he crazy?!_


“Hey!” I got down from car and went to his. His car was blaring with loud music so he turned it off and got down.


“Hey.” He had that perfect, innocent smile.


He had slightly dark, beautiful hair with bouncing curls. His eyes were grey perfectly matching his oval face and cherry red lips. He was slender and slightly taller than I was.


“You- you parked in my space.” My anger slowly fading away because of the hottie standing in front of me.


“Oh sorry, I didn’t know you were…” He stopped to look at me, I started blushing.


“You’re Nicolette Blues!” He said, excitement dripping from his tone.

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“Y- yea.” I stammered, a bit confused as to how he knew my name.


“You don’t remember me?” He asked and suddenly his image flashed in my head.


“Shawn?” I said immediately remembering my old childhood friend and crush.


But he moved away when he was 10.



“So good to see you.” I chuckled and we broke into a long hug.


“You’ve grown so much Nicole.” He said, his eyes trailing down my hips to my legs down to my feet.


I started blushing again.


“What are you doing here?” I asked.


“I’m a transfer student, I came here to meet with the Dean but I’ll fully resume on Monday.” He said.


“Again it’s so good to see you, such a long time.” I said and hugged him again.


“And I’m so sorry for taking your space.” He apologized.

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“Oh it’s okay, I can find somewhere else.” I said and walked to my car, I could feel his eyes watching me and I started swaying my hips a little too much outta no where.


_Curse you hips. Stay still_


We walked side by side through the hallway and I could hear whispers all around me and I loved it.


Girls were staring and giving me hate looks, not to mention, eyeing the hottie beside me.


Mabel and her crew were in one corner of the hallway, giggling and whispering about him.


“What’s she doing with him?” One of them whispered probably loud enough for Shawn and I to hear them but I didn’t give a shit then I cling to him, holding his hands, giving Mabel a ‘get him if you can’ smile then she starting growling, her face turning red with frustration and I enjoyed every bit of it.











Quick question, why do girls unconsciously change their walking step when a guy or guys are staring?




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