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Thank You Next – Episode 15

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Had a bad and horrible day at school and I got to Nicole’s house only for her to tell me that she and Nathan are dating?!


Like what the! She just ruined our plans of getting back at him. I knew she was going to fall so fast for him.


“Uuhhh… We planned on going to the beach.” I smiled nervously, trying to save Nicole’s ass.


“Yea.” She said confused as hell.


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“The beach? At this hour?” He asked.


“Yea. But now you’re here it’s cancelled yay!” I said sarcastically.



“Alright how about we go somewhere else? Like the Arcade or the museum.” He smirked


“The museum?!” Nicole and I chorused.


“Yuck!” I exclaimed.


“Arcade it is!” He said grinning ear to ear.





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{{ A few loved up days with Nathan later }}


“Finally.” I said exhaling loudly as I walked through the hallway of school. I was back to school and I was excited about it.


“Nicolette Blues.” Mabel and her group stepped right in front of me, blocking me from entering the classroom.


“What is it.” I sighed.


“I know you’re dating Nathan now.” She said.


“Yea… So?” I raised an eyebrow.


I wasn’t surprised though, we updated our relationship status and took quite a lot of snugly pictures on Instagram.


“That’s good of you ’cause it will pave way for max and I.” She smiled and stumped out with her group.




I got in to geometry class, the whole class was full already and i happened to sit beside Shawn. The class was so irritating and uncomfortable, I felt like throwing up.


“Hey.” He whispered while keeping a straight face at the teacher.


I glanced at him and faced the teacher again.


“Are you really gonna do this?” He said.


“Do what?”


“Silent treatment.”


“I wasn’t joking when I said we should be apart for a while.” I said adjusting and wearing a serious face to scare him away but he didn’t receive that hint.


“I’m sorry Nicole.”


“I’ve heard you.”

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“But am I forgiven?”


“Not so sure.”


“Nicolette Blues and Shawn Gates, please leave my class since you can’t conduct yourselves like adults you are.” The teacher thundered and I felt like punching Shawn right in the face.


I quickly picked my things and dashed out of the class before Shawn so I wouldn’t have to be with him but I guess I wasn’t fast enough ’cause he was right after me yelling my name.


“Shawn! Leave me alone!”


“Nicole, you know I can’t.” He said panting.


“We’ve been friends since childhood. One thing led to another, things went wrong and I started doing drugs. I came back to this vicinity for a change. I really want to change deep down but I can’t change if you don’t forgive me. My life is a living hell right now. I just need you to forgive me so I can get this guilt off me and



continue with life. Please understand me. I didn’t mean to do it. I can’t even remember what happened. Please Nicole.” He pleaded with teary eyes.


I listened to his speech for a while and thought about it.


_I can’t hate him forever. People make mistakes, including me. It wasn’t totally his fault and he’s still the nice guy I grew up with_


“I forgive you.” I said hugging him so tight in the hallway, we both started crying.


“I promise it will never happen again. And I’ll change.” He said with a shaky voice while stroking my hair.


“Hey! Hey! What are you doing with my girlfriend?!” Nathan thundered and before I could say anything he threw a punch at Shawn which left him moaning on the floor.


“What the hell man!” He moaned touching his bleeding nose.


“Damn it! What are you doing with her?! You rapist!” Nathan snapped.


“Hey! It’s none of your business okay?” Shawn said, obviously not wanting any trouble.


“The fact that you raped my girl is not my business?!”


“Hey it’s not my fault things went wrong. You know I had to take those drugs else things won’t go as planned.” Shawn said and I was shocked.


_Did he just say plan?_


“What plan?!” I asked confused.


“Stay out of this Nicole.” Nathan yelled and it earned him a slap.


“Ow!” He said touching his face.


“What fu.cking plan!!!” I snapped


“It was all a plan. He made me do it! Just so he could have you to himself.” Shawn said.


“What?! Nathan? Could you explain this crap to me?!” I thundered but he kept mute.


“I’ll tell you what happened.” Shawn said glaring at Nathan.

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“Shut up man.” Nathan said.


“No you shut up!” I said slapping him again.


“He involved me in his stupid plan for me to make it seem as if I raped you so you can hate me and he could have you all to himself.” Shawn dropped the bomb.


“What?!” I said, my head spinning and trying to wrap my mind round what he just said.







After Nicole dropped Nathan’s clothes, I went to see if he was okay.


“What the hell dude!” I bursted into laughter, watching him tied up to the bed half na.ked.


“Well don’t just laugh, come and untie me.” He said trying to wriggle himself out.


“Nicole did this to you?” I asked bursting into another round of laughter.


“Yea.” He said as I untied him.


“Dude don’t you see she doesn’t like you?”


“She does like me.” He argued.


“Then why would she do this to someone she likes.” I chuckled.


“I have a plan.” He said with a straight face.


“What? Some awkward plan to make a girl fall in love with you?” I joked but he didn’t laugh.


“Bingo.” He said with a mischievous smirk playing on his face.











Yawa don gas



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