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She Belongs To The Kitchen – Episode 5

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The evening of that same day as Bekky was pounding yam for dinner and her husband was already home and shouted at her for still cooking, as she was rushing things she started feeling a bit dizzy and head ache, she thought it was something minor so she continue pounding the yam, after some minutes, the head ache became unbearable and it was like someone was hitting a big nail on her head. That was when she knew that if something is not done immediately to stop it, it might turn to something else, she started going inside their room to get some drugs, when she got there she met her husband busy with his laptop as usual. *


Lawrence: is the food ready because I am very hungry


Bekky: No dear, please pass me that basket of drugs over there.


Lawrence:you want to add drugs to the food you are cooking or what? (he asked still facing his laptop).


Bekky: no, I am not feeling fine so please give it to me now


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Lawrence: I am very busy here so come get it yourself.


Bekly: Honey please I can’t, I am really dying here, just help me get it over there


Lawrence: you are not serious!”


When Bekky knew that her husband was serious about not helping her get the basket of drugs she tried and stood up to get it herself, before she could get there it was been kept, SHE FAINTED. Lawrence seeing her on the ground became afraid. Lawrence: Bekky what is it? is this one of your numerous plank or what? please get up joor.


He touched her, pushed her but she didn’t move, he put his finger near her nose and Lol and behold she wasn’t breathing again, he became extremely scared.


“Bekky honey pie, please get up, I’l am really sorry I won’t do it again I promise, please don’t do this to me, I love you. here is the basket of drugs you asked for, please wake up.


Wally, Wally!!”


He started calling his son who was busy watching Sophia the first.


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Wally: yes daddy, what do you want me to.. (on seeing his mum on the ground unconscious, he was shocked).


“ahaaa daddy what did you do to mummy? why is she lying on the floor? haaaa daddy has killed mummy ooh!” (he started shouting)


Lawrence: my friend will you go and get me my phone before I beat the stupid hell out of you.


Wally went and get the phone, Lawrence called Cassandra who is a doctor by






Lawrence: hello where are you now


Cassandra: I am at home now, why are you asking? anything the matter?


Lawrence: My wife just fainted oh! she don’t even breath again!”


Cassandra: And you are still there talking, bring her to the hospital right away let


me start coming too.


Lawrence: OK, thank you.


(he cut the call and took his car keys, carry Bekky went and put her at the back of

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his car and left for the hospital, on getting there he met Cassandra already waiting


for him).




They carried Bekky inside the emergency room, Cassandra went inside and asked them to leave the room.


20 minutes later she came out looking exhausted. She met Lawrence standing at the door.


Lawrence: Sandra dear, how is my wife.


Cassandra: she is fine now, at least she has regained consciousness. see me at my office.


Lawrence followed her to her office,


“now tell me what happened to her? why did she faint?” (he asked curiously). Cassandra: she fainted because of too much stress, the way I am seeing it, your wife has been stressing herself too much and it has weakening her body. Lawrence: How is that possible? the only thing my wife does is house chores, you know I don’t allow her to go to work. what else do you want me to do? Cassandra: Do you think doing house chores and taking care of a home is a small job? you stopped her from working and in turn made her a slave at her own house. Lawrence I am really disappointed at you.



Lawrence: Hey Sandra don’t insult me here please, just do your job and let me take my baby home.


Sandra: Sorry Mr , she isn’t going anywhere with you today, until she is better and fit, she won’t be leaving this hospital so go home, get some of her cloths and some things she would be needing including what she will be eating this night.


And again, let me give you a piece of advice, put a call at your working place and ask for a day off because you will definitely be needing it. *


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