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Thank You Next – Episode 10

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There I was standing in front of Shawn’s gigantic door dressed in my denim shorts and a white baggy shirt. Mom suggested I wore something tight and beautiful but I didn’t care.


_This house is way bigger than it was before!_


_Oh wait. This is another house._


Seriously? Who leaves a vicinity for like 12 years only to come back and switch houses.

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“Welcome my dear.” Mrs Gates said as soon as the door shut open.


My mouth was literally open when I entered the house. Everything was rich and gorgeous from the chandelier to the glass tiles and the Butlers, everything. The rich girls that were there were all in pretty gown that glowed and sparkled which suddenly made me feel conscious of what I wore.


_Damn! I should have listened to mom!_


Just as I was lost in thoughts and awe of the house, I didn’t even realize my mom had left me then Shawn came along.

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“Hey beautiful.” He grabbed my waist with one arm.


“Oh hey Shawn.” I blushed.


“This place is beautiful.” I said and he chuckled.


“Come on let’s go meet the others.” He said, grabbing my hands and taking me up the stairs.

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“The others?” I said.


“I had no idea you had siblings.” I added.


“I don’t.” He chuckled.


He led me to a room and music was blaring from it in contrast to the soft music for parents downstairs.


“Hey guys, this is Nicole.” He said.


“Nicole, this is Ray, Nathan and Princess.”


_Wait did he say Nathan?_


“Oh hey guys.” I tried so hard to ignore Nathan but he was making it difficult for me by staring so hard at me the whole time.


“Ray and Nathan are my dudes. Princess is my cousin.” He said and I nodded and went to sit beside princess.


“Hey girl. Thank God you’re here, Shawn has told me a lot about you and now were complete to play the game.” She said hugging me.


_I should probably tell her I’m not a tight hugger_


“What game?” I asked.


“Spin the bottle.” Ray said.


We all sat in a circle and Shawn spun the bottle first.


I was really wishing the bottle won’t end at me. Luckily, it ended at Ray.


“Alright, what do I do?” Ray said.


“Uh the card says you have to let me pick one of your chest hairs.” Shawn said and let out a loud laugh afterwards.


“Alright.” Ray said and pulled up his shirt and mahn he had a lot of chest hairs but his abs were hot.


When they were done, Ray spun the bottle and it ended at Nathan.


Ray read the card for a while and looked up at Nathan.


“It says you have to pick a girl of your choice and make out with her for 60 seconds.” Ray dropped the bomb.


_Oh no! Let it not be me! Let him not pick me!_


“Okay.” He stood and walked towards where I was, he hesitated for a while then picked Princess.


He sat down and princess sat on him then they started kissing. Princess closed her eyes but his eyes were on me the whole time. He put his hands inside her shirt and made his way to her breasts.




I hated seeing them doing that. I won’t lie, I felt a tinge of jealousy as the were making out.


“Time’s up!” Ray said and they broke lose then Nathan flashed a grin at me and winked then I brought up my you finger.



He picked up his phone and next thing, my phone beeped and it was a text from him.



Take that back.






I replied.




Fine then maybe I will you


he looked up at me and smirked again then



I shrugged.


_What an asshole_


“I’m tired of this game. Let’s party!” Nathan said and everyone agreed while Shawn went to turn up the music.


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We drank. Like a lot, there was grinding and rocking like our lives depended on it.


I got tired and decided to get some water and freshen up before going back.


Lots of opening and closing of doors later… I finally found a free room. I mean one without teenagers and even adults doing the ‘deed’. I quickly rushed to the bathroom of the room and I left the door open. After washing my face and drinking from the tap I made to leave then saw Nathan lying on the bed.


“Aahh!” I screamed in shock.


“What? Scared?” He smirked.


“Why are you stalking me?!” I freaked wiping my face with my handkerchief.


“Because I’ve fallen deeply for you.” He said coming closer to where I was.


“Oh really?” I said looking seductively at him.


“Well, I’ll give you what you want.” I said, biting my lips and pushing him slowly to the bed which he gladly fell to and opened his arms and legs gratefully.



I got on top of him and started kissing him. He quickly pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his belt.

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“Woah! Chill out okay? I’m not going anywhere. Let me lead.” I smiled at him and pulled off his trousers slowly which I put away.


After series of kisses he handed me a rope.


“Tie me up. Do whatever you want with me.” He said huskily and I just chuckled at how great this was going to be.


After tying him up, I made sure he couldn’t move at all. He was only left with his boxers and that was all.


I quickly dressed myself and picked up his clothes.


“What are you doing?” He said.


“Payback!” I snapped.


“But.” He said trying to wriggle himself out of the rope.


“Sorry babe but I made sure I tied those knots well.” I said laughing at how stupid he looked at that moment.


I quickly searched around for a nylon which I found, folded his shirt and trousers and wrapped it in the nylon then left the room with it.


“Bye bye!” I flashed him a devious smile and shut the door behind me but not without taking a few pictures of him half na.ked and giggling while I did.


I found my way back to the other room where the rest of the guys were.


“Nicole, where have you been? Come let’s dance.” Shawn said and I sensed he was high already.


“What’s that?” He pointed at the bag I was holding.



“Oh it’s just Nathan’s clothes.” I smiled dropping the bag on the floor.


“What’re you doing with his clothes?” Shawn asked confused.


“Maybe you should look for him and ask him. Bye.” With that, I found my way out of the room and out of the house.


Since my mom was having such a good time. I decided to walk home. Besides, it wasn’t that far from his house.











What the hell? Nicole!!!



I know team Nathan won’t like this Oya tell me what should be her punishment?


Oh and why do you think Nathan didn’t choose Nicole for the make out session.




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