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Thank You Next – Episode 4

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Well I successfully passed the night without crying my eyes out ’cause I was crying all night and my mom was just beside me saying soothing words. Eventually, she slept off and left me awake so I decided to watch a movie till dawn.






“Jeez what happened to you?” Thelma said, looking at me like I was a zombie. Which I was at that moment. I only got an hour sleep before my mom woke me up to prepare for school and did I mention I cried all night too?


“He ditched me.” I said and laid my head with my messy hair on her shoulder.

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“Really? He did that to you?!” Thelma freaked.


“Oh I’m gonna show him.” She lifted my head up and clenched her fist.


“No no.” I cried.


“Oh honey. I’m sorry. Okay first let’s get you cleaned up. You look a mess right now.” She said and led me to the girl’s locker room.


“I do look a mess.” I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time that day. “What am I going to do?”


“Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.” She smiled and opened her bag. She brought out combs and hair brushes, hair spray, lip gloss, powder. _Trust Thelma to have those all the time_


“What space do you leave for your books?” I asked, rhetorically.


“Stay still.” She said while trying to untangle the strands on my hair with her comb.

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“Now for the shine.” She used the spray all over my hair and it was choking.


“Good.” She admired her work and patted my head.


“Thank you so much Thels. What would I ever do without you?”


“Wait just one more thing.” She smirked.


“And what’s that.” I was afraid she’d bring out something else that’ll probably kill me.


“Lip gloss!” She smiled broadly and dabbed some on my lips.


“Rub them in.” She said and I did just that.


“Great! Now you look good.” She smiled and I looked at the mirror.


I did look good all thanks to my genius beauty specialist friend.






It was break period, Thelma and I were in our usual spot in the cafeteria. While she was munching her sandwich, I laid on the table, sleeping like I did in math and science class.


“Nicole.” I heard her say and felt her hand on my shoulder.


I woke up a bit drowsy only to see none other than Nathan Stark standing in front of me.


_That good for nothing jerk_


“Nicole I-” he said


“Zip it!” I thundered.


“Can you let me explain!” He pleaded.


“I don’t need your stupid explanation!” I yelled and people started staring.


“Look I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you I promise.” He pleaded with puppy eyes.


_Should I forgive him or not_


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“How?! So you’ll take me out again and start eating like a guy that has appetite problems and probably a hole in his stomach and can’t seem to be okay with anything he eats then disgrace me again and let me go home under the rain!” I was already standing.


_Man! I feel good letting all this out_


I took a deep breath and closed my eyes then he held my face and his lips brushed against mine.



_Holy shit. Did he just have the nerves to….


I opened my eyes and bit him really hard on his tongue, I think it started bleeding.


“Ouuch!” He moaned and touched his bleeding tongue while glaring at me.


“What’d you do that for?!” He yelled in pains.


“It’s just a little payback for the pain you caused me!” I snapped and left with Thelma right behind, people watching while we left.


I felt kinda bad for doing that to him but he deserved more than that in my opinion.


School was finally over and Thelma had to go to the dentist so there I was going home alone. I was just walking out of the school premises because apparently, my car had been in the mechanic for like 2 weeks now! So annoying. I was even having thoughts about getting a new car with my savings but it wasn’t enough. So I just had to walk or get a cab sometimes.


I heard a car honk and turned around.


_Of course, Nathan again_


I rolled my eyes and increased my pace so he would go away but he didn’t. He kept horning and following me like a mad dog!


“What!” I looked at him through his window and gave him a death stare.


“Can you at least get in?” He asked.


“No!” I said and continued to walk down the lane but he didn’t stop following me.


“Please?” He said with those adorable eyes I couldn’t say no to.


I gave him one more stare and obliged.


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After like 5 mins of driving, I was really uncomfortable and itching to leave the freaking car!


“I’m sorry.” He broke the ice and I kept mute.


“Won’t you talk to me?” He asked.


“No.” I muttered.


“You just did.” He said and I kept mute.


“Please talk to me.” He pleaded.


“Why? So you’ll ditch me again!” I thundered.


“What’s with you and this ditch thing?!” He yelled.


“Everything is! You ditched me for your fu.cking ice cream and you expect me to fu.cking forgive you?!” I thundered.


“Jeez it was just ice cream and I was just having fun!” He defended.


“Well nice having this ride. Now drop me off here.” I said and crossed my arms over my chest.


“Not until you forgive me.” He smiled.


“Will you stop and just drop me off!” I freaked.


“No.” He said plainly.


“Look it’s a sickness.” He said.


“What the hell are you talking about.” I said coldly.


“I can’t control my crave for ice cream. That’s why I acted that way.” He said.



“Oh so the ‘sickness’ also clogged your brain that you didn’t realize you were hurting someone that probably really likes you and–” I held my mouth, regretting what I said about like.


“Really? You like me?” He asked, amused.

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“Not anymore.” I said.


“Oh c’mon just admit that you do.” He smirked.


“I don’t!” I snapped.


“Then why did you enjoy the kiss?” He smirked.


“You’re a fu.cking asshole.” I said.


“Asshole that’s falling deeply for you.” He said and my heart melted.


“Now say you don’t like me.” He already stopped the car in front of my house and leaned close to me.


“I… I…” I stammered, shivers running down my spine, I started blushing having a blue eyed guy so close to me I could smell his minty breath.


“Is that a blush I see?” He pointed at my cheek teasingly.


I started blushing really hard this time and covered my face with my palms.


“I… Have to go.” I said shyly and got down from his car then I heard him chuckle.


“See you around sweet cakes.” He smirked and drove off.


“Sweet cakes?”










Is Nathan a jerk or nah?





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