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Thank You Next – Episode 1

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“Hey could you pass me my phone? Its on my desk.” I was already done filing my nails. It was girls night and I was having some fun with my girlfriend, Thelma. Then my phone started ringing.


Thelma looked back and located the phone beneath her text book. She told her mom she was coming here to study. Her mom was really a pain on her ass. She handed me my phone and I let out a huge sigh.


“Who’s that?” She closed the nail polish and started blowing her nails.


“It’s no body.” I tried to reach for the nail polish beside her.


“Are you sure?” She gave me a suspicious look.


“Let me see that.” She put a strand of her hair behind her ears and snatched my phone from me then the phone started ringing again.

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“It’s Max.” She looked up at me with the pick the call already look.


“You still love him don’t you?” She tilted her head a little. She had those eyes that could make anyone spit out the whole truth or even a secret.


“I do.” I had to admit.


“Then why don’t you get back with him.” She caressed my arm.


“He kissed her.” I said.


“That’s not his side of the story.” She let go and pick up the nail polish again


“What’s that?” I couldn’t help asking.


“I know it sounds kinda stupid but he said she was the one who kissed him.” She looked at my face like I had a zit on my forehead.

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“You see? Boys will always be liars.” I collected my ringing phone and put it on silent.


“So what do you want to do now?” She asked blowing her nails again


“I’m moving on bitch. I’m moving on.” I said with a smirk on my face.


“And stop blowing your nails that’s not how it works.” I said dragging her hands from her mouth then I accidentally touched the nail polish on her nails and ruined her work.


“Nicole!” She yelled in frustration.


“Sorry.” I said smiling guiltily.


“Now I have to clean this one up and get on a new one.” She got down from the bed and headed for the bathroom.


“Nail polish isn’t for you.” I muttered.



“What was that?” She turned sharply.


“Nothing.” I took my pillow and held it close to me, smiling nervously.


“Okay weirdo.” She entered the bathroom.


My phone was still ringing and I just stared at it.


“At least there’s no sound irritating me.” I said to myself.


I felt a tear trying to make its way down my cheek then I used my shirt to wipe my eyes.


“I have to move on without you Max.” I said and took my phone and blocked his number.





“It isn’t connecting anymore.” I tried dialing her number again.


“Could it be that she blocked me?” I looked at Dave.


“Sorry man.” He patted my shoulder.


“No. I’m not loosing Nicole.” I said firmly.


“But dude she wants nothing to do with you.” He picked up an Apple from my tray in the kitchen.


“I know she still loves me, she’s just hurt.” I walked to the fridge to get some milk.


“But how could she be this hurt? I guess we’ll never be able to understand how ladies work.” He took a huge bite of the Apple.


“I wish that apple poisons you.” I took a glass cup and changed my mind then started drinking the milk straight from the bottle.



“What the hell men.” He freaked and kept the apple aside.


“Either way, you’ve got to move on. I think she’s already forgiven you for too much already.” He said took the bottle from me and drank from it too.


“I wish that one poisons you too.” I said walking to the living room.


“Ain’t falling for this one bro.” He continued drinking from the bottle.





Thelma came out from the bathroom with her hair all wet.


“I thought you were going to wash your hands, what happened to your hair.” I sat up on the bed.


“I decided to take a shower.” She found her towel in her bag and was trying to tie it around her wet hair.


“In 2 mins?” I asked with my hands in the air.


“Nicole.” She paused looking at me.


“It’s been 30 minutes.” She said and started searching for her robe.


I guess I was drowned in thoughts I didn’t realize when time flew.


“And I’ve been yelling your name from the shower to get me my towel!” She wore her robe and wore her flip flops.


“Oh sorry, I didn’t hear you.” I laid back down, burying my head in my pillow.


“Nicole you have got to see a doctor if you didn’t hear me.” She removed her towel from her head and walked to my dressing mirror.


“Hey where’s your dryer.” She turned to look at me.



“It’s in that box.” I pointed lazily from my bed towards where it was.


“Thanks.” She located the dryer and started using it on her hair.


“You know you really need to take your mind away from that boy.” She was stroking her hair with a comb and the dryer was on.


“I will but it’ll take me time.” I mumbled.


“It has to be quick well thanks to him, girls night is ruined.” She put off the dryer and dropped it on my dressing table.


“Hey can you put that thing back in the box?” I tried to avoid the conversation.


“I will, just a second.” She was braiding her hair.


“Okay I’ll be sleeping now.” I said and buried my head in the pillow.


“Really Nicole?” She asked disappointed.

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“Make sure you turn off the lights when you’re done, good night.” I said and closed my eyes.


“So much for lying to my mom about this thing. What’s the difference between doing home work and this?!” She yelled but I didn’t reply her. Soon she was done with her braids and came to join me on my bed but she didn’t turn off the lights.


“Turn of the lights Thelma.” I reminded her.


“You turn off the lights.” She was pissed already and just rolled to the other end of my big bed.


“Aarrghhh!” I growled and got down lazily from my bed and switched the lights off.


I got back to my bed lazily and covered myself with my blanket.



“Good night Thelma.” I chuckled when she didn’t reply me.











Do you think Nicole will get back with Max? Does she still love him or she’s just playing tough?


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