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Thank You Next – Episode 12

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“Really this gown’s killing me.” I said trying to adjust the really tight gown Shawn made me wear.


“You said it was a place for gambling right?” He opened the door and allowed me to enter the building first.


“Yes but they’ll be having a party here.” He smirked, wrapping his arm around mine and leading me to a table.


“Thank you.” I said when he pulled out a chair for me before having a seat.


“No. Thank you for following me here.” He leaned on the table, staring straight at me.


“You look better on gowns.” He smirked.

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“I feel better in my jeans.” I rolled my eyes.


“Really? You can’t even appreciate this one compliment?” He said, mocking anger.


“Oh sorry my good sir, thank you!” I said with a British accent and he chuckled.


“Let’s go and dance.” He said, standing and grabbing my hand.


“No… I…” I said trying hold myself back.


“C’mon, it’ll be fun.” He said and pulled me harder.


“I’m not really a good dancer.” He glared at me and I looked away in shyness.


“Then I’ll teach you.” He smiled.

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We started dancing and he was drinking like he’d been doing it for years. I swore never to drink too much in parties after what happened with Thelma. She got robbed, they even took her clothes. Thanks to the old lady that found her na.ked very early in the morning in front of her gate.



“Shawn, Shawn.” He was already staggering and I had to hold him up else he’d fall. That was his fourth bottle of alcohol. I took him outside in the garden so he could calm down. I also needed that fresh air.


We both sat down on the bench there and I started gazing at the stars. It was still 9pm and the stars were already out and bright.


Suddenly, I felt something caressing my lap. I thought he was just sleeping and trying to adjust himself but the caressing got more intense and I tried to remove his arm but his grip was too strong.


“Shawn! Shawn what are you doing?!” I cried in fear and he just shot up and tried to pin me down, his eyes blood shut in lust.


“Shut up!” He yelled and he landed a slap across my face then I let out a loud cry.


“Please! Please! Stop!” I struggled and struggled but my shouts were getting faint.


He pushed me back down and pinned my hands to the floor with his knee then tore my dress open and made to unlock his belt.


“No!” I cried covering my face, giving up on everything and all the efforts I was making.


He yanked my hands out of my face then an intense blow landed on my head. I started feeling dizzy as he was making his way with me then I started hearing voices from the background.


“Please. Please help me.” I said so faintly, I’m not sure I heard myself. The guy that was yelling at Shawn dragged and pulled him off me then gave Shawn a huge blow and that was all I saw.


Everything went blank.






After everything I’ve been through with Nicole, I think I’m beginning to fall for her.


At first, I just wanted to mess with her but her stubbornness was just pulling me closer to her.


“I like you Nicole!” I muttered, entertaining myself with a bottle of alcohol at the most famous casino. Then a call came in and it was Shawn.


“Hey bro.”


“I’m with your Nicole now.” He said and he sounded like he was really drunk.




“At the casino bro.”

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“Okay don’t move, I’m coming to find you guys.” I said and hung up.


I looked around for them but I couldn’t find them. I called Shawn again but his line was busy. So I gave up and decided to go home.


When I got outside, I heard noises so I quickly ran to the back and saw a guy making his way with a Lady but the lady was crying. I looked harder and I could recognise that voice anywhere.


_What the Shawn! What are you doing?!_


I pulled him away and saw Nicole on the floor then I felt my anger rising and I clenched my fist and threw a punch at him.


“This isn’t what we planned damn it!” I yelled throwing another punch at his sorry face.


He staggered a little and fell to the ground then I went to grab Nicole.



“Fuck! I’m gonna kill him if he actually did it with you I swear.” I muttered, carrying her to my car. A few minutes later, we were in my place. I didn’t want her mom to know about this so I decided to take her to my place.




I got up in the morning and looked around.


_Wait. This room isn’t mine_


I got down from the bed and I stepped on something or someone.




“Nathan?!” I yelled putting strands of my hair behind my ears while he was wriggling on the floor.


“What’s up sweet cakes?” He said smirking as usual. And then I realized I wasn’t on my clothes anymore but in his baggy shirt that went all the way down to my knee.


Then images of what happened last night started flashing in my mind then I started crying.


“C’mon baby. Don’t do this.” He said cuddling me and wiping my tears.


“You were the one weren’t you.” I looked up at him, sniffling.


“Wh- what are you talking about?” He stuttered.


“You saved me from that idiot! That bastard. I never believed he could do this to me.” I cried on his shoulder.


“Did he really do it?” He held my chin up so I could look at him.


“Do what?”


“Did he like get into you?”


“Are you a virgin?” He asked and to be honest, I felt like slapping him that moment.












Team Shawn will really be mad right now


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Hmmm… It seems Shawn and Nathan planned on where to meet with Nicole. What do you think their initial plan was?


And… Did Shawn really do the deed?


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