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Thank You Next – Episode 16

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Throwback Continues





“Dude I’m not comfortable with this plan.” I said.


“It doesn’t have to hurt her. Just make her hate you!” Nathan was really falling desperately for Nicole.


I mean, I liked Nicole but Nathan voiced out his feelings about her first. Bro code.


“Just take her somewhere. Anywhere. Act like you’re raping her then I’ll come and be her saviour.” He said and I was really uncomfortable with the plan but I had to agree ’cause Nathan had been with me through thick and thin.


“Alright man.” I said patting him on his shoulder.

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Back To Reality





I suddenly fell sick at school. I had to take permission to drive home.


“Seriously! Nathan is a big fat fool for thinking I would ever hate Shawn forever.” I cried to Thelma.


She spent the whole afternoon with me.


“Want some?” She offered me some springles.


“Thank you.” I sniffled.

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“I told you I never liked Nathan.” She said crunching her springles.



“I know you did but I guess I was blinded by his blue eyes.” I cupped my face in my palms.


“Pttfff.” She scoffed.


“I can’t believe he can do such a thing. Just to date me???” I widened my eyes.


“Boys do be crazy.” She shrugged.


“So what are you gonna do now?” She asked.


“What I should’ve done before.” I sighed.






“Baby please I beg you.” Nathan said running after me in the school hallway.


“Can you leave me alone?”

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“Please give me chance. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He held me with his sweaty palms.


He was playing basketball when he saw me pass by and started running after me.


“If you can do this out of your desperation. Then you’re capable of anything. I can’t be with a guy like that?!” I snapped and he swallowed hard.


“I’m sorry but we’re done. We are OVER.” I said leaving him punching the wall while I smirked.







Since Nicole broke up with me, I’d never been myself.



“The kiss was only a mistake and I’m sorry about it. I genuinely am.” I complained to Dave while we played computer games.


“Just forget about her and date someone else.” He suggested with his eyes glued to the screen.


“Right?” I sighed.


“Yea totally.. That girl Mabel that has been gushing over you. You should give her a chance you know.” He suggested.


“Maybe I should. I’m tired of begging Nicole anyway. She blocked me in all her social media platforms, she won’t even hear of me at school.” I complained.


“Dude you know what to do.” He said patting my shoulder absentmindedly.


“She’s even dating some Nathan dude.”


“Yea yea.” He said and it was game over.


“I win!” He danced around my gaming room.


“Yea but next time I will.” I smirked as he made funny faces all over.


_Oh Great Thelma’s calling_


“Hey Thelma, what’s up?” I said with a happy tone.


“Nicole needs your help.”


“Does she? Well with what?”


“She broke up with her boyfriend.” She said.


“And how’s that my problem?” I chuckled.



“I don’t like any of those guys. I think you’re just the perfect person for her.” She said panting.


“Hey did you run?”


“That’s not the point here Max!” She snapped.


“Will you go for it again?” She asked.


“I don’t know, she may reject me again.”


“Come on Max please? I hate seeing my bestie this way.”


“Well did she say she wanted me back?”


“Uhhh…. No.” she said


“That’s what I thought.”


“I’m not doing it.” I said clearing my throat.


{{ A few weeks later }}






“I can’t believe this!” I yelled, walking into my house with Thelma. “Nicole it’s not what you think.”


“You were making out with Shawn.” I said and she kept mute.


“It’s not it.”


“I know what I saw!” I snapped.


“Why are you mad about it anyway? It’s not like you guys are dating?!” She thundered, with her arms folded.



_She’s right. But I don’t want my bestie falling for my crush. This is a tough situation_


“He likes me Nicole.” She spelled out, pointing at herself.


“No he doesn’t!” I snapped.


“Well— I can’t believe you! Why are you being selfish? Does everything have to be about you?!” She yelled.



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“Can’t you just be happy that I’m finally going to date someone!” She said.


“You know what?”


“This is crazy. We’re fighting over a guy. It shouldn’t be, you can have him.” I sighed, slumping on the couch.


“Yea I already have him.” She said.


“Thelma can you just stop rubbing him on my face already? I get it. It’s fine. No problem, I’m happy for you guys.” I said with a tone of frustration.


Thelma really loved to stress matters. Well no wonder she’s studying law. I just had to go into computer science, something I’m good at.


“I’m glad you’re happy.” She finally smiled.


“Finally.” I breathed in heavily and she came in for a hug.





“Shawn?” I called, opening his door since I had been knocking for ages.


But I got no reply.



“Hey is Shawn home?” I asked one of his house helps.


“Yes he should be in his room.”


I finally located his room since I had been there before and when I opened the door, o saw something that shook me to my marrow.


I went to Shawn’s place to let him know that I had forgiven him and to patch things up with him. I even brought popcorn so we could watch TV in his room. Just the two of us.


“What the is going on here?!” I thundered at the sight I was beholding.


“Nicole!” He said, laughing nervously.











Shawn and Thelma… Hmm






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