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Thank You Next – Epilogue

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Author’s POV


They finally graduated from school, both Nicole and Max as computer scientists. They both had big dreams in the IT world so they worked hard to achieve those dreams.




“Game Palace.” I read out the sign on the huge building in front of me.



Well Max loved games and we were both into IT so we decided to merge our passion with what we studied in school to make a wonderful place where people could use cool gadgets to play any freaking game of their choice.


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Five years. Five good years, Max and I worked our butts off just to get this place going.


I went to check on how the workers were doing. The building just rounded up and we employed people to clean it up and get it ready for the grand opening which was happening in three days time.


I was just thinking about how far life has got us when my phone rang.


“Hey babe what’s up?”


“Baby… Don’t tell me you’re still at the working site.” He cooed


Max was always getting overly worried about me.


“Max I’ve told you, we need to supervise what’s going on here.” I tried to convince him.


“But that’s what the supervisors we hired are for honey.”


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“I know but–”


“Come back home baby, little Ariel misses her mom.”


“Alright, okay… I’m coming but only for my baby.”


“What? I’m not your baby anymore?”


“No no! My precious child.” I giggled.


“Alright honey, I’ll be waiting.” He said and I hung up.



I took a deep breath before asking my driver to take me home. I had barely even entered the building when Max called.


A year ago, I had a baby for Max. I wanted to get married to him as soon as possible but he wouldn’t hear of it.


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Everyday, I woke up with a troubled heart that he may leave me to cater for my child alone but he never did. Instead, our love for each other grew stronger each passing day.





Nicole had always been by my side since we left school. She had always supported me. If not for her brainy ideas, we never would have come this far. No wonder they say, ‘behind every successful man, there’s a woman.’ She was everything to me, she meant the whole world to me and then she gave me a child! That’s every reason to get married to her. But I wanted financial stability first so I could provide their every need.


Behind the grand opening and launching of ‘Game Palace’ there was a huge surprise that would change our lives for good.


“I can’t wait!” I muttered, grinning to myself.





“Mummy!” My little kid ran into my open arms once I stepped into the house.


“How are you doing baby?” I said teasing her a little.


“Nicole baby.” Max came, hugging and kissing me on my neck and no matter how many times he did it, it still ran shivers down my spine.


“Ooohh what’s the celebration?” I asked, noticing how well he was dressed and that was when I also realised Ariel was all dressed up too.


“We’re going shopping.” He said leading me to the door.



“Wait now?”


“Yes now.” He smiled like a child.


“But i just got back and I need to change at least.” I argued.


“No you don’t. You’re always beautiful, no matter what you put on okay?” He gave me a kiss on my cheek.


I finally obliged after a very long argument, then we got into the car and headed for the boutique.


Max made us pick whatever we liked and whenever he decided to spend on us like that, it meant he was in a very good mood.


I picked lots of clothes, shoes and jewelries for my baby and I. We had fun testing the outfits and they looked gorgeous.


When we were done, we paid the cashier before leaving.


“Oh my God!” I screamed when my driver almost hit a lady crossing the road.


She looked so malnourished and uncared for so I assumed she stayed in the ghetto but I still had to help her anyway.


I got down from the car. On helping her up, I couldn’t help but remembering that face.


“Mabel!” I cursed under my breath.


Well I haven’t told you guys what happened while in school.


After the huge proposal Max did for me, it made Mabel really mad that she ordered people to murder me.



All thanks to God I made it out of their hands alive. After a few months, Mabel ran her big mouth again, telling me she masterminded the whole plan to get me kidnapped.


“You’re so lucky I told them not to kill you. Now stay away from Max bitch.” I could remember her say.


“But how did this happen?” I asked looking at her unbelievable self.


“Its a long story.” She sighed, tears escaping from her eyes.


“Well always look left and right before crossing, we could’ve killed you!” I warned.


“Then kill me!” She thundered.

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“Kill me! I want to die.” She ran to my car, sitting on top of it, making a scene.


“Mabel get off my car!” I scolded.


“Baby what’s going on here?” Max had enough and got down too.


“Remember her?” I asked.


“Mabel? Is this you?” He asked but Mabel just kept crying on top of our car.


She was already causing a scene and causing a holdup as well as people were already yelling and shouting for us to move out of the way.


“Hey ma’am.” A police officer approached us.


_Oh great_


I rolled my eyes.


“This lady won’t get off our car!” I complained.


“Wait… I know her.” The officer said, taking a goof look at her face.


“You a gangster from the ghetto! You’ve been reported so many times and we’ve been looking for you.” He said cuffing her.


“You’re coming with me.” He said taking her away.


“Thank you officer.” Max and I said.


“No thank you, for making us catch this criminal!”


“Wow! Who would’ve thought?” I said giggling as Max joined.


{{ 3 days later }}


“Baby hurry up! We’re going to be late and it’ll keep the guests waiting!” I said, quickly brushing my hair and touching my make-up.


“But I’m done already, I’m waiting for the princess!” He said, kissing me on my forehead as grabbed my red sparkly purse which perfectly fit my white gown that stuck firmly to my curves, flowing all the way down to my red heels.


“You look stunning baby.” He said as i felt his hot breath stinging my skin with delight.


“Thank you. But let’s go!” I said dragging him downstairs. There I met my precious little baby all dressed in red with her personal maid.


“Wow you look stunning ma’am.” She said smiling.


“Thank you now make sure you don’t take your eyes off Ariel okay? If she needs anything, just phone me and I’ll be there.” I said leading the way out of the house.


“Wow they did a really good job here.” I smiled, walking hand in hand with my child and Max. But then I realized Max wasn’t with me anymore.



“Max?!” I whispered looking around to find him but I didn’t get any reply then the whole arena became really dark.


_What’s going on? Is the power out?_


Then a spot light came pouring down on my figure. I was the only person others could see. Soft music starts playing in the background as Max appeared before me on his knees. He was holding a ring and tears started pouring down my face.


_He’s going to propose!_

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“I know I kept you in the dark when you asked me to get married to you. I was just waiting for the perfect time. When everyone would be around.” He said then my mom, Nathan, Thelma and Shawn stepped into the spotlight.


“Oh my God!” I screamed.


I hadn’t seen them in a long time.


“Nicole. Will you marry me?” He popped the question.


“Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you.” I said as he slid the ring into my finger and everyone was applauding and shouting.


I got up to hug my mom and long lost friends then my music started playing in the background.


Yea… I brought out my first single a few months back.


“What?!” I was so happy I jumped on Max for making it happen.


“Miss Nicole, could you please step on to the stage.” A voice said and Max nudged me with a smile to move on.


I quickly hugged him one last time and stepped onto the stage with the microphone in my hand.



{{ A few lyrics later }} “One taught me love


“One taught me patience “And one taught me pain “Now I’m so amazing “Say I’ve loved and I’ve lost “But that’s not what I see “So, look what I got “Look what you taught me “And for that, I say “Thank you, next (next) “Thank you, next (next) “Thank you, next




“I’m so fu.ckin’ grateful for my ex “Thank you, next (next)


“Thank you, next (next) “Thank you, next (next)



“I’m so fu.ckin’



The End… Again



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