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Thank You Next – Episode 2

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First period was over and I was walking with Thelma to the next class.


“Do you think the chart should go here or there?” She pointed out to the book she was holding.



“Uh…” I thought for a while.


“I think it’d be just good there.” I pointed on another part of the page.


“You think so? I really want to pass this one you know.” She was skeptical.


“I think it’d be just fine here.” She said and placed the sticky chart where she wanted.

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“Then why’d you ask me?” I grumbled.


“Just to know what you think.” She smiled.


“You’re so annoying.” I said and walked before her.


“That’s why you love me right?” She caught up with me and had that smile on her face.


I had to admit, if she wasn’t annoying, life would be really boring.


“Hey, Max is coming.” She looked towards the gym room. The door was open and Max and some of his friends were coming out.


I wanted to freak out but instead I stood tall, put my head up high like a goddess and just walked passed him.


We got to a certain distance.

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“Yay girl! You did it. You’re finally getting over him.” Thelma cheered me.


“Yay.” I said sadly.


“What’s wrong now?” She wore a sad face.


“He didn’t even look at me.” I held my books up to my chest.


“You don’t expect him to Nicole.” She wrapped her arms around my shoulder.


“He doesn’t care about you now. Just move on and show him you’re happy without him.” She smiled at me and I managed to smile back.


“What a jerk.” She looked back.


We got to class and took our seats.


I sat close to the strongest guy in school. He had thick black hair and eyes to die for. His lashes were thick and his mouth was strawberry pink. He was so adorable.


“How come I didn’t notice him a long time ago.” I thought.


He turned to look at me and I looked back then he smiled, showing off his perfectly white dentition.


To me he was perfection and I was wondering why they didn’t rate him as the cutest boy in school.


He was the best in Karate class and he has come top in 4 consecutive years so that’s why he was rated strongest.


Geometry class was over and everybody started leaving.


I started putting my things in my bag when he walked up to me.


“Hi, I’m Nathan Stark.” He stretched his hands in front of me to shake me.


“I know.” I blushed and held his hand.


“I’m Nicolette Blues. But my friends call me Nicole.” I smiled.


“What a beautiful name for a beautiful lady.” He was still holding my hand and looking into my eyes. He’s eyes were deep blue and it reminded me of the oceans.


“Nice to meet you Nathan.” I blushed.



“Oh call me Nath. It’s way shorter.” He let go of my hand and put his in his pockets.


“Do you have plans after school? We could go have some chocolate ice cream together” he offered.


“Oh I don’t have plans, besides that’s my favourite flavour.” I giggled shyly.


“Alright Nicole, see you around.” He brushed his hair with his palms and started walking away.


I admired his well shaped biceps all the way.


“Psstt! Nicole.” Thelma completely crushed my fantasy world from outside the class through the window.


I stood up and took my bag from the desk then hung it over my shoulder and walked out of the classroom.


“I saw what you guys were doing there.” She smiled excitedly.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I pretended but she ignored my pretence.


“Did you give him your contact?” She asked bubbling with happiness like she was the one in my shoes.


“No. I didn’t. I’m not into him.” I said and opened my locker in the girl’s locker room.


“The way you were looking at him says otherwise.” She bent to remove her shoes to put on her dancing shoes.


“And how was I looking at him?” I smirked and bent to take out my cheerleader clothes from my back pack.


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“You know all lovey dovey.” She giggled and got up to pack her hair into a pony tail.


“You’re talking nonsense.” I bent down to wear my dancing shoes.


“You know I’m not!” She said putting her shoe into her bag.


“The rest of the cheerleaders should be waiting for us. Quick let’s go!” I applied lipgloss.


“And who’s that for?” She hung her bag on her shoulder and we exited the locker room.


“Jeez Thelma, quit finding fault in everything I do.” I smirked and increased my pace.


“I’m not! Just asking.” She caught up with me.






“What a class.” I went go where I kept my bag and picked it up from there.


Thelma was talking to one of the cheerleaders.


“Hey Nicole, could you help me with my bag too?” She turned around with that manipulative smile.


So I got back and got her bag for her.


“Hey girls, whatchu talking about.” I gave Nicole her bag.


“Oh were performing for the fighters this week so were planning on where to meet for practice.” Hazel said. She was our head cheerleader.


“That’s just great.” I thought of Nathan and it gave me goosebumps.


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“It’s on Friday, so we’re having practice on Tuesday and Thursday is that good?” She smiled.


“That’s just fine.” Thelma said then she smiled and walked away.


“Jeez Nicole, it’s just Monday.” Thelma nudged me a little.


“Why?” I grinned.


“I’ve never seen you so excited about a performance before.” Thelma was smiling devilishly at me.


“I’m not!” I smiled.


“That’s it! Nathan is a fighter! No wonder you’re so happy.” She giggled.


“Well… What can I say? I can’t wait for that day to come!” I said excitedly.


“I’m just glad you’ve forgotten about Max and moved on.” She patted me on my shoulder.


“Yea! Let’s go home, your mom called.” I said.


“Really she did? What does she want now?” She said a bit frustrated looking for her phone in her backpack.


“Oh no. 6 missed calls already.” She looked at her phone worriedly.


“I gotta go.” She started running towards the exit.


“Okay take care, see you tomorrow!” I smiled and waved at her.


“Now about that date, I gotta find Nathan.” I turned around and headed for the cafeteria.


He didn’t give me his number anyway so I had to start somewhere to look for him.












And she’s found love again





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