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Thank You Next – Episode 14

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I just stood there confused as hell watching him wriggle in pain.


“Are you okay?” I asked, panicking.


“Why would I be okay? Do I look okay?!” He moaned.


“I’m sorry, I’ll call 911.” I said, grabbing my phone from my pocket.


“No no.. Don’t, I’ll be fine. I deserve this anyway.” He said standing up.

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“I hate you Shawn.” With that I landed a slap across his face.


“I hate you!!!” I yelled crying.


“Look Nicole, I’m really sorry. Allow me to explain.” He pleaded.


“You’ll be explaining to the police.” I said dialing the police’s number then he quickly grabbed the phone from me and put it in his back pocket.


“What’d you do that for?!” I scolded.



“Because I don’t want to be in jail the second time.” He said, seemingly calmer than before.


“What?!” I said, wanting to hear his story.


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“Look Nicole, I’m doing drugs okay?” He said, holding his stabbed arm and I stood there in shock.


“I took a little too much last night that’s why I did what I did.”


“Liar!” I thundered.


“I swear I couldn’t even remember and I still can’t remember what happened. I’m really sorry please forgive me.” He said crying like actual tears and I was surprised to see a guy in a long while crying like a baby.


I felt sorry for him.


_He must be telling the truth_

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“That’s not enough reason for you to do what you did. Shawn you fu.cking raped me! I feel so disgusted right now.” I said, tears rolling freely down my cheeks.


“I’m sorry Nicole. I swear I’ll stop taking drugs I swear please forgive me please.” He was already kneeling, hugging my legs and crying.


“Get up.” I said, folding my arms.


His arm was seriously bleeding anyway, I had to help him.


“Does that hurt?” I said cleaning his injury with antiseptic.


“Yea.” He said trying to act tough when as I cleaned up the wound.


“I know you’ll find it difficult to ever speak to me again.” He said and I just smiled sadly.



I knew it wasn’t entirely his fault but then I couldn’t bring myself to forgive him.


“It’s the same reason I was expelled from my former school.” He said.




“It’s ’cause I used drugs and they found out so I got expelled. So we had to move back here.” He said and I just kept mute.


“You know, I don’t even deserve the care you’re showing me right now.” “Well maybe you don’t.” I said plainly. “I’m really sorry Nicole.”



“Sorry won’t fix anything! You’ve done it right? Drugs or no drugs you’ve done it! I curse the day you came back into this neighborhood.” I snapped.


“I’ll try to make it up to you.”


“Get out!” I said, trying hard to force my tears back in but I got overpowered.


Just as i thought he was leaving, he ran back to me, grabbed me by my waist and smashed his lips against mine. I melted.


A part of me wanted to forgive him, a part of me didn’t.


I pushed him away and slapped him as hard as I could.


“Let’s just stay away from each other from now on.” I said showing him to the door.


“Yea.” He had a sad smirk on his face while he swallowed hard.


When he was finally gone, I ran up to my room, collapsed on my bed and started crying.



_Could it be true what he said? Should I forgive him? Is it really cool to be friends with a drug addict? How will I avoid seeing him when my days of suspension are over? Can I really take this burden? Why did I agree to go with him in the beginning?_


I couldn’t think of anything else but to ring Nathan.



Nathan:: What’s up sweet cakes



Me:: I’m not okay



Nathan:: Well what’s wrong baby



Me:: He was here



Nathan:: Who?



Me:: Shawn!


I let out a loud cry.



Nathan:: Don’t worry I’ll be right over sweet cakes.



Me:: Okay but wait…



Nathan:: Yea?



Me:: Please stop calling me that.


I sniffled and he just chuckled and hung up.


He came over as soon as he could and we spent the whole day together in my house. He was a sweetheart and not jerky as usual.


“Want some pizza?” He asked before dialing Pizza palace.


“It won’t matter anymore ’cause you’re ringing them already.” I said and he smirked.


“Nicole.” He said, sitting so close to me.


“I will protect you from any motherfu.cking idiot that tries to harm you, I swear.” He said looking at me in the eyes.


“Gosh! You’re so beautiful.” He said, grinning widely.


“You don’t look so bad yourself.” I smirked.


“Are you kidding me?! I’m to die for.” He said flexing his muscles.


“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes.






“Please be my girlfriend.” He pleaded on his knees. _What?! I’m not ready for this! I need Thelma_ “Nathan I—”


“Please accept, I’ll take good care of you.”


“You already are.”


“I’ll be your Knight. I’ll treat you right.”


“Okay that rhymed.” I giggled.



“So is that a yes?” He asked, his eyes glittering with excitement. I didn’t want to ruin that excitement.

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“Yes.” I said and he lifted me up bridal style.


“Thank you thank you!” He said and kissed me.


“Uhhh… Hello?!” Thelma came in and I wondered how long she stood there.


“Oh Thelma!” I said, Nathan putting me down.


“What’s the celebration?” She asked, dropping her bag on the couch.


“She’s my babe now.” Nathan smirked, wrapping his arms round my shoulder.


“What?!” Thelma flashed me a ‘why why why’ look.


“I like him okay? And I feel I should give him a chance.” I tried to convince her.


“There goes our plan.” She scoffed and slumped in the couch.


“Thelma?!” I said, signaling for her to shut up.


“What plan?” Nathan asked.

















Thelma and her big mouth sef




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